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    @ deflationista

    Is the that *best* you can do? Try to raise doubt about the accuracy of the VAERS data? Really?


    (My sons are taking geometry right now, so I have geometry proofs on the brain.)

    Very often, the best kind of experience to rely on is real-life, lived experience. It is often wise to then compare that to aggregate experience of others.

    Risk to my children

    1) My children have already been directly exposed to Covid at least twice. They did not get sick. Gave them multiple PCR tests, that all came out negative. (Which is why I’m skeptical of the “95% false positive PCR test results” spin.) My daughter’s antibody test came out negative. My only conclusion is that the innate immune systems of my teen kids kicked out Covid so fast that they never got sick.

    2) My household, my parents, and my sister’s (2 adults, 5 kids) all had Covid sweep through. Nobody got sick enough to go to the hospital. Not even those with health issues.

    3) Next, I look at the stats: 99.8% survival.

    Therefore: the risk is so small that it is in line with the risks that they face every day just by waking up and getting out of bed.

    NOTE: All of these conclusions are based on (a) actual symptoms that I observed or that were related to me by direct observers, (b) actual results from PCR tests, (c) actual results from antibody tests, (d) basic understanding of how the adaptive/innate immune systems work, (e) official statistics about the survival rate of those infected with Covid.

    Efficacy of the vaccine

    4) Myriads of data are now showing us that the vaccine protection wanes after 3/5/6/8 months.

    5) Increasingly, the newer variants have some degree of variation which increasingly escapes the antibodies produced by the vaccine.

    6) The vaccine, by ramping up the adaptive immune system, diminishes the protection of the innate immune system. It was likely the innate immune system that kept my kids from getting sick when they were previously exposed to covid – diminishing their innate immune system in this way strikes me as foolish.

    Therefore: The vaccine, in general, shows diminishing effectiveness that is possibly eclipsed by the innate immune system protection that my real-lived experience suggests protected my children from sickness.

    Note: (a) length of protection from vaccine and ability of variants to escape the vaccine-induced antibodies comes from several published medical research papers, (b) basic understanding of how the adaptive/innate immune systems work.

    Dangers of the vaccine

    7) I personally know 5 people who have been injured by the vaccine. I know one more person who is a “maybe.” My sister’s friend knows 2 more who have potentially been injured by the vaccine. I know if 3 people who have died from Covid. One I knew personally – it was a middle school teacher of mine, hadn’t seen him in over 30 years. 2 others were known personally by people that I know.

    8) One of the people that I know who was injured by the vaccine now has myocarditis – an enlarged aorta. Her heart pain started right after the 2nd jab. She’d had an EKG just months before her vaccination, and had none of those problems prior.

    9) The VAERS, Yellow Card, and EudraVigilance data.

    10) The fact that when people are trying to tell their stories about vaccine injury the mainstream is shutting them down. (Groups on FB shut down.)

    11) Published medical studies about the deleterious effects of the spike protein.

    12) The letter from FDA to BioNTech “approving” Comirnaty that commissioned several studies that relate to safety.

    13) UK advisory group that decided not to recommend vaxxes for 12-15 year olds. FDA already held a group to discuss this issue back in June AND commissioned the study specifically on myo- pericarditis that won’t be completed for YEARS.

    Not only all of this, I READ much of the report from 10 years ago about VAERS that found that it captured only a fraction of vaccine injuries a decade ago. The government didn’t act to make any improvements. And you want me to believe some little disclaimer about VAERS reports not being fully examined? (Examined by the very agencies that are pushing the overblown covid narrative.)

    I could go off of my lived, first hand experience alone. Or I could add to it just the articles in published medical journals. Or add in the VAERS and similar databases. Or add in the world stats that show fewer cases in lower vaxxed countries right now.

    The *only* data out there that suggests that I should get my kids vaxxed comes from politico types who are well-funded and buddy-buddy with the billionaires. C’mon deflationista – you expect me to trust THEM when all my lived experience tells me not to, and over all of this evidence to the contrary? LMAO

    I would be a fool to get my children vaccinated.

    (I wouldn’t have responded, but my mind was having such a fun time coming up with the response and my fingers were itching to type.)

    Mr. House

    worth a listen

    Mister Roboto

    The day when politeness and reason are transcended into direct action will be a bad day for “deflatulanceista” and a good day for the world.

    I really think you shouldn’t let someone who is clearly just acting out some issues of theirs make you so livid. And yes, I’m reminding myself of that every bit as much as I’m telling you that. 🙂


    I really think you shouldn’t let someone make you so livid.

    Anger can be incredibly powerful and efficacious for creativity and positive change…

    I’ve been paying attention for some time now, well before covid1984- I’ve also been livid at complicit ignorant hypocritical Americuns and the Regime for decades… their wars, murder, arrogance etc…

    Deflatulance is just one amongst the many… If you’re paying attention the chords of angry indignation and dissident rebellious nature are in harmony with each other- cognitive dissonance, a population of confused self destructive collective individuals should be confronted and called out any way you see fit.

