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    Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People 1830 (French Revolution of 1830)     As I read through the multitude of daily news articles abou
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    RIM It’s all really very simple.

    Back in the 1960s real scientists, real geologists, real geochemists, real ecologists etc.began warning politicians and economists that resources were not infinite, that their infinite-growth-on-a-finite-planet schemes were fatally flawed, that the effects of pollution were both instantaneous and cumulative, and that their idiotic schemes would collapse in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

    But the politicians were controlled by the bankers, and the economists -who weren’t proper economists at all and had set up fake economic indicators such as GDP, that called negative aspects positives- would not have a bar of it. Nor would the industrialists, who saw growth of use of resources and growth in levels of pollution a wonderful thing because that allowed them to make bigger profits.

    So now we all -not just Europe- face the predictable -and predicted long ago- consequences of institutionalised lunacy.

    Some of the greatest acts of sabotage occurred long before the current cohort of political maniacs got their hands on the steering wheel and their feet on the accelerator pedal in order to drive the vehicle -with all of us aboard- straight off the cliff.

    In the late 1960s to early 1970s America had peaked in oil extraction, and Britain was also in deep shit. Opening up Alaska to exploitation gave America a temporary reprieve. And development of the North Sea oil and gas fields gave Britain a temporary reprieve., So what energy lesson did the politicians and economists learn? None!

    Having found once-only bonuses, they proceeded set up systems to waste that energy as quickly as possible! No careful use of resources around here! Burn the oil as quickly as possible via inefficient transport systems, promotion of airborne tourism, corporatised sport, gas heaters for patios, leaf blowers…you name it, anything to get that oil out of the ground (or from under the sea) and converted in to carbon dioxide as quickly as possible. Also, encourage hordes of impoverished people to migrate to already grossly overpopulated nations of Europe. And set up food production systems and food distribution systems that were increasingly dependent on oil… food wrapped in plastic and cardboard, double wrapped in plastic and cardboard, triple wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

    So now it’s almost over. They got what they were warned about: a severely overpopulated planet; a severely overheated planet; a global economic system suffering severe resource depletion. And a financial system on its last legs. And, of course, the maniacs who pretend to lead have no answers, other than yet more bullshit!

    The long descent into mayhem will be grim for the vast majority of people -especially those living in large cities in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Russia, with a relatively low population and a lot of untapped resources, will fare better than most nations during the long descent. Which is why the maniacs who control NATOstan are so keen to kill the Russians and steal their resources.

    The creation of money out of thin air and charging of interest on money created out of thin air Ponzi scheme is collapsing as I write.


    Keep yourself alive


    Feeling depressed? Here is the [sick] joke of the day:

    ‘His new Wednesday visit, where he appeared side-by-side with Zelensky, also included some hawkish statements encouraging Ukrainian forces to keep taking the fight to the Russians. “What happens in Ukraine matters to us all,” Johnson said in a written statement. “I believe Ukraine can and will win this war.”


    Euro down 20% against the US dollar, and falling.

    I have invented a new word: worthlessisation, whereby your currency is rendered worthless.


    Putin Bets Winter Gas Chokehold Will Yield Ukraine Peace-On His Terms

    –Reuters and outlets like it who write this stuff are astounding. They seem to have overlooked the fact that the so-called “chokehold” is one the EU placed on itself, not one administered by Russia. And which political entity is it, exactly, that is hoping by its actions to yield “peace on its terms”?

    The PTB obviously intend to keep the plates spinning as long as they can, for 5-10 years maybe, after which their hope is that their constituents will be used to austere living and the pressure to go back to better times will have disappeared. But if Russia puts Ukraine out of its misery quickly, I wonder what Plan B is?


    “People are being wiped out by design. They’re being destroyed by design, all to fulfill the endgame of central banks….hell bent on implementing a final solution…. I believe a drastic reduction in the global population…massive loss of life…to be the ruling body of the world -which they already are. Everything else is just a freak show. Theatre. Everything…. ”


    Record breaking heat and drought = crops dying and severely reduced food supplies


    Europe: Not only a reduced energy supply but also a reduced water supply and a reduced food supply.

