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    What is going on
    > Lithuanian fertilizer plant to close. Achema, Lithuania’s largest fertilizer plant is unable to operate with rising gas costs. Natural gas is the main raw material for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, accounting for around 70% of the cost of production.
    > Sweden’s largest tomato grower is being forced to shut down because they cannot afford the electricity prices. 500 tons of tomatoes, gone.
    > CERN is drafting plans to idle its particle accelerators, including the Large Hadron Collider, if France runs short of electricity.
    > Fertilizer prices rally as an energy crunch in Europe forces factory closures.
    Common nitrogen fertilizer ammonia in the US rose nearly 24% last week.
    Over two-thirds (!!) of European ammonia production is offline due to high natural gas costs.
    > ArcelorMittal is idling parts of three steel plants due to high energy costs and weaker demand.
    > The world’s second-largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, is the latest industrial company to announce a plant closure in Europe due to soaring gas and energy prices
    > BREAKING: The Euro has fallen below 99 US cents, the lowest in two decades
    > EXCLUSIVE: UK gas producers and electricity generators may make excess profits totalling as much as £170 billion over the next two years, according to Treasury estimates.
    > Liz Truss has ruled out a new windfall tax on energy companies. “I don’t think profit is a dirty word, and the fact it has become a dirty word in our society is a massive problem,” she added.
    > Price cap day and it’s grim reading: UK households will pay almost triple the price to heat their homes this winter compared with a year ago.
    > It isn’t just German industrial companies — here a story in Spanish media offering concrete examples of local companies shutting down this week because high energy prices: a ferroalloys smelter, a ceramic tile producer, and a steel furnace.
    > amazing data point that shows what’s coming in the inflation pipeline: the cost of turning clay into a ceramic tile has surged 1,047% over the last year. Think about it if you are planning to update your bathroom and/or kitchen (Spain is the 5th world’s largest tile producer)
    > Sweden and Finland provide a combined €33 billion in loans and credit guarantees to bail-out local utilities facing margins calls in power and gas markets.
    > Germany levies windfall tax on energy groups to fund €65bn aid package.
    > Moscow has stated that gas supplies to Europe will not resume in full until the west lifts sanctions on Russia.
    > Dutch TTF Gas Futures currently up 31%.
    > MEDVEDEV: Germany is acting as an enemy of Russia. And this guy (Scholz) is surprised that the Germans have some minor problems with gas.
    Germany: a) is an unfriendly country; b) has imposed sanctions against the entire economy of Russia and its citizens; c) supplies Ukraine with lethal weapons directed against our Armed Forces.
    > Egypt is planning to issue international bonds denominated in the Chinese yuan worth more than USD 500 million, instead of issuance in the USD.
    > 28 Estonian companies are seeking exemption from sanctions against Russia so that they can continue to import Russian oil products.
    > Berlin and Leipzig Germany will see the first of a series of planned “Monday protests” against soaring energy bills. Protesters in Berlin will rally from 7pm outside the offices of the Greens under the slogan “Enough is enough — protest, don’t freeze.”
    > Germany will provide Ukraine with new financial assistance in the amount of 200 million euros. The Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany reported that a significant part of our new assistance should go to the Ukrainian government’s program to support internally displaced persons
    > Annual inflation in Turkey reached 80.21% in August – Turkish Statistical Institute

    Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 5 2022 14:54 utc | 54


    And UpstateNY, I agree with your comment
    about the Biden speech, which IMO was a well-planned watershed event. They know what they’re doing- and it’s a long, long process.

    While doing a search for something else
    I came across this interesting guy’s site:

    We went to different schools together, as they say. Might be of interest to others, I don’t know.


    ‘How can the country that deceived its own people into invading and destroying Iraq in 2003 — a nation that never threatened nor posed any danger to the United States — be a democracy?’

    It you dig a little deeper you will discover that Iraq did pose a threat to the US. It started selling oil in non-US dollar currencies.

    Selling oil and getting anything other than US dollars in return for that oil was against the rules of the rules-based system that the psychopaths in control still keep going on about.

    Thus, Iraq quickly morphed from the prime ally in the region that had fought a proxy war against Iran (how dare the Iranians overthrow our Kermit Roosevelt-installed puppet!!! a pariah state from 1979 on in the eyes of the US psychopaths who took over towards the end of WW2), almost instantaneously morphed Iraq into the biggest threat to civilisation since the Mongol had attacked eight centuries previously.

    No attack is more damaging to the military-industrial-financial complex than a currency attack.