    Ha- many of US are “running out of patience” with the Regimes child like destruction antics- and at a certain point your self defense is legally, spiritually, morally and ethically both responsible and justified.
    It would be criminal and cowardly NOT to speak out before taking direct action.

    You know all this.


    Not going for it, thanks.


    > Very often, the best kind of experience to rely on is real-life, lived experience. It is often wise to then compare that to aggregate experience of others. <

    Agreed- especially these days.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Note the accountability reaction is happening, at least in France.
    There is no indication of exactly what murderous incompetences are being faulted, but I reckon we’ll find out. One would think that clinging to the “vaccine” narrative and disallowing say, Ivermectin, would qualify.


    The response is an exercise for me to examine my own reasons. It also helps to defuse emotions that were just under the surface, since I am smoldering over the discrimination I’ve experienced, the perfidy of our governments with this Covid/vax stuff, and anxiety over the eventual showdown that this may cause between myself and my ex. I’ll be keeping the words that I wrote today and may use some of the ideas if I am ever obligated to deal with it head on. The exercise was multipurpose.


    Pulled this link from a commenter on Karl’s blog. I think it’ll work. This is The Atlantic, guys. Yes, there is a paragraph where they tout vaccines, but the tone of this piece is a pretty dramatic shift from what’s been spouted over the past 18 months.

    Polder Dweller

    Thanks for the RT link, Alexander. I’ve long thought that the best way through this is the law courts against those in power by means of the constitution, Nuremberg Code and human rights treaties. Fuellmich is supposed to be preparing an international criminal court case because he says all the judges in Germany are bent, but if France can set some kind of precedent then that could really get the ball rolling.

    Go long popcorn.

    Veracious Poet

    Anything that comes out of their mouths. Question for everyone: In your life i’m sure you’ve stopped interacting with people who always try to take advantage of you and lie. Why do you still trust the top 1% in this country and the lower 9% that serve them?

    I awoke to the absolute untrustworthy nature of TPTB and/or their quislings for 28+ years now (human evil) after which I became implanted deep behind enemy lines.

    I studied the sick & twisted daily during interactions in the empire’s palaces of worship & power, where their misdeeds poisoned the former democratic republic with vane sacrifices to their gods, the child EGO.

    I wept for death of the AMERICAN experiment until I became indifferent, knowing that the Sheeple had long ago chosen wolves to murder & replace the benevolent sheepdogs.

    I am 100% immune to the deluded statist rantings of Deflate-Terrorista & his ilk ~ In their self-centered trances they know not what they do.

    America Inc. is not the first Empire to produce utterly dis-eased progeny, who hated themselves & EVERYTHING else, for their consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

    If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen. ~ Samuel Adams


    “Sort of the American way….Shouldn’t be that much longer.”
    Dr. D- man, I hope so.
    Phoenix- you will be a formidable force should you find yourself in front of a judge.

    Is there anyone in the insurance business out there? What does insurance pay for a “vaccine” injury? Pilots, I read, could not fly if they participated in an experimental medical program. How do they still fly? [What if they got Moderna?—p.s.: notice how fancier people got Pfizer?]. How does their insurance deal with this? Those who died of a Covid “vaccine”- does the doctor need to say it was the “vaccine”? Does the family need the doctor to say it wasn’t the “vaccine” in order to collect?
    Has anyone gotten notice that if they don’t get the “vaccine” they will be charged higher rates?
    (We have received no such notice. Not even from Medicare.)

    Veracious Poet

    Ha- many of US are “running out of patience” with the Regimes child like destruction antics- and at a certain point your self defense is legally, spiritually, morally and ethically both responsible and justified.
    It would be criminal and cowardly NOT to speak out before taking direct action.

    NYT – Joe Biden Says Age Is Just a Number


    P.S. TAE is lucky to have only one regular zombie poster. It is a true blessing to witness such an altruistic host + an informed, kind, helpful & logical community to share difficult info with during this dark time 😉

    Mister Roboto


    Bidet Xiden Biden’s FBI certainly has quite the All Star collection of Manwhores on it’s payroll.

    FBI Fires Lead Agent In Whitmer Kidnapping Case

    “The FBI agent credited with foiling Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s kidnapping plot no longer works for the agency after he was charged with allegedly smashing his wife’s head into a nightstand and choking her after a swingers’ sex party.

    The Detroit News first reported the firing of former Special Agent Richard Trask, 39, who took the public face of the investigation, testifying in court.”


    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

    The FBI and Manwhores everywhere, lookout below!

    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

    Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.


