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    Saul Leiter Man with flowers, NY 1950s   A few days ago, I was thinking of writing another corona article, focusing on two things: 1) the ease an
    [See the full post at: Go Forth and Multiply]

    Doc Robinson

    A study published today by The Lancet looks at Africa.

    We used data on the volume of air travel departing from airports in the infected provinces in China and directed to Africa to estimate the risk of importation per country. We determined the country’s capacity to detect and respond to cases with two indicators: preparedness, …and vulnerability…

    Countries with the highest importation risk (ie, Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa) have moderate to high capacity to respond to outbreaks. Countries at moderate risk (ie, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, and Kenya) have variable capacity and high vulnerability.


    John Day

    More good work, ilargi!

    Let me summarize:
    This virus spreads very well without physical contact, from both upper and lower airways, including from people with minimal or even no symptoms, and with no fever.
    It looks like it was spreading through the ventilation system in The Diamond Princess, or at least as readily as if that was the case. Full respiratory isolation is required, and almost nowhere is that feasible.
    You can stay in a suburban house, but somebody has to care for you if you are sick,
    The incubation period of this minimally-visible-in-most-cases virus is between 3 days and 4 weeks.
    So you can’t identify everybody with the virus, or even everybody who is spreading it, and a long enough quarantine to be universally effective is economically impossible.
    That leaves containment-of-damage:
    Warm, sunny days may reduce viral spread.
    Watch Hawaii. The Japanese tourist was mildly ill in Waikiki for 4 days. His wife got symptoms later.
    Most children have mild illness at most. That’s promising for our species.
    Smokers have a big red bullseye, as do chronically ill and elderly.
    61 seems to be elderly in the stats I see. That’s me. I’ve had a full life.
    The current system is completely unsustainable and observant people already know that. Resets are long and hard and necessary and periodic in our species.
    Do take 5000 units/day of vitamin-D, grow vegetables if possible, buy some beans, rice, cooking oil, salt, coffee and toilet paper.


    Defense Lawyers Say They Will Seek French Asylum For Assange

    Julian Assange’s European defense team said Thursday it will try to seek asylum in France for the Wikileaks founder, whose full hearings for extradition to the United States on spying charges start next week in London. French team member Eric Dupont-Moretti said Assange’s case placed at stake “the fate and the status of all journalists. “We consider the situation is sufficiently serious that our duty is to talk about it” with French President Emmanuel Macron, the lawyer said.

    He was one of a team of lawyers lined up at a Paris news conference to explain why they view the case against Assange as unfair, citing his poor health and alleged violations of his rights while in jail in London. French members of the team said they have been working on a “concrete demand” for Macron to grant Assange asylum in France, where he has children and where Wikileaks was present at its founding. “It is not an ordinary demand,” lawyer Antoine Vey said, noting that Assange is not on French soil.

    Doc Robinson

    Some more details about Assange and the potential asylum in France (translated from French). There are also efforts to get him asylum in Switzerland.

    “We are of course working on the possibility of asking the French authorities for political asylum, our Constitution allows it, we have an example”, “the political asylum granted to Ayatollah Khomeini “, added the lawyer, admitting that this was “not the best example”.

    The two French lawyers joined the Assange international defense team about a month ago, alongside Belgian, British, Spanish and American lawyers, under the coordination of former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, also present at the conference.

    A first asylum request in France made by the former counsel of Julian Assange, Juan Branco, had not been completed. An asylum application has also just been made to Switzerland by NGOs.

    On the choice of France, Me Dupond-Moretti put forward criteria of professional connection, part of the structures of Wikileaks is hosted in France, and personal. Julian Assange lived in the country from 2007 to 2010, his second child, still a minor, and the mother of this child are of French nationality and reside in the country.



    ” Allegedly, smokers have more ACE2 enzymes as well. As do older people.”

    I have not been getting the flu shot for the last 4 yrs. I have not been getting the flu.
    I succeeded in quitting smoking 7 yrs ago. As a result, I’m still alive.
    I assume that the nicotine in my lungs has been illiminated along with the extra ACE2 enzyme since my xrays does not have spots.
    I feel that in my youth, I must have gotten every flu that existed since I got the flu more than twice per year.
    I still don’t know of anyone of the many 100,000 who died from the old flu.
    With the knowledge gained of this new flu and I will change my habits.
    I will avoid the gathering of crowds, casinos, parades etc.
    I will wash my hand more often and think twice about picking at my face.
    I will use sanitizers more often.
    I will pay more attention if kids are staying home for the flu.

    Since, this virus, as of today, appears to be racist, I will still keep my friends.
    Finally, my thinking on this subject will not change what is happening or what the decision makers are going to do.
    I’m going to relax, enjoy life.

    Dave Note

    I highly recommend Chris Martenson’s Youtube Coronavirus summary, he publishes it almost ever day in the evening 7-8.
    He has a couple dozen youtubes 15-30 minutes each wrapping up what news articles he can aggregate about Covid-19.

    His website Peak Prosperity has links to this summaries. He has been a financial researcher and former pharmaceutical executive before starting his own business.

    In an early life he was Dr. Chris Martenson who holds a PhD in Pathology and Neurotoxicology from Duke University. Duke oddly enough, has a Virology Institute that is directly linked with the Chinese Virology entity in Wuhan.

    I’m in no way shilling for Chris’ website, his Coronavirus youtubes are free and I consider them an island of sanity in a sea of Bedlam and incompetence by the MSM, who having behaved with criminal negligence in informing the public of how incredibly dangerous this Covid-19 is shaping up to be.

