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    Lawrence Alma-Tadema Women of Amphissa 1887     Omicron is the best vaccine available. You can pick between BA.1 and BA.2. That allows us to
    [See the full post at: Omicron is the Best Vaccine]

    bill of rights

    Have you ever wondered how the new “warp-speed developed” corona vaccines were labeled 95% effective while time-tested flu vaccines are only considered 50% effective? I just read the FDA report ( and discovered it’s a statistical trick:

    1. 35,000 participants with no prior corona infection were divided into 2 equal groups. Half got the new drug and half got a placebo.

    2. 7 days after the 2nd dose was given, both groups were checked for a corona infection with the following results:

    a. 162 placebo participants were found to be infected. 99% were not infected.
    b. 8 drugged participants were found to be infected. 99.95% were not infected.

    3. The drug, therefore, improved protection from infection by almost 1%. Not 95%.

    The trial result was very disappointing for the drugmaker. No one would buy a drug – with all it’s unknown side effects – if it only reduces your risk of infection by 1%. But the drug maker was better at developing effective statistics than inventing effective drugs. He simply said: “Look here! Only 8 people who took our drug got infected compared to 162 who took the placebo. 8 is 95% less than 162. So our drug is 95% effective! Not 1%.”

    4. The government then purchased the 1% effective drug for nationwide distribution. Later on – even after the drugmaker admitted the drug really wasn’t as effective as originally claimed – the Supreme Court ruled that many of us must be terminated from our jobs if we don’t take it.

    5. 7 days is a short time to study the effectiveness of a new drug. So to make the study a lot more serious, the drugmaker wrote on page 40 of the report:

    “Participants are planned to be followed for up to 24 months, for assessments of safety and efficacy against COVID-19.”

    The drugmaker, however, corrupted their trial by encouraging the placebo group to take the new drug soon after the government approved it. Over 90% accepted the offer, thus invalidating any follow up comparison. Destruction of evidence so to say.


    This info needs to be repeated by all bloggers


    “ Still, if you combine vitamin D with zinc and perhaps IVM, your chances look much better than with 3-4-5-6 boosters. But, you know, if that’s what you want, go for it. Ditto for face masks, and lockdowns, etc. But with what we know today, there is no reason why anyone should dictate any of these things to you. You’re not any safer because of them.”


    Thanks Raul, a great essay.

    It’s great to see my contention “ go for it” if your personal analysis of your risk/benefit deem it worthwhile — but don’t force me to surrender my personal body autonomy for this “product” spelled out.


    Comprehensive investigations revealed consistent pathophysiological alterations after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines.

    Chinese study on Chinese (inactivated) Covid vaccine.

    Key Takeaways

    scRNA-seq revealed dramatic alterations in gene expression of almost all immune cells after vaccination

    Vaccination-induced inflammatory responses in monocytes

    Study suggests that in the short-term (1 month) after vaccination, a person’s immune system is in a non-privileged state, and may require more protection.


    these data suggested that after vaccination, at least by day 28, other than generation of neutralizing antibodies, people’s immune systems, including those of lymphocytes and monocytes, were perhaps in a more vulnerable state.


    Huff going nuclear. Copied Rogan too! Wonder who will end up on ice first.


    Swamp Rogan with requests to have Huff on his show.


    I think this is a first for us.



    This is why Professor Bhargava voiced her concerns in her blog on November 3, 2021: New studies from the British Health Ministry suggests that COVID vaccines might interfere with the ability of our immune system to produce antibodies against other parts of the virus, crucial aspect for developing cross protection The data agrees with her: it is showing the vaccines are producing negative efficacy and making our bodies more susceptible to being infected with other diseases including cancers and shingles..


    prev thread: “Italy’s Covid despotism just got worse.” – Mises Wire, link.

    Pure sadistic madness. I was in Italy in summer 21, with a Pass required all over, was covered by testing + bis repetita, possible at that time, and I was never checked, not once, public transport, pools, beach, bar, restaurant, museum, etc. But now? Idk.

    The article brings up good points re. the Gvmt.


    N. Italy is the European region that has the largest concentrations of Chinese ppl.

    They work in factories, have whole quarters to themselves (which tourists won’t see), and are massive biz *owners,* sub-contractors for much of ‘Lux’ industry (clothes, bags, shoes, etc.) Maybe > COV19 was more prevalent earlier, or > that the Italians were more frightened, or who knows. Moreover, there were mysterious infections in 2018, 2019 in N. Italy. (other story.)

