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    Salvador Dali Self-portrait in the studio 1919   • These Once-Secret Memos Cast Doubt On Joe Biden’s Ukraine Story (Solomon) • Democrats Reveal t
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    V. Arnold

    Another issue that nobody acts upon.

    • US Annual Health Insurance Costs Hit Record High Above $20,000 (BBG)

    This is an issue I just don’t get and as you say: nobody acts upon.
    The healthcare here in Thailand is just plain awesome.
    Last week I scraped my arm on a very rusty fastener breaking the skin. It’s been at least 12 years since my last tetanus shot. So, I went to a private hospital; got a tetanus shot and my scrape dressed. This was in the emergency ward (their choice). Total for my Social Insurance was zero baht, including no co pay or anything else. My Social Insurance cost me $USD 14.40 per month.
    Two weeks ago I went to our government hospital to see if there was any remedy for my arthritic flare-ups. A specialist’s visit including x-rays was fully paid by my wife’s insurance (which I qualify to use) netting us a zero outlay.
    I’m not bragging! Just offering that there are options out there if you dare…

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Self-portrait in the studio 1919

    An interesting painting. Lovely location; and view from his studio.
    The colors are primarily red, even going outside; except the walls around the door; hmmm…
    There’s got to be some symbolism there…
    Anyhoo, I like it very much.


    remember, Dali was born in 1904

    V. Arnold

    remember, Dali was born in 1904

    It’s good you remind me of that…I do forget…

    christopher cobb

    ‘Makes me think of how Britain fought back vs Germany, and Viernam vs the US. Once your entire economy moves into self-defense mode, -almost- anything is possible.’

    If you substitute Russia for Britain and self-defense mode for socialism that statement would be accurate.

    Dr. D

    It is probably cheaper to fly to Thailand to get that shot than get it in Tallahassee. I’m not joking. It’s already cheaper to fly to Tokyo for an MRI than have it in Tulsa.

    …But we’re not ready for reform yet. Now is not the time for a market.

    Dr. D

    Since China discovered they like to, you know, eat, and that food is better than no food, they’ve started buying millions in U.S. meat and soy. So much for their farm-boycott and attempt at foreign election rigging (in this capacity).

    In honor of this victory, I think we should unequivocally surrender the way the NY Times economists told us we must.

    Britain has the same advisors: they claim that Britain will be boycotted by Europe; okay, sure, why not? However, in the same breath, an independent Britain will leave their markets open to all dumping, and let their farmers collapse. …And I’m sure they would if May and Corbyn were in charge, just to punish those uppity Brexiteers, aka, everyone outside of London.

    Here’s a more realistic scenario: Europe will TRY to boycott Britain and kill as many Britons as they can, however their own internal pressure won’t allow it, as Spanish produce farmers would collapse instead. At the same time, Britain will give great preference to local produce – hey isn’t that environmental or something, just like Westminster and the EU natter on about? – however, they can finely tune the cost of food by keeping it as low as possible for the country, while not allowing too many farms to suffer.

    In addition, like ALL production – and shhh, apparently this is a secret that economists never heard of – when farms and factories go into bankruptcy, their productive assets are not set on fire, nuked, put through an industrial shredder, loaded on a ship, and scattered at sea. No really: it may seem a miracle, but farms and factories, industrial assets stay right where they are, unharmed. Honest. Their ownership simply transfers to another person. While that is a human tragedy, it’s also a human benefit of the first order since the debt is erased by the transfer, and the banks take a 2×4 to the face for making idiotic, unadvised loans.

    Unfortunately, they’ll just have Westminster get the money back from the people, the very farmers that just lost their shirt, now sleeping rough in Yorkshire. …Or for exactly so long as you reject capitalism, and endorse socialism, which does not allow bankruptcy for the insider party members and protected class. No optimism that will happen soon.

    “You need 100,000 at the very least, …. There are a million people coming, minimum, each year.”

    Why? You’re saying the U.S. is required to build a new American city each year, just ‘cause, while a city of one million — their own home, which they are a fully free citizen of — is vacated and lies empty. Does that seem logical? Don’t we have to cut down a hundred new forests and pave a hundred new miles that way? And how did the number of applicants reach 1M/year? Because for decades they have always said yes to every thing, exactly for this reason: to disrupt and destroy both nations involved. Before this began there was as much, or even more suffering, yet the U.S. was not expected by law to accept every person on earth who felt like moving. So it’s a matter of expectations, not reality.