    Here is the link to last night’s youtube’s wrap-up.
    Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially

    Dave Note

    I am a blue-eyed blond who has dry earwax and doesn’t need deodorant. Yuck factor and TMI aside, this is most likely due to an SNP on an alelle (ABCC11) which is (as far as I can make out of the dizzying chatter of genetics) inactive. I share this with most far east Asians and a good percentage of indigenous Americans. The allele and its effects were discovered in 2001. I have been searching for a connection to susceptibility to nCoV2019 and this genetic factor, for obvious reasons.
    In the meantime, I will continue to wear gloves, and will reluctantly give up my light smoking habit. There’s nothing I can do about my advanced age, except to update my will and simplify everything else.
    There’s nothing I can do about the coming economic horrors. WTF on the stock market?
    Whatever good gods there may be, I hope they are with Julian Assange.


    Blame the virus
    A lot of observers are not yelling “wolf”
    Thursday, February 20, 2020
    Covid-19: Global Retrenchment Will Obliterate Sales, Profits and Yes, Big Tech

    Dave Note

    To shed some light on diseases and race and/or ethnicity, some contend there are no differences in humans, that essentially you can’t have a disease effect a specific race or ethnicity, and certainly not ‘design’ or bio=weaponize an ailment targeting a specific race or ethnicity.

    Here’s some examples however of diseases linked to specific groups.

    Cystic fibrosis, the most common life-limiting autosomal recessive disease among people of Northern European heritage

    Sickle-cell anemia, most prevalent in populations with sub-Saharan African ancestry but also common among Latin-American, Middle Eastern populations, as well as those people of South European regions such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy

    Thalassemia, most prevalent in populations having Mediterranean ancestry, to the point that the disease’s name is derived from Greek thalasson, “sea”

    Tay–Sachs disease, an autosomal recessive disorder most common among Ashkenazi Jews, French Canadians of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Cajuns of Louisiana and Old Order Amish of Pennsylvania

    Hereditary hemochromatosis, most common among persons having Northern European ancestry, in particular those people of Celtic descent

    Hermansky–Pudlak syndrome, most common among Puerto Ricans

    etc… there are more examples, do your own research.

    These examples fly in the face of the politically correct crowd who think we are all equally prone to all human ailments. Well , wrong, ding,ding,ding


    Are USA military outposts immune
    Update (1820ET):
    Update (1815ET): Yonhap is reporting that the first case of coronavirus among a member of the South Korean military has been detected.

    That’s bad news, mostly because soldiers tend to live in crowded barracks, typically in close proximity to other soldiers.

    Dave Note

    Anthony Fauci was on PBS NewsHour last night.

    This reminded me of his earlier appearances there during the HIV outbreak. No one in corporate media is connecting the dots. No doubt to prevent panic and a Wall Street crash. He talks about the death rate being less than 2% because the denominator of unreported cases is actually larger. If my math is right, a 50% larger denominator lowers the mortality rate down to 1%. This is a cold virus that kills people. It will infect whole populations except for those who can isolate themselves long enough for the epidemic to burn itself out. That is 3.3 million elderly and susceptible Americans, 5.1 million Europeans or 13.6 million East Indians. Without a vaccine there are two options; avoid contact with the virus or survive the infection. This won’t wipe out towns like the black plague which is described really well in the SiFi novel “The Doomsday Book”. Hospitals will be overwhelmed. But no national quarantines like China. In the neo-aristocratic West vital employees will have report for work despite having no PPE to protect themselves. The elderly and the unlucky will be incinerated. Gone.

    By 2040 The Great Coronavirus Crash will be ignored as humans migrate to higher ground.

    V. Arnold

    More and more stupid human tricks: Collectively, something has happened to us. We’re broken; we no longer work; our critical thinking abilities are severely damaged; if they in fact ever actually existed…
    This is not a new condition; the Corona virus has just amplified and accelerated what’s been happening for decades.
    Your article/post is spot on Ilargi and pretty much lays it all out for any cognizant human to read…

    V. Arnold

    That graph of new cases fits an exponential very neatly;
    I = 2^n

    I = Infections
    ^ = raised to power of
    n = (Days/6) doubling every 6 days.

    If you had a cent on the first day of the month, 2 cents on the second day, 4 cents on the third day, 8 cents ……. etc (Doubling every day), you would have 10 million dollars after one month.

    Japan: 20th Feb 94 cases === 20th March 3200 Cases===20 April 70,000 cases.

    They are probably not too bothered by counting at this stage.


    South Korean Coronavirus Cases Explode After “Super Spreader” Event

    The defense ministry banned troops stationed in Daegu from leaving their barracks and receiving guests. The US military imposed similar restrictions on its army base in the city, which houses thousands of troops, family members and civilian employees, curbing travel and closing schools and child care centers.

    V. Arnold

    South Korean Coronavirus Cases Explode After “Super Spreader” Event

    So, it’s now indisputable; the world’s population is now under The Sword of Damocles…

    It would seem Glenjeff’s; That graph of new cases fits an exponential very neatly;
    I = 2^n; is operational…


    The SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) on rs17822931 can have a GG (guanine/guanine), a GA (guanine/adenosine), or AA (adenosine/adenosine). AA is the one I am interested in. Guanine is found in fish scales and guano. Adenosine is anti arrhythmic (given for heart abnormalities). These two are the “A” and “G” of GATTACA (think the 1997 movie), the other two being cytosine and tyramine. They are the building blocks of DNA. RNA uses cytosine, guanine, adenosine, and uracil.
    Koreans have the highest percent of the AA thing.
    If you want to say “wow, you have a WILD imagination!”, it won’t be the first time I have heard it.
    My apologies to the biochemists out there who recognize my mangled language (or understanding) of these things.
    If a common corona virus is mutating to be deadly to (what seems at this time) a particular group of people, it seems to make sense to look at this interesting marker.
    If one might want to call me crazy, I get that a lot, too.

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