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    John Martin The Fall of Babylon 1831     The Ukraine “war” narrative is changing. From the west/Kiev side, that is. They are trying to get W
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    Former Marine Brian gives a great overview of Nazilensky’s lastest psycho loser move in the Kharkov region.

    The Ukronazis are going to be annihilated just like the utterly failed Kherson ‘offensive’ (cough, cough)

    Nazilensky lost 10,000+ killed and more than twice that seriously wounded in Kherson.


    This so called counter attack by the Ukraine serves only one purpose. Kill a bunch more Ukrainians to try and temporarily change the mood in the west’s unreal virtual world.

    It does nothing to change the real world.

    Imagine trying to sell Wall Street hype. It is what Wall Street does best, repeatedly selling hype, like IPOs, to unsuspecting suckers!

    I can see Wall Street selling parts of the Ukraine it doesn’t own, to unsuspecting suckers. I can’t see Wall Street buying it’s own hype though!


    This is a couple of days old, and Andrei will undoubtedly make another in a few days.

    “BBC is British Bullshit Corporation”

    “The imbecility of this…they don’t understand the Russian industrial military complex.”

    “Thye make decisions on the basis of Hollywood [movies they have seen].”

    ‘Deceiving west and detached elites.’

    “…hurting their own people through incompetence.”

    “…they’re incompetent to such a degree that, at this stage….this isn’t just cultural or political or academic even, aspect, it’s psychiatric.”


    When you have an economy that is falling to pieces, bridges and roads that are falling to pieces, a drought that wrecks agriculture and impacts the capacity to generate electricity, a financial system that is falling to pieces and a totally corrupt government that is overseeing looting and grifting etc., and the only sector that makes short term profits of note (other than Big Pharma) is the military sector that produces military junk, you have to have a war to use up the junk so that more fiat money can be generated manufacturing and supplying more military junk.

    It started in 1939 and has now got to the point of being completely out of hand.


    It’s looking like UAF has recaptured more land area since Thursday than the what was taken by Russia since late April (the 2nd phase of the SMO).

    Unconfirmed, but Russian forces may have retreated from the Donetsk International Airport.


    Nazilensky just killed almost 20,000+ of his troops for nothing more than a short term PR blip as an excuse to launder billions more Western asswipe fiat and crappy weapons systems to keep the Ukronazi Grift going a little longer.

    What a dancing prancing monster

    Nazilensky reviewing the Cannonfodder


    Dr. D

    “Zelensky has vowed to retake all three regions,” …So he can murder the remaining 140,000 people he didn’t kill in the last 10 years. I’m sure these regions will happily sign on. I mean, they can be unwitting hamsters for Pfizer and tax cattle for Barclays.

    Well, I know what I’m fighting for. Why wait?


    The Ukrainian Russian war is much like the First World War because the Western and Russian, oligarch controlled, Empires are fighting to defeat each other and all have forgotten the lessons of WWII that mass mobilization and maneuver warfare wins wars.

    The propaganda on both sides is worse than by Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels in WWII.

    To win the war, the oligarchs on one side or the other will have to give up their war profiteering. That is not going to happen. Much more likely is the use tactical nuclear weapons to halt the invasion of Poland by Russia or Crimea by Ukraine. This will inevitably escalate to a global nuclear holocaust.

    ZeroHedge reports that the April Ukraine and Russia were near an armistice but Boris Johnson flew to Kiev to scuttle it. Victoria Nuland, architect of the 2014 Maidan Revolt, is reportedly in Kiev now. There are profits to be made from the war and the energy spot markets. The only country that is successfully combating the coronavirus pandemic is China. The rest of the world is letting the virus rip and the pharmaceutical industry is profiting from it. No matter how good the propaganda and surveillance are, if the war drags on for years, people who are hungry, cold, and have nothing to lose, will revolt like they did in 1917 — that is if the earth is still inhabitable for humans.


    Vietnam Veet

    Agree on most of that. The money-lenders want to keep the war going as long as possible. And they afre desperate to steal Russia’s resources.

    However, ‘The only country that is successfully combating the coronavirus pandemic is China.’