    That EU countries all have some kind of NHS which ‘performs’ is often assumed. It used to be the case in Italy, but Berlusconi put an end to it by the simple measure of flipping health care to Regions, where because of tight local relations and power-circuits, and small territory (Balkanisation, say..) corruption, privatization, dodgy contracts, Mafia types, can creep in, as lack of oversight, control, etc.

    Glib corp-type description from top o’ Goog (link):

    The State is responsible for issuing general system guidelines, establishing work contracts, handling international relations and financing research hospitals. The 20 regions of Italy control the functioning of the health services within their areas of jurisdiction and finance independent hospitals. Finally, the local healthcare units provide daily management of services and finance public and private hospitals under contract with the regions. The remaining private hospitals are financed by their patients.

    Quite so.

    Lastly, Italy is the country that is occupied the most heavily by foreign forces (USA) according to some, others will opine it is Germany, I guess it depends how you count, the ‘real’ info is hard to come by.. Italy, Germany, Austria (“Anschluss”) are all doubling down on repressive measures. I don’t want to make too much of that, as there is a wide variation hard to dope out..


    Thanks for this post. It lists the problems ignored or actively censored the MSM – (brought to your by Pfizer. )


    I’m following Malone on Gettr now that twitt has blacklisted him.
    McCullough is on Gettr, too.

    those darned kids

    so many of my music students (and their families!) have been triple poked. now, they are all sick. some of them badly so.

    yet, not a single one has ever said, “¿so why did i get vaccinated?”

    i would be furious after all the trouble and hype, yet nada..


    All health problems are caused by old age
    Especially, Thinking. Hearing, sight, Humour .

    those darned kids

    raúl: excellent work. thank you.

    chooch: at first, i thought dr. huff had posted a recipe for bat soup. most people i talk to still believe the zoonotic origin tale.

    Polder Dweller

    My experience with Omicron.

    Back in March 2020 I caught the original (and best!) Wuhan variant. For me it was basically a cold, I felt very tired and had a resting heart rate over 100. My wife was worse, with a fever which lasted six days and the classic loss of smell. She got “vaccinated,” I didn’t.

    A few weeks back, my youngest daughter (“vaccinated”) came to stay. Her boyfriend (“vaccinated”) wasn’t feeling well but had self-tested negative. That evening he phoned to say that he had just tested again and this time he was positive. The next morning my daughter woke up with a sore throat. She tested herself and it was negative. My other daughter (“vaccinated”) came over and we all had lunch together. The next day my youngest daughter tested again and it was positive. The day after, I drove her to the test centre (15 minutes each way) and she got the official positive test. The following day I drove her home to be with her boyfriend in Rotterdam, they were both officially sick, so they might as well be together. That was 45 minutes in the car with her and I also stayed half an hour to have a cup of tea with them before returning home.

    Two days later my other daughter called to say that both she and her boyfriend (“vaccinated”) had just tested positive and that she must have caught it from her sister. Her boyfriend got Omicron quite badly with fever and a bad cough. My wife and I were just fine, though.

    So, in conclusion I assume that protection due to previous infection is long-lasting. I have been taking 3000 IU of D3 each day and my wife just a generic multivitamin. I reckon that that’s most likely enough to stop most people from getting a bad case of Omicron.


    then there’s that ol’ dog that didn’t bark..

    Polder Dweller

    Meanwhile the government insists my wife get boostered to keep her privileges (like going to a restaurant or cinema) and I get jabbed at least twice to get mine back and the EU says the same if I and my wife want to travel later this year. Like that makes any kind of sense.


    There’s no way to prove it..
    . covid19 or the vaccine must use/kill critical thinking brain cells

    blues surfer

    BC all cause mortality shows there never was a “pandemic” and vaccines made it worse:.

    (Heat dome deaths for 2021 are only about 1.5%)

    I imagine similar data can be found for most places.

    blues surfer

    all cause mortality


    It seems premature to me to say “Omicron is the Best Vaccine”. Didn’t that variant™ just show up a couple of months ago, and is the available data about it (or anything, regarding Covid-19) really to be trusted ?

    Hoping the “leave me alone! ” variant shows up soon..

    blues surfer

    Oops, still trying figure out how to post an image…

    From the link above, if one clicks on the ‘Top 15 Causes of Death’ tab, one can see covid sits at # 8, hardly justification for an “emergency”

    can add Health cough cough officials to the list of the lying liars who lie


    Bill7 I’m with you. Leave me alone.
    Great summary Raul. I have a lot to say but typing so slow with left hand.
    I have been exposed to soooo many covid pos people in the last few months including large events. Never got sick at all.
    Well at least not mentally. That condition rolls on.
    Here are the lyrics to my latest song.

