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    Doc Robinson

    Thanks WES, best wishes for 2022 to you and yours.

    I commented above that “in Florida, 42% of the White population is unvaxxed, while 62% of the Black population is unvaxxed.” This considers all ages, but if you take out the substantial numbers of retired Floridians from the data, the unvaxxed percentages are certainly higher in the working-age population.

    So it’s interesting to see how the working-age Floridians are faring when it comes to recent Covid hospitalizations.

    Hospitalizations of U.S. Residents Ages 18-59, per 100,000 Residents
    December 26, 2021

    Florida 7.5
    MEDIAN 7.5

    New Mexico 7.7
    New York 10.8
    New Jersey 12.1
    Ohio 16.1
    District of Columbia 19.1



    And the grind begins.
    The Malone interview: this is a lesson on how to behave to be be calm and credible while screaming out loud.
    Find the rhetoric that lets you scream out loud without seeming to do so.

    My mate said, “Do we have to wear mask in the Virtual Reality world?” and responded to himself:
    “No, no- of course not! Of course not! As long as you’re triple jabbed!”

    Do you play poker? Can you have fun [or even win] though your cards suck? Welcome to 2022.
    I hate the word “let’s”, but I’ll say it anyway:
    Let’s win.

    absolute galore

    TDK — I don’t think citing 35 medical emergencies of one sort or another out of 2.2 billion people taking a flight in 2021 amounts to much. And it just provides fodder for our friend who like to deflate stuff.

    I’m about half way through the Rogan/Malone interview. Good stuff. Never actually saw him speak. Also just got a copy of The Real Anthony Fauci from a friend. Heard it was dry but a real indictment, well-documented, too.

    John Day

    1/1/22 cut grass

    Veracious Poet

    Airlines Triple Pay For Pilots, Double For Flight Attendants Amid Widespread Cancellations


    John Day

    I did not copy in a lot of COVID info you saw last year and Ugo Bardi’s “Scientism” analysis.

    Maybe the Russians are taking up the negotiation mode of “bluffing”. What’cha think?
    Yeah, it’d be the first time…
    ​ ​At upcoming talks with Washington, Moscow will not only obstruct but will put a complete stop to any eastwards expansion of the US-led NATO military bloc, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said on Tuesday.
    ​ ​Speaking to news agency Interfax, Sergey Ryabkov said his country would go into the negotiations with a clear agenda and reject any attempts by US diplomats to dilute the proposed agreement between the two parties.

    ​Grandstanding, then changing positions, is nothing new for Turkey, however.​
    Turkey Tells Russia To Drop “One-Sided” & “Maximalist” NATO Demands
    ​…​But Russia’s position is that the West merely abide by promises made soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union; instead, it’s seen NATO encroach up to its doorstep in eastern Europe and the Baltics from the mid-2000s on to now. For example, among the current demands on the table is for Brussels to rescind its prior pledges to put Ukraine and Georgia on paths to NATO membership, with Kremlin officials repeatedly affirming this would be a “red line” requiring drastic “action”.

    ​Russia fired 10 hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles from a submarine and a frigate at about the same moment, a “salvo”. One of these can’t be tracked and intercepted. This demonstrates an impressive capacity for massive destruction of multiple targets. They can carry high-explosive or nuclear warheads.

    ​My father fought in the Korean War as a young man, and died of old age at 90 ​almost 4 years ago​.
    ​ ​South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong said Seoul and Washington have “effectively” agreed on a draft declaration that would finally put an official end to the Korean War.
    ​ ​Chung said the US and South Korea have discussed “the importance of the declaration” and are now considering ways to start negotiations with North Korea on the matter. South Korean President Moon Jae-in ultimately favors reunification with the North and sees the end of war declaration as a vital first step.

    US, South Korea ‘Effectively’ Agree on Draft Declaration to End Korean War


    Omicron is spreading herd immunity at an exponential rate

    those darned kids

    absolute: i thought that, too. i just keep seeing such wild things going on, and i want it to stop. i’ll be more careful with the hyperbole. something like that needs a good statistical analysis, one that i’m obviously not in a position to provide. oops. and thanks.


    Dr? John Day:

    There is no reason why you can’t mount all the electrical switch, recepticle, and light boxes, then run the required wires through the 2 x 4s to them. Also run the plumbing too. Better to install these in any exterior walls before putting in insulation. The nice thing is you can now pace yourself since it is not a race.

    I did that kind stuff building the cottage with my Father, as a teenager, so it isn’t really hard. It is time consuming though! My Father said our smaller cottage had much better electrical infrastructure (200 Amp-circuit breakers) than our bigger Montreal home (60 Amp-fuses) had! It is also much better than my Toronto home (100 Amp-fuses).

    We also put in more outlets and switches than the minimum in bedrooms, etc. going for convenience.

    those darned kids

    haha, absolute check this out: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/my-secret-plan-to-end-the-vaccine

    #9: Careful athlete/pilot adverse event analysis that survives every fact checker showing comparison with previous years.


    Germ, all my condolences, so sorry to hear the sad news, it is always difficult to find words, so…enough.


    For those that have a difficult time listening to Robert Malone for 3 hours, I suggest to listen to the second half. And if 1.5 hours is still too long, I think the best content is in the first half of the second half.

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