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    Arthur Rothstein “Quack doctor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” May 1938 Isn’t it fun to just watch the market numbers roll by from time to time as you go a
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    Food is the more likely source of a big war.

    I’m confident Russia will get through this. It has all the food and energy resources it needs, and it’s underpopulated. If Putin can mobilize the old collective instinct (which predates Marx) to strengthen industries and agriculture, Russia will be fine. They know how to be self-sufficient.

    China is the real problem. It doesn’t have all the resources it needs, and it’s overpopulated. It has two distinct colonial empires: One in Africa to get food, and one in America to sell cheap crap.

    China thus depends crucially on currency exchange and long-distance shipping. Anything that disrupts those two factors could cause big problems for everybody.

    John Day

    The Global Recession is dropping the bubbled-up market-value of liquid fuel.
    The bankers are itchy to make their move, as are the militarists, and military capitalists, and powerful transnational criminals with tentacles in everything.
    All of that hate, greed and fear has very itchy trigger-fingers.
    Grow a kitchen garden. Ride a bike. Love.

    Golden Oxen

    Many claim we will have a QE4 soon because of the problems described in the article.

    It has become much to complicated for me to have an opinion, other that to remark it appears that the Fed has no real long term plan and is reacting to current events as they happen.

    This “Data Dependent” line always used gets me. What is she going to do when the data tells her the world economy is in collapse due to the strong dollar?

    How does her silly 2% inflation target fit into this??

    Most of the big S&P 500 are dependent for over half their sales and earnings in these markets. What is she going to do when their earnings collapse, as well as the stock market?

    Nothing adds up anymore, and throw in the collapse of the fracking bubble and it’s effects on the economy and it becomes total confusion.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Ilargi: I just finished reading the comments at ZeroHedge and I’m now feeling a little sick inside for a couple of reasons.

    First, they only gave your article one star. Second, they never explained why. As with so many ZH articles these days, the comments section resembled a room full of screaming adolescent chimps. Chimps or chumps, take your pick.

    Ilargi, if you have any idea what their objection(s) might have been, or what their problem is, I’d appreciate hearing it. I’m at an absolute loss to explain this. I give your article five stars, and your second-to-last paragraph six (on a scale of five). I really don’t think I’m the one missing something here.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Hold on, it was one star when I wrote that. Here, five minutes later it’s showing three. Projecting out across the next five minutes, maybe my faith in mankind will finally be restored. (I say that tongue-in-cheek, as my faith in mankind was lost a very long time ago.)

    John Day

    Hi Diogenes,
    You should always shrug at the ZH comments section, really.
    The stars are just the aggregate of what individuals signed on give, and it changes quickly at first. You can set up the comments section to read in various orders, too.
    Here is something excellent from Pepe Escobar on the implications of that “New Silk Road” Eurasian integration project. The first 1800 mile train line is up and running, and about to shift the global power structure.
    It may be a lot of why the “Empire of Chaos” is behaving so desperately lately. Wars, economic sanctions, bullying, Secretly negotiated trade agreements where global multinationals rule… Russia is a lynchpin in all this, and seemingly easier to attack overtly than China. It looks like the days of the empire are waning, but opening up with Tommy-guns in the casino is still an options. …sigh…

    Diogenes Shrugged

    John Day, thanks, I didn’t realize.

    The Escobar article needed a map:

    If China would just accept tires in exchange, Spain would recover quickly:

    China appears to be going places, but then, they also build ghost cities. Not that China has a monopoly on foolishness, though:

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