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    Edward Hopper Approaching a city 1946     On September 26, 2021, I posted the Spartacus letter in its entirety, because I thought it was too
    [See the full post at: Spartacus Returns]

    John Day

    Scroll down to:
    What do DARPA want with our brains?

    Y’all know the rest, already.


    Holy shit! It’s even worse than a prophet of doom such as myself would’ve dared imagine.


    RE: What do DARPA want with our brains?

    I follow the logic of what’s presented in that section. Am open to the possibility. Thankfully I did not get swabbed or jabbed during the recent 2 years; however, it appears like it may not matter.

    Not time for WHY questions or musings. How to REVEAL the agenda – and to stay UN-ALTERED (if that is even possible). How to PROTECT what can be protected?

    Today’s art – Edward Hopper Approaching a city 1946, just happens to capture the essence of impending doom perfectly.

    D Benton Smith

    What he said. In other words, I think Spartacus has got it exactly right. Beyond what Spartacus said lies the realm of spiritual truths, and that discussion is between you and God, with a lot of help from your friends, hopefully.


    Aw, geez- they’re only trying to help the blind to see!
    Think of the money we’d save on prisons!


    I return your attention to the 2018 documentary “The Minds of Men”. Remember the poor cockroach with an antenna sticking out of its head, never having to make any hard decisions …a perfectly happy insect. That could be you!


    Why do you think Spartacus and Co. needs to remain anonymous?

    So Covid attacks the blood to get to the lungs?


    D Benton Smith


    My scientific wild assed guess (SWAG) is that they have ultra strict bureaucratic procedures for processing the paperwork, which enforces an unnatural and perfectly regulated rise and fall of the stats.


    That’s a vaccinator asking the question on a vaccinator twitter feed. At least some are getting curious.

    V. Arnold

    Wow! Very thorough…
    Thanks Ilargi…


    Great article. The description of how Covid works was very enlightening as was the bit on military use of nanotechnology.

    I know that the military is often ten years ahead of civilian development, but I am still so-far uimpressed by their nanotech and suspect that any real mind control is a long way off. Disruption of brain signals – as demonstrated in fruit flies – is fairly undestandable and used to be done with electric shock treatments.

    Fine tuned control over a person’s brain is a completely different thing altogether and seems to me to be a long, long way off. For a start, consider how many nodes you would need to have in the brain to improve a person’s control over movement – I am sure it would be a very high number – in which case you need to be able to address each one or at least small groups. How would you identify all of those nodes? The device would require a basic processor that could act as a basic state machine. There is no indication of how this could work.

    The fruit flies are using analogue signalling, so you you cannot specify which transducer to activate and which to not activate – all or nothing. This is the equivalent of connecting an electical cable to the fly – electric shock therapy. The transducer is converting a magnetic signal into a current, so very basic, no processing, no transducer specific signalling etc.

    My guess is that the next generation of semi-conductors, the technology that takes us to sub-nanometer size can probably do this, they can probably put a processor on 10nm device and will require so little energy that they can be driven remotely but still, the problem of signalling is not an easy one to overcome given that the lower power the device, the lower power the radio signal, the shorter the range. For this reason I suspect that they will initially require a helmet to drive and read the system.

    Of course, people in all militaries will be looking for ways to eradicate such nano-devices from their staff, you do not want a nanodevice in somebody attending a top secret meeting, so there has to be a war of counter measures, methods to clean out such devices from your system. In my opinion this is all a long way away.

    If it was possible now, wouldn’t they have instructed Putin to surrender?

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