    That’s why the controller are going nuts about Putin. How dare he not trade in US dollars! How dare he trade in rubles!

    How dare Putin set up alternative international trading arrangements!

    How dare Putin offer oil to nations that are not members of ‘Our Club’ at discounted prices!

    How dare Putin stand up to our plans to steal Russia’s oil.

    When I say Putin, I mean the people of Russia who are organising the resistance to US global hegemony, of course .

    (Interesting: when I hit the submit icon I got a Kiwisaver website. Kiwisaver is yet another government-sponsored scam that is in the process of going under.)


    Next …Following the money ….

    bigger question is how to keep it all up financially for ukraine… this is off telegram –
    Although the agreed deferral of interest payments on debts somewhat eased the financial situation of Ukraine, they are in no hurry to issue loans to it, they understand that the country is in danger of default and will have nothing to give back.

    Even the notorious €9 billion from the European Commission (of which Ukraine received only €1 billion) is split up and is not eager to transfer it to the “square” in full. Thus, the EU only plans to issue another aid package of €5 billion to Ukraine so that the country can cover urgent expenses – and then the money will come in the form of long-term loans, and not a non-repayable grant, which is fraught with even greater harm to the economy of our state (debt is growing ).

    In the end, nothing good: since the beginning of the war, the budget deficit of Ukraine has been about $4-5 billion a month, and according to the Ministry of Finance, since the beginning of the war, the deficit has amounted to about $27 billion, but of this amount, only about half comes from Western funding, the second half is divided 40:60 between grants and loans. The high proportion of loans indicates that Ukraine is actually being charged for waging war. And as a result, when the war is over, the country will be saddled with a huge burden of debt, and then there will be a need for restructuring, which will delay and complicate access to capital markets when the needs are enormous.

    Posted by: james | Sep 5 2022 15:51 utc | 69



    Larry Johnson:

    Ukraine’s president Zelensky and Europe Agree on Key Point–Winter is Coming

    Ukraine’s president Zelensky and Europe Agree on Key Point–Winter is Coming


    Adding: ..and of course Mister Biden did
    the classic conditioning walk-back of his Thursday statement the very next day (sorry I don’t have a good link).

    Veracious Poet


    MARTIAL Law coming to Germany October 1

    Starting Oct 1, The German MILITARY will patrol the streets in Germany and special army units will be responsible for security INSIDE the country as the population is about to explode on the gas and electricity prices.

    Winter is Kommen

    Joy oh joy!


    Saw this on Moon of Alabama yesterday about comment-bombing problems he is having. In one part of his post he refers to this rogue commenter posting under several different names, and apparently inciting squabbles between others in the more-regular part of the MoA commenter community. It says this is happening on lots of other websites, too. Something to be aware of.


    Eurotardistan’s Perservance in the face of contrary evident.



    One very important aspect that needs to be noted is that the so-called economists use entirely fake indexes to measure economic activity, i.e. GDP is just another example of fakery. It is a scam!

    GDP simply measure the flow of digital currency from one place to another. A cafe operator takes some coffee out of a packet, uses electricity to prepare a cup of coffee, adds milk, and perhaps sugar. All the ingredients, including the coffee makers food to carry out the process, were delivered using fossil fuels. Very likely, the ekctricity was also generated by burning a fossil fuel.

    The customer uses a computer-controlled payment system to transfer fake money from one account to another. The consumed coffee ends up as urine an hour or two later, and is almost certainly discharged into a sewage system that uses electricity to do the pumping.

    Almost every aspect of the system consumes non-renewable resources and causes environmental damage.

    Fuckwits -er, ‘economists’- assign positive values to destruction, and tell us the more destruction we engage in, the stronger the economy.

    Fuckwits -er, ‘economists’-. do not measure energy inputs and regard energy as something that will magically arrive when required.

    Once a lie is established, it is nigh on impossible to eradicate is, or even challenge it.

    “Cars can run on water, The oil companies don’t want you to know that.”

    “If you hold a forked stick the right way and walk in a straight line, the stick will twitch when you are standing over water/oil/gold/diamonds..”

    “There is plenty of oil in massive reserves. The oil companies are just waiting for the price to be right before drilling for it.”

    “Growth, as measured by growth of GDP, is good. It is essential for a thriving economy and the continuation of the rise in living standards we are seeing.”

    Professional lairs will say anything for money and power, or for free access to drugs and prostitutes. Or all three.


    Greg Mannarino nails it again.

    The central banks are juggling the balls, and not dropping them yet. But for how long?


    “You’re going to crazy stuff between now and the end of the year.”

