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    Claude Monet O Rio 1881   • Was COVID19 Spreading Freely Worldwide Before Last Christmas? (RT) • Fauci Warns US Needs To ‘Hunker Down’ For Fall,
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    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet O Rio 1881

    Wow, gobsmacked! I love it…

    …the rest? I just can’t…

    V. Arnold

    The internet is just becoming stupider and stupider; as time continues to move forward blindly…
    The nonsense, lies, intentional mis-information, political duplicity, capitalist gluttony, and search engine capture, and intellectual constipation; have given us the 21st Century Reality Desert…
    TAE keeps us stable, with a good dose of daily reality; often difficult to swallow, but in the end it affords a good dump…
    …intellectual of course… 😉


    quick flyby
    maybe something that will fix the political bullshit or at least help.

    Michael Douglas Examines Corruption in America's Broken Political System

    ‘If you look at American politics and think everything is fine, this video is not for you.’ — Michael Douglas explains how America’s political system has been hijacked via RepresentUs

    Geplaatst door NowThis Politics op Maandag 9 december 2019


    Stand down, Fat Emperor seems to have the virus nailed.
    @19:40 The above reporting of Nov ’19 existence is no surprise, rather expected.
    @16:30 “Lockdown was a massive mistake and would cause far more death than it ever saved.” “Masks I’ll mention briefly, I know is a hot topic, but I go with the science. Here is a paper looking at 14 randomized controlled trials of masks and surgical masks in preventing influenza viral transmission, and no support for substantial effect.”
    Speculative, perhaps contradictory:
    @34:00 “Potential negative effect of Suppression in ‘Safe Spread Summer’?”
    “Wouldn’t be ironic if the actually what would have been a mid-range winter, actually became worse because we had not developed the normal ancestral evolutionary summer period community immunity. That would be an enormous backfire.”
    “We squandered the summer, where we have the normal, evolutionary, relatively safe spread of this virus when people have high immune function”

    Mr. House

    @ Kimo

    Your video seems to support what i’ve been saying since march. Something strange is afoot, and it aint the virus.

    Mr. House

    This was an excellent summary of how we have ended up where we are


    V. Arnold

    quick flyby
    maybe something that will fix the political bullshit or at least help.

    If wishes were horses, I would ride…
    As much as I like Douglas; he’s just anoter rah, rah boy who’ll come to naught in this atmosphere of toxicity and madness…
    From his lofty perch; how can he possibly know the real America?
    I follow nobody, and trust only my wits and council…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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