Reminder: China is Still on the List of Things NOT "Priced In"


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    “Relaxing it’s tightening policy”…nice. Looks to me like the chinese officials are not not that worried about inflation…after all, we’re only talkin about .02 pct a month decline in price for 4 months…and they reverse policy?


    this indicates chinese officials are not concerned with inflation. .2% price decrease for 4 months is not alarming.  so they are “relaxing property tightening measures”?  looks like abrupt policy reversal to me.

    Golden Oxen

    The Chinese have urged their citizens to buy gold as a savings and monetary instrument, unlike the absurd US and Britain which constantly demean it as an item for fools. This fact ensures that China will choose the inflation route over chaos. They will survive the inflation and we will not. Watch for the problems you see arising in China to happen inside your own country. How many Chinese have a five thousand dollar balance on their credit card and zero savings??


    I am wondering about the effect of access to Iranian oil in a period of time when Iranian oil is being denied to other economies.

    It seems that China has made it clear that they would not be a part of the embargo nonsense currently being applied. That leaves China a clear field and perhaps lower relative prices for access to oil supplies.

    I am curious to see how this will play out and what effect it will have if it comes to pass.


    Ashvin, what I would love to see addressed is the unison by which all US stock markets are moving. Financial and energy indices are identical. How can this be? Virtually all of the charts look the same. Market movements seem to be completely technically driven, not fundamentally driven.


    Successful Chinese Emigrating to West in Droves

    “These people long to live in a constitutional state that would protect them from the party’s whims. And they want to enjoy their wealth in countries where it’s possible to lead a healthier life than in China, which often resembles one giant factory, with the stench and dust to match.”

    Interesting…But what about “legendary investor” Jim Rogers hauling his kids off to China to grow up and be educated there?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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