    ‘Even Amazon is Worried About the Economy – Prepare Now’


    Bill7 @ 115237. I’m not sure when the ‘walk back’ term gained traction in our political correctness era, but it is a bullshit term. Walk it out say what you say and walk it back. The walk it back rhetoric is on the backburner ready to be served again. Rural school tax bill hit here today with an explanatory note about fuel budgets going to Hell. Putin’s fault not the big ass pickups and SUVs. Yep.


    slimyalligator, I agree that “walk back” is a lazy and ‘insider-ish’ term, and will try to avoid using more of those,
    for obvious reasons.

    “Biden reversed himself, and thereby again gaslighted the citizenry” was what I meant.

    It’s possible to feel a little bit sorry for Joe Biden.


    I’ve noticed that very basic things are becoming steadily more difficult to do on the internet.


    @ Bill7 Not an affront Bill at all and I appreciate your contributions to TAE. I’ve been schlepping around the rock too long and I’m grumpy. I always wanted to be curmudgeon and I got my wish.


    Bill7: “It’s possible to feel a little bit sorry for Joe Biden.”

    I used to, not for joe personally, but because he was so obviously feeble and senile I felt bad, much like I would for any elderly person. Not any more. After being hounded, yelled at, berated, and threatened for the past year+ I’ve had enough.

    I saw the “walk back” joe did on Friday. I suppose “walk back” is not a good description of what is being done but everyone understands it. I also don’t have a good link or would post it. I’ve seen where joe’s initial “speech” statement was played, followed by his statement to the press the next day. Lying sack of garbage. Yes, all politicians lie, but joe is particularly nasty about it. I don’t care he’s senile. He chose to take this on, let the cards fall.


    UpstateNY- I hear you, but “President Biden” might not be allowed much choice.

    My take is that only deeply compromised
    persons are allowed to be politicians,
    with all that that implies. I do feel a little bit sorry for Mister Biden, even if his job is to prepare the citizenry for a mass culling. That hellish imagery from Thursday’s speech was not an accident, I think.

    Veracious Poet


    The take away from this interaction for me apart from the amusement it gave me was just how insulated from each other we are. As I almost never watch MSM and as AM is all I see I always assume that at least a few others out there are aware of AM and subjects like Ivermectin. The staff I spoke to had obviously never heard of the horse dewormer meme or Ivermectin. That still surprises me but it should not . The division seems to split along the lines of TV watchers and non TV watchers , that is the conclusion I have come too from observation.
    I have a young relative who is about thirty I guess , she is a nurse here locally and I found out that she also had never heard of Iver until my sister told her about it a week or two ago. In my mind I imagined the debate about it raging amongst the hospital staff , but apparently not. It is maybe only one person in a thousand or more that have ever heard the alternative Covid treatment debate , I need to keep that in mind when moving through a world of mono media folk. However it does give an opportunity for a good giggle now and then.
    I always like your comments about your attempts to carve out your self sufficient abode in the bush.I have driven a few times from Port Pirie SA up to Northern NSW via Broken Hill and was always amazed at he amount of bush tucker wandering around East of the Hill. The flocks of emus , wild pigs , roos and goats is amazing . It is tough country but supports a lot of wandering protein , a survivalist wet dream if you have the means to take them , guns I mean.
    Regarding your brother , I have learned to leave the politics and alternative views out of conversations with friend and family where I know there is resistance , unless of course you want to intentionally stir the pot. I was once a missionary but not so much any more , I find it is almost impossible to change the minds of folk once it is set. Good luck with your project.


    An interesting take on the Biden Speech from the afternoon guy at NC; one working hard to not see what is obvious, IMO:

    “Idiosyncratic”, eh?

    And: “..I continue to maintain that Biden is the best politician among Democrat loyalist contenders. It’s very hard to imagine Harris, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Newsom, or (to strike a blow at random) Pritzker achieving anything like the level of gravitas Biden delivered.”



    The tiny ruling class using the “Democratic” Party + Wokeness to further their self-serving goals was quite a clever move, I think. Quite clever.

    Where you gonna turn? Not just in the US, by the way: where you gonna turn, anywhere? It’s almost like electoral politics are merely distracting, time-wasting theater, as we all go slowly down the cattle-chute. Moo…

    There was some good stuff in Dr. D’s post today.


    I wonder what “best politician” means.
    Best for whom? is a first question..

    I remember that same person using a similar description early on for AOC™, who I never did trust: “..a very talented politician”- whatever that might mean.