    As I’ve said before, what you’re really doing is taking the most active, hardworking people with the most talent and initiative, and sucking them out of their home countries rather than fix them. It’s called “brain drain” and it’s a well-known method of attacking and destroying other areas or nations. Yet somehow doing that, economically and socially attacking poor, small places like Guatemala is now a social good.
    Same with Europe. The promise that the poorest of Europe must accept all, with unlimited, unimaginable social benefits is the sole reason hundreds, now thousands, of people, children, have drowned in boats. If they didn’t think they would be accepted, if they thought they would be turned around, they would be safe at home, and by being there, wanting a better life, would be fighting for their home country, fixing it, and their home country could not get so bad in the first place. They know this, and since the plan of the paymasters of the NGOs is to destroy everything in “disaster capitalism”, well-known, whole books published, as obviously it’s easier to attack and extract a nation you’ve eliminated all the people, all the defenders from. Don’t help this their rapacious destruction, and attack the U.S. too.

    Refugee status is by definition meant to be a very narrow thing. It does not include people from Africa who spend $10,000 to fly across the ocean then walk through 10 safe nations because they feel America is the best. I can spend $10k, fly to Berlin first-class, do a backpack tour of Europe, then wash ashore in Monaco and demand they take me because Monaco is richer. This is an extreme, rare, last-case event. Therefore, barring a world war, there cannot possibly be 1 Million refugees for the U.S. alone.

    I’m quite sure every body from Pittsburgh to Cheyenne would love to be a refugee in Milan, coming as they do from cities without safe water, with abusive police, with high crime rates, and with 100,000 people a year being killed from opioids, poor health care, malnutrition, and despair, however, what entitles their refugee status in Zurich? Nothing. You would think it crazy for Ohioans to flood Madrid and Stockholm for a better life, yet, it’s completely acceptable to flood TO Ohio, which is no less desperate. Yet those very same people, who already have no jobs, no houses, no health care, are REQUIRED to provide support to people nearly as desperate as themselves, while letting their own home counties die?

    Here’s a rough definition:

    “In general, eligibility for refugee status requires that: You are located outside the United States. You have been persecuted for fear persecution related to related to one of five things: race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

    I guarantee people all over the United States fear, rightly or wrongly, persecution for their race, absolutely. Religion, absolutely, Membership in a group, absolutely. And as they see with Facebook, debanking, and whistleblowers, political opinion, absolutely. I fear so myself, every day. Does that mean Acapulco or Copenhagen has to support me? Apparently yes.

    So my proposal is that all 330 Million Americans move to Europe by New Years’, in search of this freer, better life. You can’t stop us, that’s the law.

    …Or is there indeed some difference?

    Refugee status is meant to be rare and extreme, not to move hundred of millions per decade and create economically exploitable social havoc worldwide.

    V. Arnold

    It is probably cheaper to fly to Thailand to get that shot than get it in Tallahassee. I’m not joking. It’s already cheaper to fly to Tokyo for an MRI than have it in Tulsa.

    My sister flew here for a root canal and crown.
    She stayed with us for a month and flew back to Oregon with money left over; plus she got a vacation; price included…


    ‘Makes me think of how Britain fought back vs Germany, and Viernam vs the US. Once your entire economy moves into self-defense mode, -almost- anything is possible.’
    If you substitute Russia for Britain and self-defense mode for socialism that statement would be accurate.

    It you want to claim the UK and US were socialist countries in WWII, be my guest.



    The drones are far too small to have flown any distance.

    They are remarkably intact, and I wonder if they had any explosives in them at all. By contrast the front ends of the misslles are completely missing as you would expect from an explosion.

    Having seen a picture of one head on it looks like landing gear was folded into the wings! This means they were not built as suicide drones as the weight and complexity would be pointless, and it would take up fuel space. They look like they are simple reconnaissance drones which were smashed into the target structures! Even the front covering is intact!

    They may have been built to an Iranian design but there seems no reason to believe that Iran had any further input, unless the engines show a sophisticated manufacture.

    If, as I suspect, they were shipped to Saudi on a truck or in a container and launched locally then there is no real defense, except possibly a Pantsir if strategically placed.

    Picture can be seen at :

    christopher cobb

    I’m not claiming Britain and America were socialist- although they did institute aspects of a planned economy in war time.

    If you are claiming Britain and America won WW2, go ahead, but you’d be dead wrong again.

