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    Ramón Casas A young decadent 1899   • Senate Report Slams Bidens For Conflicts Of Interest, Possible Criminal Activity (JTN) • Ron Johnson Reques
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 24 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Ramón Casas A young decadent 1899

    I think it would be more aptly titled; Wasted in 1899…
    The green against black is just stunning; it works beautifully…


    Maybe the word ‘wasted’ didn’t have same meaning back then. Like we don’t use the word ‘decadent’ anymore

    V. Arnold

    Maybe the word ‘wasted’ didn’t have same meaning back then. Like we don’t use the word ‘decadent’ anymore

    Ahh, good point…
    But then, we view things of the past in our present context…
    Maybe not such a good position, yes?


    Taking lots of photos of grandparents in case anything happens…
    I cracked up. So funny. Man what a world. Young generation are like – eco destruction, intergenerational debt, feudalism, robots – now corona… they are just going along with it like the weather.

    John Day

    Google Blogger and internet service are all messed up in central Texas yesterday and today. Electronic communictions infrastructure is “melting, melting, melting…”
    How’s that going to work out?
    Texas may still sort-of be the land-of-not-California(yet), but California was lovely when I was a kid there, too.
    The biggest point I make in the blog, which all runs together today and seems unfixble, is that we should not call :”herd immunity” until we are sure that the whole herd can have good vitamin-D blood-levels all winter.
    Otherwise, it’s hard for me to get ahead of you these days, Ilargi. 🙂


    TAE is trying but I cannot see how TAE can move the needle (ie. Biden, Assange,)

    Motivation – divide and conquer or strength in numbers
    According to Maslow, people are motivated by unsatisfied needs. The needs, listed from basic (lowest-earliest) to most complex (highest-latest) are as follows:

    1. Physiology (hunger, thirst, sleep, etc.)
    2, Safety/Security/Shelter/Health
    3. Social/Love/Friendship
    4. Self-esteem/Recognition/Achievement
    5. Self actualization/achievement of full potential

    Lots of words. influencer – 88 synonyms
    The expert liars –
    influencers, motivators, bullies manipulators, enablers, lobbyist, lawyers, accountants, politicians, educated elites, media bobble heads, frustrated, unrecognized, want-to-be, demonstrators, activists, ……
    Who cares for what?
    As a reminder, last week’s jobless claims are four times the pre-COVID-Lockdown average!
    No more C19 paychecks for Americans,
    I’m improving my odds
    1. by exercising (gardening)
    2. by biking
    3. by taking some vitamin D
    4. minimizing junk, processed foods
    (Result: healthy with no pain, happy)


    So, I been thinking Joe Biden is just a senile washed up dodgy dude, but I can read people pretty well and that interview had me questioning that narrative. He seemed sharp and he seemed able to deflect back onto the interviewer with some skill and lack of perceivable staging.
    The current humanising of Julian Assange is going to make it harder for them to make him a monster or non-state actor or whatever… they must be feeling a little anxious – oh I forgot – they couldn’t give a shit as they are just doing jobs in the community like lawyering and stuff. Hillary on the other hand maybe perturbed


    Read and weep
    Posting Date Sept 23, 2020
    Illicit Drug Toxicity Deaths in BC
    January 1, 2010 – August 31, 2020
    BC Coroners Service

    Its not just the street people and the homeless using and dying.

    In 2020, 84% of illicit drug toxicity deaths occurred inside (56% in private residences and
    28% in other residences including social and supportive housing, SROs, shelters, and hotels
    and other indoor locations) and 15% occurred outside in vehicles, sidewalks, streets, parks,

    …… read the report to get details

    Mr. House

    Thoughts? I know you guys don’t like to get to cynical but the cynical approach makes more sense then what we’ve been told.

    Mr. House


    Just incase you haven’t seen this, i thought you’d like it


    If the vaccine was use as a bio weapon, to reduce the population then all the elites, around the world, and their experts, would be reduced to cleaning out their own toilets
    Covid-19 vaccine
    Who will get the vaccine first?

    A. Those in phase 3 clinical trial.

    1. As Johnson & Johnson announced the third phase of its Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial
    2. The vaccine candidate being developed by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech SE is considered the frontrunner in the race.
    3. Moderna’s vaccine candidate – mRNA-1273 – is nearing the finish line in its push to enrol 30,000 individuals in a late-stage trial of a novel coronavirus vaccine. The company plans to seek emergency authorisation for high-risk groups if the vaccine proves effective.
    4. Oxford-Astrazeneca

    The trial in the US is currently halted as US Food and Drug Administration has not yet given a go-ahead to Astrazeneca to resume its trial. On September 8, the pharma company, which is developing the vaccine along with Oxford University, announced that illness was reported in two participants in the UK. After a brief halt, trials resumed in the UK, Brazil, India.
    5. Other countries doing clinical trials. (Russia, China, India, etc.)