    ‘Counting the cost’ [of decades of insanity, foisted on the populace by politicians, economists and bankers]


    Our economy is a crime in progress.

    “All hell breaks out in November, after the midterms”


    ‘[2] Politicians will avoid talking about possible future economic problems related to inadequate energy supply.

    Politicians want to get re-elected. They want citizens to think that everything is OK. If there are energy supply problems, they need to be framed as being temporary, perhaps related to the war in Ukraine. Alternatively, any issue that arises will be discussed as if it can easily be fixed with new legislation and perhaps a little more debt.

    Businesses also want to minimize problems. They want citizens to place orders for their goods and services, without the fear of being laid off. They would like the news media to publish stories saying that any economic dip is likely to be very mild and temporary.

    Universities don’t mind problems, but they want the problems to be framed as solvable ones that will offer their students opportunities for jobs that will pay well. A near-term, unsolvable predicament is not helpful at all.

    [3] What is wrong is a physics problem. The operation of our economy requires energy of the correct type and the right quantity.’

    Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story


    I agree, RIM, that what is going on is a demolition of the European living arrangements. We have yet to see how controlled it will end up being, but maybe that doesn’t matter. I think that the point of it all (the sanctions that boomerang, the peace talks that don’t happen, the fertilizer that is banned, the energy supplies that are withheld by the West itself, etc etc) is primarily to blow up the financial system, first in Europe, then throughout the West, heedless of the political cost. They just don’t care, and maybe desire the political demolition as well for cover. My working hypothesis for some time now (going back into the COVID era) is that the ones calling the shots will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THE SOCIAL CONTROLS OF SOCIAL CREDIT PASSPORTS AND CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY IMPLEMENTED.

    They fell short with the vaccine passport bid. Fine, they switched to the CBDC horse, which requires them to drive money into worthlessness and people into starvation. Someone made the point a few days ago in the comments here that the compromised political leaders and WEF leadership are just the most visible upper portion of the pyramid, but they are by no means the top of the pyramid. They’re all expendable, in the end, and can eventually be replaced with another willing stand-in that is equally compromised when mobs rise up and burn down the palaces (see Sri Lanka, for instance). A lot of mischief can be hidden in chaos, and by gosh, we’ve got chaos coming down the line in spades.


    France is headed toward the “end of abundance” and “sacrifices” have to be made during what is a time of great upheaval, President Emmanuel Macron told his cabinet on Wednesday upon returning from summer break.

    Macron pretending to be on the side of the sheep, like the farmer walking his flock into the slaughter house. What Macron did not mention is that all this was ordered by his bosses, the people who put him in place and continue to undermine French democracy. Power rules the world, not democracy, and the Macron types should pay the ultimate price, it is not as if this is an accident, this is deliberate suffering being imposed on the people of France. Deliberate. It could all be ended tomorrow if Macron changed his stance and stood for the people instead of his owners.

    The sad thing about all of this is that once the factories stop turning, they will never restart. The opportunity to save our way of life is now, but people will wait until the system has fallen apart, the utility services are no longer provided, the coal and nuclear power stations have been shut down, and all the time the government will survive by lying to the gullible people about how everything will be alright and they just need to get through the next winter. We can only hope that at some point they will rebel, but even if they do, it will be too late. It will take years to prepare to restart these power stations, maybe not even possible, and it will take years to restart the coal mines, factories and their distribution systems. A factory may be profitable while running but having to mothball it then restart it will probably not be profitable for most factories. The same applies to the skills used in the factory, once those skills are gone they will be very difficult to regain.

    Why is this a disaster? Because there is no plan for a bright new future. There is no plan to provide the west with the energy it currently consumes, so there is no plan to ever restore our old way of life. People wonder why western elites would do this, the answer is that somehow they are benefitting from this, after all, a lot of western elites have huge investments in the BRICS+ and the third world, maybe those are now going to be the new money earners while the west, which consumes only 15% of Chinese output, is left to die. They did it to your jobs, now they are doing it to you.


    This is not going to go well. Not for the European “leaders”, not for the EU, not for Ukraine, and not for Europeans. We could start a little bet as to how many leaders will still be in place by spring, and I bet you Zelensky won’t be one of them. Putin will. As for the rest, Rutte, Macron, we’ll see. But don’t underestimate the wrath of people with hungry and cold children. It feels like almost an alien image for 99% of Europeans, but it no longer will be.

