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    Dorothea Lange Arkansas flood refugee family near Memphis, Texas 1937 This is a story I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, at least two full we
    [See the full post at: Refugees Expose Europe’s Lack Of Decency]


    Hard to read, not because of the writing, but because of the content.

    I see dark, very black, times ahead as ever more countries build fences, walls, moats and whatever they believe can stop the inevitable migration from nations depleted by seemingly endless years of western capitalism. Here, in the US, we have “the Donald” leading the way, totally misunderstanding the nature of the influx of “illegals.” He believes that we can keep them out with a fence, and yet with nothing left to return to, all of their resources and capital having been stolen by banksters and assorted capitalists’ imposition of “shock” to their homelands, these refugees will go over, under, around, and eventually through the fences and walls. In the meantime, there will be carnage and death as people who only care about the life of unborn fetuses demonstrate that it is, indeed, only the corporation that is important.

    How apt that the party of capital should find itself headed by Trump.

    risa bear

    I agree with Zap.

    If I were Europe, which I am not, I would look to the CCC model (which helped save my dad’s sharecropper family in the 1930s) and invite all able-bodied and willing refugees to work on infrastructure projects and the like, as well as to form crews to train as first responders and aid workers for typhoons, earthquakes, eruptions, wildfires, floods, pandemics and tsunamis. With a guarantee of care for their families who are integrating into a new society in the meanwhile.

    Imagine crawling out of the wreckage of your flattened village in the Philippines and meeting someone in an orange vest, who says, in effect “Hi, I’m here to clean up and hand you food and water, and I’m originally from Syria, so I Know What You Are Going Through.”

    I’d also be looking into teaching and enabling the Worker-owned Cooperative model, and be thinking about all those abandoned villages in Spain.

    But, I’m not Europe, am I?


    Where is that “refugee” travel agency when you need it?
    Most of the refugees have a destination in their travel plans.
    I don’t think that its the same as your all-inclusive vacation package.


    First, a heartfelt essay. You use “Migrants” at the point where the photo of 17,000 victims is displayed; I’m sure you meant to use “refugees.” You do not mention the USA as the biggest political cause of these desperate refugees. As an American, I’m shocked and shamed by the consequences of my nation’s actions around the globe.


    danb, that was the text that came with the picture.

    Various EU countries are as guilty as the US of what goes on. if only for blindly following.

    We suffer from institutions that ‘govern’ too many people in too large areas. EU, US, IMF, NATO, you name ’em. The kind of power in these institutions draws in the exact wrong kind of people.

    It’s the supranational disease, or the globalization one. The US is kind of supranational too. Too big for democracy to function.


    Ilargi; I’m so sorry about your mother’s situation.

    I’ve been through it with both my parents. My mother’s death was not so bad; there was time for the family to come, and they were prescribing enough morphine for the pain. I actually decreased her morphine, so she was no longer hallucinating, and she could recognize us; that worked well.

    My father was a very different story; and it might possibly be of use in your mother’s case. At the age of 92, he found himself rather permanently hospitalized, with the knowledge all around that there really was nothing more the doctors could do for him.

    His mental function was still solid, however, and he in essence pulled his own plug. He announced to nurses, doctors, and family that as of now, he was refusing all medication, oxygen support; anything. The nurses and doctors are not likely to resort to force to get medication down; and they didn’t want to; they understood. In less than a day, he was gone.

    If there’s anything there your mother could use, I’ll be glad.

    One tactic I found useful in my mother’s case – give orders exactly like you are a senior doctor. They’ll jump to do whatever you direct – and only after ask “who authorized this?” I was shameless; there is no defense against the fait accompli- nurses and orderlies shake their heads and go to the next emergency.


    Raúl, very sorry to hear about your mom. Both my parents are gone and there is nothing really that I can say to help you, other than that I care and my thoughts are with you.

    You’re absolutely right about Europe and N. America. We need to take back our societies and govern ourselves.

    Un abrazo,


    Screw you. Why is it only ever considered OK to invade and change the culture of a country that is caucasian?

    Yes the EU is a P.O.S. No chit!