    Nadal got bounced at the USO, and Rublev
    (Russian, but not allowed™ a flag) advanced over Norrie. Rublev beat Shapovalov the other
    day, 7-6 (10-7) in the fifth! I like Shap best- Federer aside- but I like Rublev, too.

    Go, Rublev! He’s got a lot of heart.


    The Money Power Families sure know how to make those who chase their narratives spin, spin, spin.
    As in, move a whole lot and never really go anywhere.
    1. Contrived pandemic based on lies (asymptomatic spread doesn’t exist, people, the number of deaths related to the actual virus was not much more than a bad flu, and perhaps less).
    2. Contrived pandemic to shut down the economy and create, or create a pretext for, inflation by limiting demand of goods.
    3. The contrived pandemic used to create the contrived inflation is then used to contrive a pretext to raise interest rates.
    4. The raised interest rates will collapse the fraudulent zero-sum game, debt-based money monetary systems.
    And even after it happens, Ilargi still won’t tell his readers about the fraud that is debt-based money.
    It isn’t “cool” to do so within his peer group, apparently.
    Read the Cross of Gold speech. Bryan breaks it down… don’t fix the money system THEN NOTHING ELSE CAN BE FIXED. Another way to put it is that the Money Power Families will wield their Money Power, the one ring to control them all in reality, to FIX, as in rig and corrupt, everything they deem important and a threat to their power structure.
    And look how good they are at it — they so far up in Ilargi’s head he won’t dare allow a post on his website exposing the fraud to his audience.
    The Rothschilds send their compliments, but think you are not capable of higher level things if you can’t even get the debt-based money fraud right.


    Redneck: “The division seems to split along the lines of TV watchers and non TV watchers”

    I’ll be darned. Was thinking the same thing just a few days ago. TV watching, plus use of social media.

    As far as med professionals’ awareness of, well, pretty much anything … my sister is an MD in a different state. I won’t bore everyone with the growling and snarling matches that have taken place over the past couple years, especially concerning the jabs. Although she did confidently state, not kidding, that the jab was better than natural immunity since natural immunity lasted only a couple months. I asked, based on what data? Silence.

    When I gave my MD sister holy hell because my beloved 20 year old niece (her daughter) got vaccinated to attend college, know what she said? “Well, R**** doesn’t really want to have children.” (name redacted to protect the innocent). I was absolutely speechless.

    I’ve done the same thing you did, poking at the local med professionals over the past couple months. It’s like talking to zombies. They hear it, blank look comes over their faces, and it goes right through them and keeps right on going. It’s creepy. I’m tired of it.


    TheTrivium4TW: “… they so far up in Ilargi’s head he won’t dare allow a post on his website exposing the fraud to his audience. The Rothschilds send their compliments, but think you are not capable of higher level things if you can’t even get the debt-based money fraud right.”

    That’s pretty harsh. What makes you think no one on this board but you knows what a debt-based money [fraud] system is all about and what it leads to?

    Wow. Rein in that ego just a wee bit.

    Michael Reid

    Author Kris Newby discusses getting diagnosed with Lyme disease and then discovering that it was most likely a biological warfare weapon created by the U.S. government. She eventually came upon the discoverer Willy Burgdofer who revealed that he worked for the U.S. biological weapons program of which Lyme was a result. She touches on the history of bioweapons research and how Fort Detrick assignments included attempting to place chronically incapacitating diseases into insects. She’s uncertain when it comes to coronavirus, but sees the same cover-up playbook being used by the government.

    Kris Newby: Lyme Disease Was a Consequence of U.S. Biological Weapons Research


    I cannot give you an exact quote but if you watch Bill Still’s masterpiece ‘The Money Masters’ it is all there (discussed a couple of weeks ago).

    Paraphrasing. “There are people who one does not mention above a whisper.” [because they will have you ruined or killed if you do].

    Paraphrasing: “If ordinary people realised how money is created they would be sickened to the core.” [since those who fake create money charge interest on it, and keep billions of people in servitude].

    Paraphrasing: “If you took away all that the banks own, they would quickly create enough money to buy it all back again [and regain control of society].


    Commenter ‘slimyalligator’ brought up a good point about the expression “walk-back”.

    Another one I’m trying to not use any more is the locution “of course”, which is subtly manipulative; as in “we all ‘know’ this, right?”, though it’s not really an insider-ism.