    I think you will find that numerous countries, most notably India, have got coronavirus under control via the use of Ivermectin, in conjunction with other cheap medications and vitamin supplements where needed. The wellness kit given to Indians cost around US$5, and that is bad news for the sickness industry of the west.

    I think you find that the lockdowns in China have more to do with social control in an economy partially starved of energy and lacking sufficient customers than anything to do with health.


    Dr D: “I mean, they can be unwitting hamsters for Pfizer and tax cattle for Barclays.”

    I think you meant mice, didn’t you? Like, 8 mice or something like that? 😉

    VV: “The only country that is successfully combating the coronavirus pandemic is China.”

    Huh? Agree with AFKTT’s push back on this. I’ll go a bit further … what pandemic [that China is combating] are we facing at this point?

    We’re heading toward 3 years into this. The “pandemic” (I’ve become uncertain what that term actually means) was over ages ago. And I’m in NY – the place they decided would be ground zero of this particular pandemic. I’m hoping they pick someplace else next time they need to launch this sh*t.


    @upstateNYer exactly (on China and pandemic)

    We have/can have no idea what’s going on wrt covid in China. Official sources get filtered twice – once through state-controlled media in China, and once through state-nudged media here in the west. I haven’t sought info on blogs or independent sources about China in a long time – takes a lot of time to research and double-check. Who knows what’s real or staged.

    I’ve heard two theories, equally plausible to me –
    One is that leaders must “save face,” very important in many far-east cultures. They said they would eradicate covid and they have to deliver, or more to the point be seen to deliver on that. Even if it means locking down and immiserating whole cities. Vids in late 2020 showed ppl recreating and celebrating the end of covid in Wuhan, they have to keep that up, even if it means going full Mao mode.

    The other theory is it’s a deliberate slowdown of economic activity. For a variety of reasons – perhaps to punish the west, or to cover up their financial bubble. Could be to prop up prices through scarcity (making cheap crap from Amazon more cost more) or punish the west (throw supply chains in turmoil.) The on/off lockdowns keep a lot of people occupied – medical ppl in hazmat gear running around, apps that keep you indoors or ring-fenced to a certain area. Keep ppl off-balance, so they are too busy trying to get groceries to care about what a hash the elites have made of things.

    It’s also possible the problem is genuine. Maybe China has nasty strains of rona they can’t get rid of.


    Above my pay grade.
    “thought to be non-inflammatory”

    Female 76, has had 3 shots. The Dr. claims that her sever pain is caused by inflammation of muscle cells. Calling it Polymyalgia rheumatica, PMR. Treating with prednisone and it works, it elliminates the pain.

    If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms of Polymyalgia rheumatica, seek medical attention immediately.
    The symptoms include:

    Pain in the shoulders
    Pain in the neck, upper arms, buttocks, hips
    Stiffness in the affected area
    Diminished range of motion
    Stiffness in the wrists, elbows and knees
    Loss of appetite
    The exact root cause of PMR is unknown. Genetics and environmental exposure are the factors involved.
    Genetic factors increases the susceptibility
    Environmental exposure come in cycles and develop seasonally. Environmental triggers such as viruses also play a role
    Giant cell arthritis shares similarities with PMR which is inflammation in the lining of arteries.
    The risk factors include:
    Ageing – Older people are at high risk
    Gender – Women are more prone than men
    If untreated for a prolonged period it may lead to

    Affecting ability to perform everyday activities
    Difficulty in getting out of bed, standing up from your chair
    Difficulty in bathing or combing hair
    Getting dressed being difficult
    Affects health and physical activity
    Social interactions are affected
    Sleep problems

    Development of peripheral arterial disease is a synthetic drug similar to cortisone, used to relieve rheumatic and allergic conditions and to treat leukemia.


    It has always been the sector that brings in large sums to the country’s budget. Even during the war, the IT industry brought the largest amount of money to the budget of all spheres. Since the IT market has a global scale and is aimed at working with foreign companies, it has no reference to the location of employees – now it is the top sphere, where you can send part of your income and not go bankrupt. Human Investing does not end there, and I would also invest in real estate. The payback on commercial real estate is two to three times higher than on residential real estate. It is possible to buy commercial real estate even in the historic center of the Ukrainian city at a discount.

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