    The thorough and talented Whitney Webb did the Epstein – FBI piece above

    Doc Robinson

    @ Dr D Rich

    Here’s a breakdown of the CDC’s death numbers for 2015 – 2020.

    From 2019 to 2020, total annual deaths increased from 2,854,838 to 3,358,814 (an increase of 503,975). Most of this increase is due to the 345,323 listed deaths caused by Covid during 2020. There were also around 20,000 more deaths due to unintentional injuries, 9,000 more due to strokes, 12,000 more due to Alzheimers, 13,000 due to diabetes, and 4,000 due to influenza and pneumonia during 2020, according to that breakdown. Some causes of death had decreased numbers in 2020.

    A “funny” thing about those breakdowns of leading causes of deaths is that they only add up to around 75% of the total deaths for the year (74% in 2017, 74% in 2018, 73% in 2019, and 75% in 2020), leaving a quarter of the annual deaths caused by something other than the 10 or 11 leading causes. Hmmm.

    Out of the 503,975 increase in total deaths during 2020 (compared to 2019), only 426,406 are accounted for by those top 11 causes of death. But this “loose accounting” also happened during earlier years in that table, not just in 2020.


    Doc Robinson:

    I am guessing at the cdc everyone simply dies of covid.

    Dr D Rich

    Thanks Doc Robinson.


    @island-raider post yesterday of the England data indicates similar results to Doc Robinson’s calculations of the Scotland data today. In highly vaccinated nations, breakthrough infections that require hospitalization that aren’t prevented by the COVID vaccines are around 20% (or less) of the vaccinated population. These numbers are significant. Also, the vaccinated illnesses are more deadly when compared to the unvaccinated patients. This is in addition to the blood clotting and heart inflammation side effects already documented for the COVID vaccines.

    Another troubling number is the still high number of unvaccinated patients being hospitalized which total around 25% of the total UK adult population. The numbers in England are increasing at around 15,000 cases a week. There is no herd immunity. The unvaccinated are not being protected by the vaccinated. An unmasked vaccinated indoor crowd which likely will have virus shedders is dangerous to the unvaccinated and wearing masks alone isn’t sufficient protection.

    The Plan A, mRNA vaccines — the sole response to the coronavirus pandemic, has totally failed. UK has given up on vaccine mandates.

    Of course, VP Kamala Harris, turns it around. Vaccinated, she needs protection from unvaccinated Americans. Globalists must believe that Plan A — vaccines work. Otherwise, it is the abyss that is staring back at them or funding the rebuilding of functional public health systems in the West like the ones that work in China, Taiwan and New Zealand.

    The reopening of US schools this fall without an online education option, ventilation and air filtration, social distancing, masking, and daily antigen testing within school bubbles is inviting a catastrophe to occur.


    An unmasked vaccinated indoor crowd which likely will have virus shedders is dangerous to the unvaccinated and wearing masks alone isn’t sufficient protection.

    I’m curious about this phenom of potential shedding from the vaxd. I’ve now had multiple and very distinct experiences of what I would describe as feeling off/sick/affected by being in direct contact
    with vaxd? I had cov/detrick flu last Feb 2020… I do wonder about close contact shedding?

    Anyone else have similar thoughts or insights regarding shedders? Creepy to think they are spike protein detoxing carriers transmitting bio engineered vaccine run off… seems highly plausible.


    In the joomi substack on Spike Proteins, interesting hypothesis conjecture on what happens to the spike proteins when the cells die (monocytes, etc.). the post also links to an ‘authoritative’ looking, pretty info-graphic that talks about organ involvement.

    It emphatically states that the vaccine is injected into the muscle, thus it does not circulate in the body or bloodstream. I continue to argue it is the goal of the shot administration to inject “vaccine” into the muscle, but that sometimes there is human administration error with the shot, and in those instances, more of the “vaccine” shot gets injected into the blood stream instead of the muscle and surrounding intercellular fluid.

    Doc Robinson

    Re: whether spike proteins can be “shed” or “spread” to other people

    This study has received little attention in the mainstream media. It says that the spike protein created by mRNA vaccines are “released into interstitial fluid/blood, distributed to many organs and triggers an immune response.” Widespread biodistribution happens before the body has an immune response. Spike protein was found in the salivary glands.

    “For some of the vaccines, the SP [Spike Protein] produced by the vaccine will be released from cells and distributed in the body before it can mount an immune response.”

    “In vaccines, such as mRNA vaccines, the translated SP [Spike Protein] is released into interstitial fluid/blood, distributed to many organs and triggers an immune response… Herein, we show that SP [Spike Protein] had a body-wide biodistribution [in mice], slow regional elimination, except for the liver, which showed an accumulation, and differential organ uptake…. Also, SP [Spike Protein] was present in the salivary glands… There was significant SP [Spike Protein] signal in the salivary glands..”

    Spike protein multiorgan tropism suppressed by antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2

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