    B. rich people in certain countries to jump the line and buy vaccines for themselves and their families.
    C. The first round might be limited to those who treat Covid-19 patients specifically. Prioritize health workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Once they’re vaccinated inside hospitals, other essential workers, including police, sanitation workers, and workers who are critical to maintaining our food supply. Then select the most vulnerable, including the elderly or marginalized populations or those with pre-existing conditions.



    My bleakest interpretation is that it will last for at least six months or until a ‘vaccine’ is available. During that time there will be increasing pressure to download the ‘track & trace’ app so that everyone’s movements can be tracked. It may become compulsory.

    AstraZeneca have demanded immunity from prosecution for any side-effects of their vaccine, which is ominous. Nevertheless vaccination will probably become compulsory. To prove people have been vaccinated they will need a ‘digital passport’, a national ID card – no doubt with RFID chip: less objectionable that chipping people but with the same result!

    For all those who have died in the UK I read that the average age for men is 81 and 86 for women! The virus is not in the top ten of causes of death. About 2,000 people a day die in the UK. Deaths from the virus were recently about 20 per day although I read it was 40 yesterday.

    Whether people die of the virus is now mostly a government choice. The success of the vitamin D treatment is Spain and the success of zinc+HCQ means that deaths from the virus can be vastly reduced if desired.

    What is needed is the number of deaths per million DUE TO the lockdowns. I am not alone in thinking that this could exceed those from the virus :

    Treatment for non-virus illness has been suspended or delayed
    I assume routine vaccinations have been suspended
    Most routine screening has been suspended.
    In the UK thousands have died because they were afraid to call an ambulance
    Simply all the poverty being created leads to early death

    [Many of these deaths will need to be estimates as they will happen in the future.]


    Just for fun
    did you save some of that free money?

    6 month of $2,000/month = $12,000
    Fed tax payable 15% X 12,000= $1,800
    Prov tax payable 5.06 X12,000= $607.20
    Total = $1,800+ $607.20 = $2,407.20 for each person that collected that free money.
    2019 Federal income tax rates
    $47,630 or less 15%
    British Columbia
    5.06% on the first $40,707 of taxable income,

    V. Arnold

    Thoughts? I know you guys don’t like to get to cynical but the cynical approach makes more sense then what we’ve been told.

    I dunno, that article borderlines paranoia, IMO.
    I prefer to stay a bit more grounded than that; we’ll see how this plays out.
    I think we’re still in the chicken little mode, regarding the CV-19…

    V. Arnold

    This at ZH echo’s some of my thinking of late…
    I’m also a supporter of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s gender comments.
    This planet is on the verge of serious thought and mind control with it’s facist politically correct movements, IMO…
    Stay free of all movements, no matter how appealing they seem to be at first blush…


    “Stay free of all movements, no matter how appealing they seem to be at first blush…”

    Yep. Participate in actions, affiliate if you choose to, but never “belong” to anything.
    “Belonging” implies ownership, and sooner or later you fealty to the “one true cause” will be questioned and/or tested.
    Remain outside, and you retain your own sovereign identity. There is nothing in this world worth surrendering that for.


    “Thoughts? I know you guys don’t like to get to cynical but the cynical approach makes more sense then what we’ve been told.”

    It’s genuine impossible to distinguish.. the symptoms and blanket incompetence and malign influence appear the same. Occam’s Razor cut can cut either way, depending on perception.

    If Taleb were to apply his precautionary principle equally (risk = totalitarian destruction of much of the world) then he’d adopt a correspondingly cautionary outlook, since intent can’t be distinguished. But curiously, excess of caution in prevention of elderly deaths is treated as a different precautionary threshold to societal destruction. Not sure why, guess that’s why he’s a professor and me a mere observer..


    Correction: It’s genuine impossible to distinguish.. the symptoms of blanket incompetence..

    V. Arnold

    Remain outside, and you retain your own sovereign identity. There is nothing in this world worth surrendering that for.


    Dr. D

    Depressing, only because you and everyone play along:

    Deaths WITH Covid, not even OF Covid, under 10 since July 1. 90 days, no deaths. NY still locked down and will be for the 1,000 year Reich until you rise up and tell them no mas. Many states never has that many to begin with.

    This is true of NJ and other states, and that even WITH all deaths being essentially in NY, NJ, etc, the states that Fauci thought succeeded the most.

    So you’re going to tolerate jailing reporters, tazing and jailing moms outdoors, tazing people who post they don’t like it online, WHILE the police who are tazing and jailing them themselves aren’t wearing masks?

    Hey man, you get what you get. Life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid. Or a coward. Or a liar. Or just go along with vicious, violent, illegal, totalitarian liars.

    Zero deaths and we’re saying we need to lock down for two more years: every whorehouse and casino open, every church and temple shut. Every RBG with 2,000 visitors in State, every Hasidic funeral arrested.

    Suit yourself. What can I say?

    Where’s Taleb’s extraordinarily over-cautionary principle concerning the erasure of all human rights forever? Can we not measure that with a number?

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