Is the Answer in Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


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    It seems that so many of the problems around the world stem from corrupt Heirachial establishments, either government or corporations with communities all over the place feeling near powerless to do anything. However recall that government is supposed to be directed and run for and by the community. Clearly the problem is that Representative Democracy no longer represents the majority, but rather the minority of influential (wealthy) people and corporations. There is it seems already a plausible solution in what most countries have agreed to impose.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    are YOUR RIGHTS…. you should know them…. particularly
    Article 21….
    (1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly…………. or through freely chosen representatives.

    So if the representatives can no longer take care of the majority, then the option of Direct Democracy should be considered. The most critical aspect is how to TRANSITION TO A DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

    A simple way to start is to allow citizens to allocate their TAX dollar to issues they feel are important. Hence in some way directly controlling funds the government are spending. At the end of the day it is not so much about the money, but about the WILL of People to create an outcome through co-operation. All politics on this planet are based on a confict model, none are co-operative. Hence there is always massive waste in having a government and an opposition and generally the opposition does not co-operate with the government so everything takes much longer to resolve.

    I think that many of the issues all around the globe could be resolved in a much more amicable way if the community had a far stronger voice (or the only voice..).

    However it should be recognised that for the community to formulate sound decisions requires access to information and to some extent education, to allow an assessment of the information. Hence this is not an overnight fix, but requires a considerable time and a refocussing on the provision of sound education, and making it available to everyone without the burden of cost. Surely it makes sense for the community to support educating itself?

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