    The European leaders will be replaced by new leaders who will continue to report to the existing owners. The only way to stop this is to find and destroy the head of the snake. The longer we leave it, the harder it will become, but without the backing of a decent minority of the people we cannot do anything. It will all be too late by the time the people rebel. The chemical factories will have stopped and will not be restartable, the power stations ditto, the country will be begging for food from the rest of the world.

    Once Europe is begging, the finale will come into play: An external power will offer a solution to Europe, a solution that involves regular food, power and jobs but under CCP-like control of the sheep, and CCP control is total control which may even involve transhuman implants. They may even allow the people to vote on it as most will accept the slavery solution being offered. That is why they are doing this, to gain total control over the people by making them so desperate that they will accept anything offered as an alternative. Humanity will then enter the second dark ages where freedom is just a legend from the past.


    If you overesteem great men
    The people become powerless
    If you overvalue possessions
    People begin to steal

    When people see some things as beautiful,
    other things become ugly.
    When people see some things as good,
    other things become bad.

    When the great Tao is forgotten,
    goodness and piety appear.
    When the body’s intelligence declines,
    cleverness and (Text sourced from knowledge step forth.
    When there is no peace in the family,
    filial piety begins.
    When the country falls into chaos,
    patriotism is born.

    Throw away holiness and wisdom,
    and people will be a hundred times happier.
    Throw away morality and justice,
    and people will do the right thing.
    Throw away industry and profit,
    and there won’t be any thieves.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    So now we all -not just Europe- face the predictable -and predicted long ago- consequences of institutionalised lunacy.

    Except that we don’t. You are spreading lies because they fit with your political beliefs, but what we are facing is political not based on physically limited resources. There is no resource shortage, there is authoritarian politics, dictatorship, driving all the European politicians to commit mass suicide for reasons that have not been revealed to their “voters”.


    I have long suspected that the goal is the engineered destruction of the masses. The Club of Rome was not wrong, things are unfolding as they predicted. The elites agenda has become clear by their actions and a lot of commenters on this blog are hitting the nail on the head. Their reasons for this deliberate depopulation could be one of the following:

    1) “We can’t have all those useless plebes eating our food, breathing our air and using up our oil and fisheries. Get rid of them.”
    2) The Council of 5 has dictated to the world leaders that the world population must be reduced to 500 million. If the leaders are unable to do this, the Council will, and it won’t be pretty.

    It seems to me that their goal is to coerce the masses to rise up against their leaders so that once everything is burning the WEF can come to the rescue with a Universal Government and their Digital Currency. Plant potatoes…..



    If you want to believe your own lies and delusions, and refuse to become informed about anything of significance, that’s your problem, and you should consider becoming a politician or an economist or advertising executive instead of wasting comment space on this forum.

    Actually, I believe you are already in the service of the Empire of Lies, as a paid Internet troll.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz @boscohorowitz

    Amen and amen. Well said.


    @Afewknowthetruth #114177

    Probably not a troll, just maybe getting a bit carried away with himself.
    We all need to become as well informed as possible, not an easy task in this world of propaganda and misinformation.

    You’re certainly on a roll today. Terrific feedback from a terrific article from Raul. Wish you weren’t so far away, would love to have a yarn over a coffee!


    Ukraine will win the war? OK. But recall Goering saying that Berlin would never be bombed.


    How to identify Internet trolls:

    1. They make bizarre statements and provide no evidence for those bizarre statements.

    ‘Oil is made abiotically deep in the Earth.’ ‘There is no drought in (insert the name of a country, there are many to choose from, but not NZ coming out of winter)’

    2. Statements made by Internet trolls are in direct contradiction to observed phenomena.

    ‘In China the government does not permit people to live in cities.’

    Internet trolling occurs for two main reasons:

    1. Corporations with vested interests need to create doubt in the minds of consumers or attempt to refute obvious facts in order to maintain consumption of their products.

    ‘The Earth is cooling.’ It was warmer than now in the middle ages.’ ‘There’s plenty of oil.’ ‘House prices never fall.’
    ‘Vaccines provide the best possible protection from Covid.infection.’ ‘Masks prevent the movement of viruses.’