    Dr. D

    Dr. D, love the pics and the idea. Took out the last one because it didn’t display properly


    “They are remarkably intact, and I wonder if they had any explosives in them at all.”

    FWIW, commercial drones are designed to detach from packages not blow up with them. The military definition of delivery system differs from the (let’s call it) Amazon model of delivery systems in that Amazon drones aren’t designed to blow up with the package on the delivery site.

    Naturally, the drones wouldn’t turnaround and fly back home even if they had the fuel. That would be to suicidally point flying arrows at your home base/chosen operating area. The drones were allowed to crash once any bombs were dropped, or deliberately driven into targets for what further damage they might cause.

    “Unlike everything false on T.V., this is what America really looks like:”

    Here in Portland, it’s mostly all new and grand in our little Pacific Northwest prosperity zone. We don’t have run-down homes and buildings. We just have run-down homeless people everywhere.

    Why here? Because:

    a) many people can’t afford to pay the over-priced rent in our over-hyped prosperity zone, and once you hit the streets, it takes enormous lift to pull you off;

    b) this being a prosperity zone, homelessness pays better than it does in, say, Baltimore or Detroit, so local homeless tend to stay while homeless from elsewhere tend to come here to enjoy the relatively good begging;

    c) while it’s wet around here, it doesn’t get too cold nor too warm, and;

    d) weed is legal, and street life without a buzz is hell with a suicide chaser.

    Homeless is as homeless does:

    Homeless Portland

    “The Trump administration wants to cap the number of refugees admitted into the United States to the lowest number since the resettlement program was created in 1980. A State Department proposal released Thursday would put a cap on the number of refugees at 18,000 for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. Of those refugee admissions spots, 5,000 would be set aside for persecuted religious minorities — an attempt to bolster President Donald Trump’s heightened focus on global religious freedom — and 1,500 would be set aside for nationals of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, who are seeking asylum in the United States in far greater numbers.”

    There could be a wise, if cruel, logic to this in that refugees from where we create mayhem are likely to have a significantly higher proportion of souls angry at USA and willing to do mayhem within. And most refugees derive from our mayhem (including global warming, of which USA is the official avatar). Just sayin’. I ain’t buying the logic, but that’s cuz I’m a bleeding-heart liberal at the core.

    But that logic doesn’t apply to refugees from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, nations we’ve grievously scarred. These nations are known for producing criminal gangsters of exceptionally violent nature uncommonly adept at besting our oh-so-brave-and-brilliant constabulary as they play Home Soldiers in their used tanks and Operation Desert Storm (that was a recent war, wasn’t it? or just a fashion tag?) bulletproof superhero costumes.

    If one chooses to assume, however briefly, that there is method to this particular madness, then I suggest the rabid conspiracy notion that this is some kind of steroidal Operation Paperclip on krokodil.

    But surely there’s a logical rationale to this that someone can share with us.

    Because I was raised in Chicago but born in South Carolina (’56, y’all, first string of the second wave of Boomers, that generation of Boomers who was too young to remember live broadcasts of Howdy Doody, and know of Him only through the few video remnants), I especially appreciate this telling of the One True Genuine Birth of Funk:

    Hey! Watermelon Man!

    Fiddle you Romans, fiddle!


    “If, as I suspect, they were shipped to Saudi on a truck or in a container and launched locally then there is no real defense, except possibly a Pantsir if strategically placed.”

    Cost of drones compared to milindustry missile systems says the Houthis win this war, if necessary, on attrition alone.


    Great collection of photos Dr.
    Utter destruction by the same people who are telling us that (high rise) buildings can be destroyed by the office fire.
    Arnold, as for the hidden symbolism in Dali’s painting: OUTSIDE light of fiery sunset (I doubt that it was a dawn) pouring INTO the room. That’s all.

    Doc Robinson

    And the US can easily absorb those numbers.

    Back in 2017, when the US government resettled about 33,000 refugees (almost double the new limit), this was still only 102 refugees per one million US residents, which is about one refugee per 100,000 residents. About one refugee added to the population of a small city. I’ve lived in a small town of 3,000 that could easily absorb one refugee per year.

    Refugees resettled per one million residents (2017)
    United States 102
    Norway 528
    Australia 618
    Canada 725

    Doc Robinson

    How embarrassing, a decimal point error, should be 1 refugee per 10,000 residents, but it doesn’t change the point about my small town of 3,000.

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