    But as for the illegal aliens / migrants / invaders……..they should be shipping them immediately back to where they came from. The word needs to get around they need to fix their own culture and not come screwing up someone elses.

    But then we all know you liberals love illegal aliens. You want to topple the vote over to your direction by hook or by crook…..emphasis on crook.

    So in summary go look up “moral vanity” in the dictionary. You will find your picture next to it. SCREW YOU


    As you can see above hard attitudes are hardly just a European problem. As a general thing I doubt that any people at any time or any place in human history have had much tolerance for outsiders moving in. In the US as the frontier ended and the industrial revolution took hold at the same time that Europe was seeing the death throws of monarchies and the old order waves of immigrant flowed to the US and each group in their turn was disliked or hated. Italians, Irish, Germans somewhat, Poles and Slavs and Jews of various origins found themselves subject to dislike to distrust to hatred but the US had no quotas or bans as to the origin of immigrants until 1921. There was a blanket ban on Chinese immigration passed in 1882.

    The current flood into Europe now is chiefly the direct result of the collapse of nations such as Libya, Syria and its vicinity, where the US and NATO decided that regime change was desirable so we helped bring in the bastard cousins of the Saudi version of Islam, jihadis, to do the job. Freeing their people from Qaddafi and Assad so they could enjoy the freedom of anarchy. No surprise they don’ like it.

    In the bigger picture as economies and states devolve more and more people will be on the move. Such is the certain outcome of this time in history and the specific political circumstances in each case can make for satisfying exercises in blame but in the end it’s bound to happen as economies and states devolve. The actors in each place simply playing their parts and in each case the migrants/refugees are going to find precious little succor.

    It needs mention the US has the vast oceans to ward off mass movements in and the steady flow north has already reversed. More Mexicans have left the US than have entered the last 6 years. Not that you could guess it by the latest frenzy about immigration in US politics. Wherein politicians and their fans devote themselves to the symptoms of all the things they can’t or won’t understand about the world now. With the US thus protected from mass movements it actually serves the interests of our elites to have the rest of the world descend into chaos. Spreading chaos is in fact a tactic that has been adopted to keep the US #1. If we can no longer rise in absolute terms or even rise at all then we can help insure all other places decline faster and so we will still be #1.


    Hi Raúl, sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she has as easy leaving from this world as possible.
    Speaking of immigrants or refugees, asylum seekers I can not agree. The ordinary citizens of EU DO NOT HAVE any responsibility for what is happening in Africa or Middle East. Yes we voted for our politicians (who do not do what they should do which is everywhere the same) but I would put full responsibility mainly on US government and NATO. These two organizations should be outlawed. Now we see only the consequence in Mediterranean of what they do every day – killing innocent people and destroying countries. Europe is simply not ready for this amount of people not only by cultural change that is for sure gonna change the Europe but also because of finances. I am Czech citizen but I would like to see our country as it is without hate and racism. I do not want to see my country as France, UK, Holland and other countries are where everyone is pretending that all is ok but around the corner is swearing at muslims, etc. Yes, I am for help to those people but with stopping all the wars and helping them in their own countries to rebuild their homes, factories, agriculture and all of if what our monster armies (we people did not vote for the wars) destroyed.

    Ken Barrows

    A part of this debacle can be laid at the feet of the incompetent Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State during the Libyan campaign of 2011.



    My heart goes out to you in regards to the life journey of your Mother. It is never easy to witness a loved one’s passing.

    The world seems to be suffering from an even greater lack of compassion than usual lately. That is probably to be expected as everything begins to decline. Not a very pleasant future, I’m afraid.

    John Day

    Thank You, Ilargi,
    Dealing with the emotional drain, the compassion, and sometimes anguish, accepting it into one’s heart, is the heroic way.
    Bless you and bless your Mom.


    Whether they are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants depends on the deal they get. I have always wondered why Honduran hurricane refugees or El Salvadorean civil war asylum seekers are still here, in the US, decades after the hurricane or civil war has ended. Not very polite of a guest to whom you offered shelter to decide they will stay in the spare bedroom forever.