    If you can stomach the Ugly Truth, make a list of the following:

    1. Wars instigated (even covertly) by privately owned BIS controlled central bank vassal countries against countries that did not have a BIS controlled central bank… until they were conquered by the BIS controlled vassal country, at taxpayer expense, and a BIS, Inc. central bank was established (in 100% of all cases, BTW, zero exceptions).
    2. Wars fought by non BIS controlled central bank countries.
    3. All wars that don’t fit into #1 and #2.

    You will then figure out that the US military’s PRIME DIRECTIVE was to conquer non-BIS central bank countries and flip them to BIS controlled central banking countries.

    Hidden in plain sight, but the masses are willfully blind to it.


    Commenters here provide some of the most varied and interesting links I’ve seen anywhere. What a “diverse” crowd. 😉 I think I can speak for most others when I say, much appreciated.


    @upstateNYer, harsh, yes. But 100% true.

    Point to one article where Ilargi explains the monetary system is a fraud, which it is. Just one, champ. And I directed my comment to Ilargi, not the whole forum… just maybe I had a reason to do that. Perhaps you couldn’t defend him so you wanted to change the argument via a straw man, just like you did your ad hominem.

    And you don’t know insider baseball. There used to be an assistant than ran the forums years ago. I was in contact with him. I complained to him of what I complained to here — that the talking heads won’t touch debt-based money fraud, let alone focus on it like it was THE #1 ISSUE, which it is.

    Eventually, the assistant posted an article I had written called Weapons of Mass Debt.

    Ilargi pulled it right away. It wasn’t that is wasn’t true, because it was. It was that it was too true and Ilargi felt the overwhelming need to censor the fact the money system is weaponized against the monetary illiterate masses.

    He made his choices, and apparently still makes them.

    And when one acts like they care, but withhold the KEY to understanding the whole the system and the solutions, he ought to be called out for it.

    It is lack of accountability that enables these people to lie to their audience.

    “Omission is the most powerful form of lie.”
    ~Eric Blair

    And if you think I’m harsh on Ilargi for his bad choices — made every day for perhaps even a decade now — you should hear what I have to say to that total snake Steve Keen. He’s a witting controlled opposition fraud. He wrote an article for Forbes that I exposed in the comments section… and he had no answers… like why in his own example the Bankers ended up with a huge amount of wealth for doing nothing. He had no answer — and it was his own hand picked example!

    He also couldn’t answer how the money lent into society could every be paid off unless the bankers returned 100% of their profits back to Main Street. Since money is a zero-sum game where debt == money, All those trillions offshored by the mega-corps means there are trillions in inextinguishable debts.

    Steve Keen couldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole.

    I’d link the article with comments, but Forbes deleted the comments. 😉


    Explanations are rife these days, but as I see it they’re only preaching to the already converted. Those who don’t know now don’t want to know, is my present take.

    What shall one do about what’s being done to the many? is a more interesting
    topic. There is not much said on the internet on that.. odd.


    Again I was not clear: maybe this medium is a part (a big part?) of The Problem.


    “The crime of robbing a bank is a mere trifle compared to the crime of establishing a bank.”

    I believe that is the English form of expression that originated in Germany in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

    If anyone has better information, please advise.



    I greatly appreciate the lack of censorship that TAE enjoys.

    Many years ago I got banned from the supposedly socialist ‘The Standard’ for daring to suggest that ‘Labour’ candidates were scientifically and financially illiterate not were not socialists at all..

    Many years ago my comments on ‘The Collapse of Industrial Civilisation’ were deleted, for daring to suggest that 9/11 was an inside job -even when comments were supported by abundant evidence!

    He-who-shall-not-be-named shut down the comments section of his website after I pointed out that his narratives did not comport with known science -particularly chemistry and physics.

    ‘Survival Acres’ was a pretty good blog until the owner fell prey to the Covid nonsense and banned any mention that jabs were ineffective and potentially dangerous and that masks didn’t work.

    ‘The Daily Blog’ NZ purports to be a beacon of free speech and socialism, yet persistently deleted any comments pointing out that 9/11 was an inside job, that ‘Covid ‘vaccinations’ were not vaccines at all and were potentially dangerous, and that the kinds of masks commonly worn did not prevent the movement of viruses. Also, any suggestion that Ukrainians are not heroes fighting an evil dictator were deleted.

    Needless to say, I don’t bother with any of the censored websites anymore. Not even to see what misinformation is being promulgated.

    Self-censorship is an important component of the system that keeps the masses trapped in the Matrix. That and overt external censorship. And in combination with the censorship operated by TPB and the mainstream media (that’s if they are different) it all goes to contributing to the energetic, environmental, social and financial meltdown that we are experiencing.

    Veracious Poet


    Veracious Poet

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