    2. Anxiety in the mind of Internet trollers that the narratives they read are correct.

    Of course, the purpose of Internet trolling is to disrupt the flow of information that is potentially dangerous to politicians, governments, bureaucrats, banks and corporations etc. or which challenges false beliefs.

    Of note is the Saker website, which underwent such severe attack it was down for several days.

    As most of us here know, the major battles being fought at the moment (other than the physical battles to liberate eastern Ukraine from the fascists) are the censorship battle and the promulgation-of-lies battle.




    We’ll just have to yarn over the Internet for now.

    How long we will have the Internet is a monstrously big question, since everything in ‘developed nations’ is now utterly dependent on it. Well, not everything. Vegetables grow, trees blossom and produce fruit, birds sing, bicycles move etc…… without it.

    We had a long power cut a few weeks ago, several hours.

    Candles and battery-powered LEDs. They will be very useful in the not-too-distant future. The supply of batteries will be a bit tricky, though, unless you live in China.


    News from Germany:
    Latest model official vehicle of the Greens

    Don’t forget that the rulers depend heavily on the internet to roll out their plans: CBDCs, digital passports, PR codes, social credit systems, propaganda. So the internet won’t die, instead we are seeing increasing surveillance, censorship, shutting off “dissenting” sources. Hopefully an alternative system outside of government overreach will become available. Kim Dotcom has been working on it…


    Following on from record (unprecedented) heat, Pakistan is now in the midst of record (unprecedented) flooding and loss of food supply.

    I start to lose track of these catastrophes but think it was two winters ago that Europe experienced unprecedented flooding that washed away infrastructure and livelihoods like never before.

    And with oil substantially more expensive, the cost of all clean-ups and repairs is much higher.

    I suppose we will soon be at the point of insurance companies refusing to cover such losses or even to insure at-risk to properties at all. There are already whispers of such a move in NZ.


    The world is at war. Russia, China and Iran want their own commodity based financial system to split away from the western corporate/state “free” market system that is designed to increase short term business profits by any means necessary. Western sovereign nations that served the public are no more. Hungary is the exception that proves the rule. The only response to shortages due to the pandemics and the proxy world war is to raise prices. Mobilization, peace negotiations or rationing are ignored.

    Simply, this moment in time is to milk out the last penny of corporate profit. The current system has no interest or intention of helping the poor sick slobs who have no jobs, electricity or warmth. They are invisible. The possible replay of the 1830 Paris revolt is oblivious to the elite inside their current bubble of enormous wealth and power.

    D Benton Smith

    So, what do I think is REALLY going on?

    I think the Cabal, which was winning for so long that people just assumed without inspection that it was invincible and therefore just a tragic fact of life that had to be accepted, is now losing. As the dynamic consequences of its “slippage” from it’s hegemony progressively changes the geometry of the world’s power structures that slippage has become a cascade of consequent shifts which are now . . . as we speak . . . a cataclysmic landslide that nothing can stop.

    Consequently the King is dead, without heirs to the throne, and a compelling majority of former vassals seem to be just fine with simply not having a King for a while.

    They are also increasingly aware that their enemy is not a viable self-standing organism but is instead a well organized pathologically parasitic Cabal composed of fatally incomplete partial-people who can only survive by turning a strong and productive host into a zombie which serves the parasite instead of itself. The parasites accomplish this by invisibly mingling and pretending to be part of the host organism, tricking it (the competent and productive host organism) into feeding and sustaining the completely incompetent and utterly non-productive parasites, which are so weak on their own and so stupid on their own, that none of them could not survive for more than a moment or two without the stolen abilities and contributions of their captured host.

    Who are the Cabal, as specific individuals ? Allow me to answer with a quasi-biblical aphorism: ‘By their sheer incompetent uselessness and astoundingly insanely destructive stupidity, you shall know them.’

    Their espoused beliefs and aspirations, which some of their representative members have written down and disseminated in countless publications are so lunatic as to make sane people doubt that the lunatic Cabalists actually meant would they said, and wrote, and admitted to.