    That is the situation Europe faces. These people come with their well rehearsed sob stories claiming ‘asylum’ but everyone knows they are not going to go back to Somalia or Eritrea or Syria or wherever once they get their third world hineys into Sweden or Germany. Better to destroy someone else’s homeland than build your own and these people are world class experts in destroying homelands.


    Automatic Earth Blog summary for all you who want to save some time:

    -1- Globull Warmer. Believe the oil companies fairy tail to create artificial scarcity of their product.

    -2- Open borders / invasions for you white countries because well everyone’s culture but yours matters.

    Won’t be back here on AEB much. You don’t have much to offer at base. I’ve tried reading you for a while but it’s a no go.

    For those of you still wanting to save time I recommend ZeroHedge. And when you see this authors articles syndicated onto ZH …….skip the article.

    Dr. Diablo

    No doubt Lord F is gone, but “only ever considered OK to invade and change the culture of a country that is caucasian?” Um, who invaded and spent Trillions (now no exaggeration) to change the culture and/or borders of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and to a lesser extent, Serbia, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey (via Kurdistan)? Considering there are 3 million refugees from Syria and Ukraine alone, I think the Caucasians are getting the better half of it. …And after clearly and openly starting it. You can’t really say that the war in Libya didn’t boomerang on Italy and France, both of which gleefully supported destroying all those non-Caucasian countries when it started. If the Caucasians don’t want someone invading and changing their home culture, maybe they shouldn’t spend trillions impoverishing and bombing non-Caucasians worldwide.

    Jenda — you would outlaw the US government? How would you do that? Would we be a failed state with no government, or offer regime change? Nevertheless, point taken.

    All the people from all these countries can take care of themselves, and like most people would proudly stay home and be Syrians, Egyptians, Serbians or whatever, improving their home state one household at a time. Africa more than has means to grow their own food and settle their own business, never bothering outside of their enormous continent, larger than the US, China, and Russia combined. They would. BUT. But other nations come in by force, demand Western/European agricultural methods that don’t work, western cultures that don’t fit, and western economic and political structures that are failed. And it’s not an accident. It destroys these states politically, economically and socially to get cheap chromium, copper, oil, rubber, and other commodities and always has. It’s colonialism or neo-colonialism. Then after robbing them, they ask why they ain’t rich. If you don’t want them on the road as desperate highwaymen, maybe you should rob them and burn their village. Karma is like that; causes have effects, like science.

    What to DO about it is another issue, but at very least we should name the primary cause, because I bet if you stopped bombing and robbing them they WOULD be happy to go back home and stay there, saving Europe a heap of trouble and expense.

    Don’t kill your neighbors. Hey, it’s so easy a caveman could do it.



    1. US government behaves as a criminal organization. Since 2nd WW became the monster of the monsters. There is no need mentioning all US interventions (today more than 50) not only in Americas but Africa, Asia, etc. and it does not have to be a direct intervention with troops. Economic intervention does nearly the same job as troops with guns. Being the US citizen I would probably give up my passport today. (believe me, USA once was an idol of mine 🙂 )

    2. Help to all immigrants, etc. YES, but in their countries. Immediately stop all the wars (specially for USA very difficult to accept since it needs cheap everything) and help to rebuild their countries. Because if not, what number of immigrants can we receive? We (CZ) already have a half a million unemployed people, thousands of homeless, single mothers with kids on state help, etc. How come Brussels is planning practically opening the borders when no strategic plan is made? Schools, hospitals, housing all these things have to be created for these people and from where can we take the finances for that (a middle class tax payer)? Then a cultural differences that are far more difficult to get over. Simply if we do not act quickly to stop immigration in such a levels we will collapse. Sometimes it seems to me all this is planned for some reason: low paid jobs and further impoverishing of middle classes, votes for politicians, destroying nations as we know them, making society weak to be unable to protect itself from corporations and corrupted politicians and many more. Immigration will only speed up the process of collapse that is coming soon I guess, when I see the world of today.

    3. Czechs never had any colonies, never occupied any territories in the last 400 years, never dealt with slaves, never attacked any other country and never did any atrocities towards other populations. We should not feel guilty then in comparison with British, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italians, US, etc. for our past. Because as I hear often what the colonists used to do in the past in their colonies now are receiving in the form of unwanted immigration.


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