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    Konstantinos Polychronopoulos On Lesbos (Mytilini) 2016 Monday morning I started to write a -long overdue, I know, and I apologize- article on what’s
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    “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Those “circumstances” are brought about by a criminal debt-money banking cartel that preys upon a nescient / ignorant society because the media in that society will not expose the root cause. In fact, they run interference for them, effectively protecting them from the sanitation that would come from sunlight.
    As an example in the US, many believe it is commendable to support economic immigrants that come to the US and, in many ways it is. Good intentioned people consider this type of work to be “good work,” and it is, to an extent. But MLK, Jr. exposed the flaw in this thinking…
    It is like helping your neighbor’s rape victims while never bothering to expose him as a rapist, SO HE CAN CONTINUE RAPING NEW PEOPLE. But think of all the people you get to feel good about helping, right?
    NO! That’s a sick perspective. The right perspective IS TO EXPOSE THE ROOT CAUSE and eliminate it.

    Monetary education should be paramount, with specific stress on the fraud inherent in societal impoverishing debt-money monetary systems. If I explained it to MLK, Jr. he would have gotten it and told the world… that’s why he was dangerous and had to be eliminated. He wasn’t willing to be “controlled opposition.”
    Anyone selling people on the idea of helping victims while “protecting the rapist” is doing a disservice to humanity.
    Oh, and blaming the assaults on the gardener the rapist hires doesn’t count as exposing the “root cause.”
    PROPERLY identify the bad guys, come hell or high water, or you are protecting the bad guys and your good deeds pale in comparison to your most effective lie of all – omitting WHO is orchestrating the hell on Earth that requires the help in the first instance.

    Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

    Poverty – Debt is **NOT** a choice

    How to Be A Crook

    Renaissance 2.0 – Debt-Money Monopolist EMPIRE

    Helping rape victims is good work. Protecting rapists by not exposing them is wickedness, regardless of the rationalization used.


    I need to clarify my previous post. The original analogy was to a rapist/victims scenario instead of a criminal/victims scenario. I changed everything except the last the sentence, that’s why the “rapists” reference comes “out of the blue.” My apologies. This can be corrected on the “back end” (with this note being deleted) or left as is.

    John Day

    Hi Ilargi,

    I just sent $100 (even) via PayPal, but should have sent $99.99, and just thought of it after the fact.
    Can you give that to the Social Kitchen, please?


    John Day


    of course, John. thanks


    Apropos of nothing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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