    What they publicly endorse should make every ordinary person cringe in horror and disgust. The parts which even they feel compelled to keep secret are unspeakable.

    And the Cabal literally LOVE secrets. They love secret societies, as do they also love secret plans, intentions and crimes. Even their very existence is alluded to as a closely guarded “secret”, and they REALLY get off on that one, because they prance around in flamboyant display of their “secret” every hour of every day in plain sight.

    It’s such a joke! No wonder they laugh at us! There is no secret. Their existence is not in question. Their identities are not unknown.

    The big joke, what makes them laugh so derisively, is that despite being fully aware of them as the deranged criminals that they are, people don’t do anything about it! The silent masses just let them roll. Not only do the victims literally PAY the perpetrators to do such awful things, but they make them FAMOUS for it as well. The names and faces of these creatures are enthusiastically splashed across the media as if their despicable behavior was something to be admired and emulated! Good grief!!

    Well it was all very entertaining, but now it’s time to end it, and the way that’s done is simplicity itself : just tell the truth, ALL of it. Names, places, deeds and dates. There have been tortured, murdered, and enslaved victims ranging in age from cradle to grave, by the tens of millions, for centuries. And it continues. Uncounted trillions of hours of hard productive work has been stolen and misspent.

    Name, blame and shame . . . in detail without redaction . . . starting yesterday.

    Start telling the truth about those bastards. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Spare no one for any reason. Just tell the truth, loud, and don’t be embarrassed or shy or squeamish about it.

    Those psychopathic narcissistic would-be power mongers want to do whatever the want? Alright then, describe to the wide world exactly what they wanted and did and make sure everyone knows who was responsible. They want the right to poison and kill? Then who was the poisoner, who was the killer, and victim and how did they do it? Details.

    That much bad news is more than a little discomforting. It can become downright overwhelmingly depressing. Tough! It’s either that or blood in the streets, take your pick.

    And then there will be no Cabal.

    Formerly T-Bear

    And there is no logical reason for this, there is only the ideology of a few handfuls of little men with grand visions egos.

    There, fixed it for you, no charge.


    Just testing the waters. How useless are the useless eaters? So far we’ve proven to be pretty useless. We’ve gone along with everything like good, little sheep. Can’t blame them for now seeing if we’ll obediently freeze and eat bugs.

    To date: every result in their social experiment has proven their suspicions correct. We are useless and deserve to be depopulated.

    Dr. D

    Apparently Britain, billboards saying “You’ll be cold this winter. Because they need you.” Ukraine.

    Um…don’t remember signing up. In fact, I very specifically did NOT sign up. Like Covid. The ominous part of this is the British government, officially saying: “YOU WILL FREEZE THIS WINTER, Right now.” Guarantee. Since when did a government do that? Even in the Blitz the message was “Stay strong” “We’re in this together” “Do all you can.” You know, stuff you can get behind.

    “‘Weary’ Europeans Must ‘Bear Consequences’ of Ukraine War as Putin Will Eventually Blink: EU’s Borrell”

    Reading that headline over and over again. Because it’s just stunning. As above, they’re just: “We’re going to kill you. Face the inevitable, Mr. Anderson.” None of the “Here’s why this is the critical and moral fight” no “We are hot-footing to mitigate this in 10 ways I’ll name on this billboard.” No, “We shall fight them on beaches…” Nothing. Headlines. Ad campaigns, political messages: “You will die.” You. Russia will be fine, of course, be we here in Holland, Germany, Old Blighty, we really need and appreciate your certain death, and that of all your children. For no reason we can, or are willing to, name. Danke

    And yes, the other deadly thing, after telling you it’s going to be a hard rain a-gonna fall’, they openly advertise it’s going to be ten years. That is: the rest of your life. When did things ever get better after that? Why would it when they have no plans, no outlook, no actions, and it’s not a defined event like a world war? FOR-EVER. Cold, dead, hungry. FOREVER. Danke!

    No “Seven years put in the granary for seven lean years”. Nothing.

