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    Russell Lee Vagabonds June 1939 “Veteran migrant worker and his wife camped in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. He has followed the road for about 30 years.
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    Hi Ashvin,

    The economic veneer over laying Debt Dollar Tyranny that systematically asset strips society for the benefit of the Debt Dollar Tyrants is working exactly as intended.

    Should it not work, “The Kennedy” is Plan B.


    Golden Oxen

    We have the best government money can buy.




    Yes, well, no capitalist industrial system can come close to surviving without asset stripping and aggregating/concentrating wealth from all corners of the globe. Once that reality is established, it is rather easy to form the intent for doing the asset stripping, and customize institutions (such as the Fed) to make it an uber-efficient process. It’s only a matter of survival! (for the few who benefit from the system… everyone else can die)



    Larry Edelson – The Great Betrayal of 2012

    The US$ doesn’t seem so secure after watching this! China is already No.1

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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