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    René Magritte Memory of a journey 1955   • Axios Issues Critical “Clarification” To Rosenstein Resignation Report (ZH) • Kavanaugh: “I’m Not Goin
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    Dr. D

    Rosenstein has been trying to see Trump for a few weeks. Trump has said no, I don’t think so.

    So in a gambit to MAKE Trump obey and see him, Rosenstein stages a media attack and possible fake (i.e. unwritten, unofficial) resignation. I suspect he wants to see Trump in order to so antagonize him in person that Trump will fire him the way the NYT ordered Trump to some months ago, and earlier this week. Then they can start the “obstruction” proceedings and delay the Kavanaugh vote, because if any of that goes through, they are all going to go to jail for sedition, possibly/hopefully forever. So what’s to lose, right?

    But again they constantly project onto Trump as an unhinged idiot, which despite the depictions they themselves create, never seems to occur in the deeds, and he somehow accidentally, miraculously, inexplicably wins against them, e.g. 17 candidates and 2 political parties + Kin Jong Un, because he’s a seething maniac and a mouth-breathing moron. Conclusion: why would Trump fire Rosenstein regardless of what antagonizing nonsense he attempts, when it’s far more entertaining to watch him squirm ahead of a grand jury, a few days before he’ll declassify the long-held evidence and Rosenstein will be booted and/or indicted anyway? I mean, isn’t his visit just bonus entertainment at that point?

    P.S., allies have called Trump in a strange attempt to stop declassification. A few things here:
    1) If the FBI and everybody did their jobs admirably, why wouldn’t they want it public?
    2) If Trump is guilty and spouting nonsense, wouldn’t declassifying help their case?
    3) In an open democracy, it’s actually illegal not to declassify, as standing policy is that ALL records are public unless there is a very specific, written, compelling reason not to.
    4) The documents they attempt to classify cannot possibly BE classified, as the Strozk-Page texts were sent in plain text on unprotected phones. If the material was secret, that would be 50,000 felonies for them alone.
    5) Since the FISA warrants are the very definition of “Top Secret”, known to no one but the judge and investigators, how on earth do our allies know what’s inside them?
    6) If they know what’s inside them and they were behaving themselves and NOT committing felonies to overturn an allies’ democratic election, then why would they be at all concerned they were released?
    7) Opposing this reveals not only that they know information they shouldn’t, exposing their own secrets, but that the information is VERY IMPORTANT, and also detrimental to our relationship; i.e. that they are guilty as sin, quite an additional admission to make, both as a nation, and as a spy agency openly exposed.
    8) Although THEY know this and WE know this, they still are afraid of the PEOPLE knowing this. That is, they are still in opposition of the people reading, knowing the truth, and voting thereby.

    Because why would we want a democracy in Britain or here, where people honestly and completely know what’s going on?


    • Kavanaugh: “I’m Not Going Anywhere”… And I Was A Virgin In High School (ZH)

    I thought that the legal system was ….
    Judged by your peers
    judged by holier than tho

    @ a strange attempt to stop declassification
    You got to stop being logical
    NOW ….
    What’s the truth?


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    I would consider using a charter plane to get into the EU

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