    Yes, promising roses would be demagoguery. But WTF is this? They’re going to get a revolution because the dumbest hick from Salzbourg and Skye can come up with 5 dozen plans that are better, smarter, and more practical than “’Go now, and die in what way seems best to you.” Well ain’t nobody but the coddled PMCs are a-gonna do THAT. Any fair Scotsman and German sailor’s going to go down with the ship, to say nothing of Dutch farmers on their own land. And the Americans will fight you in WalMart over a frozen taco for no reason at all.

    Perhaps it goes like this: THEY LOST. But they are in denial, this is a form of denial, and they are now a rabid, violent regime like Iranian Ayatollahs or Kim Jong Il. Their only thought or promise is their own survival, one more day. But does Boris really deserve that?

    And you are correct. The Anglos have been determined to cross 10,000 miles and Kill Russia, for 100 years. That’s “Ours is but to do and die” Florence Nightingale, as Luongo says, Dr. Watson returns injured from where? Afghanistan. Why? To harass and destroy Russia. For so long the NEXT Dr. Watson, Martin Freeman and Ben Cumberbatch ALSO returned injured from the war in Afghanistan. Why? To harass and kill Russia. The Anglos. For no reason anyone can think of.

    100 years of non-stop sworn warfare, enmity, setting up WWI, filling Lenin’s train with gold, setting up Hitler to kill Russia, then dividing Germany with the wall because war still on, then every attack on Russia to 1989 and Hermitage Capital, RussiaRussiaRussia with Steele, right through to training, arming literal Nazis and giving them the A-Bomb against every treaty.

    One Hundred Years. Heck, One hundred and fifty. Whiskey Tango. How many dead in 150 years of stupid inbred non-stop war because as Luongo says, “The Brits have a hard-on for Russia”? Russia is our ALLY. They were in 1780. They were in 1860. They were in 1940. They are right now, smashing Nazis. And if so, then who on the ever-loving earth is the ENEMY?

    I have a plan for the future. So does every hick in Salzbourg. So does every child when you unwrap his head like a prison and a mummy and goes outside the first time in weeks: Plant Trees. Grow peas. Hug dogs. Stop driving so much. But we can’t do that with THEIR system, THEIR taxes that are now probably pulling a combined 60% of all human effort to the top for one Bezos-yacht. Should that be our new unit of measure, of energy x uselessness? BezosYacht?

    They are obviously not going to volunteer to lose all tax revenue, all wealth, all power, all those fine wines, jet rides, and 12-year-old girls, but we will simply force it on them. Because there is no choice, and they are nobodies. Like 1:100,000 ratio of farmers to sheep. We can kill then by sheer accident, and will.

    Yes, before then, they will install Vax Pass, CBDC, and the Mark of the Beast. It will fail, but not before making a mess greater than has ever been seen.

    “Throw away holiness and wisdom,
    and people will be a hundred times happier.”

    “The Club of Rome was not wrong, things are unfolding as they predicted.”

    That’s because THEY released the Club of Rome as THEIR road map. They already said, as the ex-founder of Greenpeace, that the insiders couldn’t get the people to listen to them and follow them, so they were going to, needed to, MAKE UP a crisis. Eco is their fabricated crisis. “We” don’t have oil. Oil has run out. WTF? Russia just TOLD YOU there is 40 years of oil for sale!At low, low prices. What on earth is anybody talking about? And we don’t have any, because Green, but planetwide incentives from the private jet fliers exist solely to create tax incentives to waste resources? At the great misery and open resistance of the people? That’s just not credible. They don’t believe the Club of Rome at all. AT ALL. …But they suuuuuure do believe in “Crisis.” “Disaster Capitalism”.

    Their plan is to antagonize the people into rising up because they know what to do then? Quite probably. And revolutions are almost always replaced with something worse. Who are the thought-brokers for this Rev 2.0, like Locke and Voltaire? Thomas Pikkety and Robin DiAngelo. That is, open racists and Socialists who are on the same page as Macron, der Klausenschwabb, and Captain Blackface killing farmers and shutting off food. Pick up any of their bad ideas into the new structure and the same insiders own it again. That is deeply unpromising as any revolution and why I wouldn’t advise one at this time. Maybe here to re-establish the Constitution, but as Adams said, the people aren’t moral, and it wouldn’t work for them until they return God to their hearts.

