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    Leonard Misonne Waterloo Place, London 1899   Let me start by saying I have nothing against the English newspaper The Guardian. They publish some
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    Is this just very very bad journalism, or is it something more? You be the judge. But beware that almost all of this stuff consists of insinuations. It’s an affront to journalism.

    How do we find the truth anymore? Have we effectively all been silenced?


    Let’s try some other descriptive words.



    Dr. D

    Speaking of words:

    “Nationalists”? You mean somebody who believes nations exist and have limits and obligations under international law? So who are these “non-nationalists” that are implied? By contrast, what do they believe in? Lack of nations, lack of limits, lack of obligations, or lack of laws?

    And I’m quite sure that the police needed that PTSD therapy in case their hamster is also killed by the Russians by a nerve agent with no antidote and that can kill a town. Or was it the Salisbury Police that killed it by not bothering to keep their pets fed and watered? The world may never know how the Skripal’s hamster died, but we’ll keep printing stories on it and licking that door handle. News at 11:00.

    V. Arnold

    Silenced? Effectively, yes, but literally? No.
    Ignored would probably be slightly more accurate.
    Possibly even more important than Assange, is Gina Haspel being appointed head of the CIA.
    The U.S. now considers itself above the law; all laws.
    Literally a rogue nation; very dangerous.


    U.K. secret services put the Guardian owners on notice when they last raided their offices. It’s more than reasonable to assume that the Guardian owners cut some sort of deal with them to poison public opinion about Assange and Wikileaks in addition to supporting other matters of British and U.S. interests.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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