    Fm7 Gm7 C7 (G bass)
    Bb, Ab, Cm
    Intro (4 bars)
    Verse1 (12 bars)
    Government loves me like lion loves lamb Like Lion loves lamb
    Run rabbit does read while sheep but leave their heads in sand
    Government grips me like needle wrapped glove ask me too much
    Pre- (4 bars)
    Government gittin’ up inmy face they just trashin’ the place crash our party just wastersssss
    Chorus (8 bars)
    Government Loves Me, Government Loves
    Government Loves Me – Like Vampires ‘n’ blood (x 2)
    Verse 2 (8 bars)
    Government hates me I’m tryin’ ta stand I’m tryin’ ta stand
    They got boots for my face but my feet will stand my feet will stand.
    Chorus 2 (8 Bars)
    Government Loves Me, Government Loves
    Government Loves Me – Like Vampires ‘n’ blood (x 2)
    Bridge (8 bars)
    The fourth turning spurnin’ books they’re burnin’
    Like witches, I’m learning V Vendetta my sermon PREACH!
    A muzzled man yearning for his right ta choose his words and what it’s worth
    it’s freedom first I got a thirst but they’re the worst
    They the sell-out I’m the yell out, Come on chant get the hell out.
    Gotta start again anew Beurocracy is through
    What ta do? What to do? Starts with me and you cut the blood supply and make it die
    Oligarchs too
    Chorus 2 (8 Bars)
    Government Loves Me, Government Loves
    Government Loves Me – Like Vampires ‘n’ blood (x 2)

    Michael Reid

    Masks don’t work.
    Lockdowns don’t work.
    The genetic injections incorrectly called vaccines were never needed and cause enormous damage.

    The damage seen so far from my perspective resembles the tip of an iceberg with much more to be exposed and subjected to.


    Michael Reid . 100% agree. The damage to the social fabric is huge too. I have never been so broken-hearted about my fellow Australians as I am now and I trust the body-politic so little it leaves me with slight despair and a desire to withdraw.


    latest from el gato malo
    there is no one you can trust with something as big as your access to discourse and to commerce.

    and so we must evolve to systems that do not require trust.

    we must move to the new internet, the decentralized internet, the public square that is owned by no one, controlled by no one.

    let’s render the very idea of censorship and of the interruption of consensual commerce anachronistic, for freedom lies in self reliance, not in convoluted permission.

    if we do not take this power into our own hands, ever shall it be wielded over us by others.

    today is just the start of that oppression and suppression.

    you’re getting a look at where that road leads.

    do you really want to follow it any further?

    it’s time to make a new way.


    OK Boomer!


    There is no doubt that humans have cognitive bias. Mine is that I could not have been holed up at home (except for going out public once) for two years for nothing. The impact of the pandemic is very real. Although hyped to spread fear; almost a million Americans have died early with COVID-19. It is also clear that the pharmaceutical/medical — corporate/state fiefdom mercenaries have a vested interest in saying “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” which is a lie. They are a type of gene therapy that causes heart inflammation in young males and are only effective in preventing severe symptoms for several months. The “vaccines” do not prevent transmission or infection by SARS-CoV-2 virus. There is also wide spread cognitive bias among those responsible for the death and chronic illnesses. This is what the propaganda and censorship are hiding.

    Identity politics has grabbed a hold of the vaccine mandates to further divide and rule Western populations. Canada’s Freedom Convoy is one result. Western society will have been permanently broken apart by neoliberalism if we cannot discard the mandates immediately, right now, because the mandates do not work with the non-sterilizing mRNA vaccines.

    I cannot let pass the idea that public health measures (which have proven to work over the centuries) failed. They didn’t. They are working in China, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and Western Australia. Quarantines, contact tracing, ventilation, air filtration, masking and social distancing , all together, work but cause economic disruption, cost lots of money, require public health workers, and a society that helps each other. The West’s dismantled national governments are too corrupt and incompetent to do proper quarantines. The only intent of the half-ass lockdowns and fear mongering was to exploit untermenschen to make more money for the rich by keeping hospitals open and increasing the number of injections. It worked.

    “Omicron is the Best Vaccine” is a hope, a prayer. The people who let coronavirus variants sweep across the world four times already are still in power in the West.


    Justin Trudeau vows to break Biden’s record for consecutive days hiding in the basement

    Justin Trudeau vows to break Biden’s record for consecutive days hiding in the basement

    Two days into his courageous, self-imposed quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, the triple vaccinated Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, vowed to remain in hiding for “as long as it takes” to break Joe Biden’s record.

    “I know there are legions of angry truckers out there rampaging across our capital city. But right now my highest duty as Prime Minister is to remain in my basement and watch PornHub.”

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