    So it’s going to take hardship where practical matters evolve the new pattern of growing small, living light, and not moving too far. Because of that, I can’t predict it further than that, as all events will be local, and the details are small and multitude. I don’t know when we will get there except we must, so we will. Decades, probably. That means what I say isn’t helpful to you unless you live within 50 miles of me, and you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

    Good news, however. Secrets? THEY ARE EXPOSED. EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM. And like this article, with these headlines, everyone can come to no other conclusions except that they are self-serving mass-murderers who have plans to murder YOU. That’s not the recipe for legal mandate and governance. Bye bye.


    VietnamVet, I don’t comment much these days, and I do not comment often on your posts, but you often say what I have been thinking, or what I have been on the verge of thinking. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    D Benton Smith


    Why Russians? Because it was the Czar of Rus who kicked the diabolical Khazarian Empire out of the Ukraine and Caucasus region a thousand years ago, and those thieving, Satan worshipping, child murdering, Khazarians really know how to hold onto a grudge. Since being deprived of their own real estate by Russian Christians the more less intact bloodline of the dynastic Khazarian ruling family have infiltrated and usurped the power of pretty much every country and institution that they could manage.

    That’s basically the fight we’re waging now. It’s partly a war of fundamental ideology (freedom vs slavery, good vs bad, truth vs lies, individual sovereignty vs authoritarian dictatorship, etc. ) But on the other hand there is a distinct and completely real genealogical aspect to it as well. The top of the top (and the therefore the worst of the worst) of the “Cabal” side of the war is literally a zealously hyper protected dynastic “royalty” (an actual bloodline) that contains many of the sub-family names that we are all so familiar with through various conspiracy “theories” that the Cabal very energetically works to discredit by all means fair and foul.

    D Benton Smith

    The coolest thing about history is that no matter how much it gets lied about, it cannot actually be changed.

    D Benton Smith

    The reason some of you guys think I’m some kind of a “not half as smart as he thinks he is know-it-all who tries to sound smarter than he actually is”, is twofold.

    I use the fancy words and word arrangements and rhythms as stress-relief. The word play and puzzles help to alleviate the very real and serious stress of the topics I consider it my duty to find and study and think about during most of my waking hours and try to convey to others. The attempt to say things in a new, different and perhaps entertaining way is a means of staying more lighthearted about things that often are quite dark until exposed to the light of day. In other words I add attempted literary flourishes for me, not for thee. It makes a hard job easier.

    Secondly, I most certainly am not (and do not feel like) any sort of “know it all.” I’m well aware of how relatively stupid and uninformed I am. No matter how hard I try to be less stupid or become better informed (and occasionally succeed at to some small degree) what happens instead is that I simply come to see better the bitter fact of how unsmart and uninformed I have been and still am. I doubt that will ever end. Hopefully it will eventually ease off a little.

    For example, I bet that I have not told any one of you any single thing that you did not already know (or knew that I was wrong about). The reason I go on doing it is that there can be benefit in being reminded of something that you already know. I will, at least, claim that one small credit. I try to remind you of important things that you know, or that you know better than I.

    D Benton Smith

    Yup. History just sits there , as indelibly true as can be, forever, awaiting the discovery which sets you free.


    Mr. Smith, I believe you have writed what I are, too. I’m not as smart as I think I am, I just believed the hype while growing up. Rock On!

    Armenio Pereira

    There comes a time, in almost everyone’s life, when a person can no longer feed him/herself by its own means. The more one lives, the more this tends to become a reality – such a sad state of affairs.
    May I pass away before this comes to pass. Amen.


    Talk about wasting comment space on this forum…


    An interesting perspective on why Europe is being allowed to crash by the Fed and the banks that own it:

    From Davos Without Love – True Detective or True Conspiracy

    Jef Jelten

    It is all about finite resources obviously. US policy for the last 60 – 70 years has been all about securing the worlds natural resources, profiting off of all aspects of resource production and the economies surrounding them, and most important of all and the most misunderstood is the constand demand destruction to insure that no nation becomes so successful that they compete with the US for those finite resources.

    Keep in mind that 80+% of the population lives at extreme poverty levels of $10 a day or less, half of them some 3+ billion live on $2 a day or less. These people are not the problem. It is the “Golden Billion” that is the problem.

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