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    Gordon Parks A scene at the Fulton Fish Market, New York Jun 1943 In his 1944 play Huis Clos (loosely yet officially translated as No Exit, or Closed
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    Diogenes Shrugged

    From today’s essay:

    “… and make sure our adaptation to climate change gets organized on a one man one vote, instead of a one dollar one vote basis?”

    Ilargi: By “one man one vote,” are you calling for a referendum on carbon taxes? Or by “one man one vote” are you saying that scientific conclusions should be derived through popular consensus?

    It’s certainly understandable that you can’t find the time to watch every long video recommended to you. I linked an hour-long Italian documentary a few days ago with a statement expressing my vindication on the subject. I’m linking it again today and asking you please to watch just five minutes of it, between 48:45 and 53:30.

    “Global warming” appears to be real, but the cause is not carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the cover for the real cause, which is chemtrails. If you’re not acquainted with this subject, I know it sounds incredible. But truth be told, you who continue to beat the carbon dioxide drum are the deniers. You’re denying the true cause of global warming.

    You’re unwittingly (and for the moment, forgivably) embracing the elitist scammers, their tax schemes, and their politicization of science. This is antithetical to the other goals expressed by TAE. Five minutes is all I ask.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    And if you really have a surplus of time on your hands, four minutes of this video beginning at 11:00 should at least show you that I’m in good company with what I’m telling you here.


    I watched the indicated 5 minutes. They make a good case for chemtrails, as if it were even needed. But it did little to make the case that they are an agent of climate change.

    Far more likely, they are getting ready for a huge biological war. I’m not sure how it will play out. One way would be to spray a biological agent over all major population centers using the refined chemtrail technology. Then they say, ‘come in and get your vaccine, and bring in all your guns for safekeeping, and maybe your gold, silver, etc. We’re only doing this to root out the terrorists’.

    The idea that spraying chemicals over 1/100th of 1% of the world’s surface could cause climate change seems far fetched. Rarely do you see large chemtrails over rural areas.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Pipefit: good points.

    I’m personally not convinced that significant climate change is going on in the first place, nor swayed over whether it’s heating or cooling. There are several possible explanations for why they’re spraying, all nefarious (explaining the extreme secrecy over something we can all look up and see with our own eyes). The case for chemtrails causing global warming is better detailed elsewhere. Sorry I can’t supply a 5-minute clip that adequately answers all possible questions.

    Thanks for watching.

    I found this 30-second clip to be rather amusing:

    Doc Robinson

    Back on topic
    Re: The Meaning of Your Life is Other People

    Excerpt from The Dark Mountain Blog, 28 December 2014,
    by Andrea Hejlskov


    After I quit social media my whole way of thinking has changed. As have my reading habits. What kind of author doesn’t read any books? Well, me for one. I read social media instead. I dove right into it, head first. I wanted to read *you*. But somehow it all got corrupted, somehow the deep human need for connection and communication got distorted. We were bought and sold. We were manipulated. Social media has become a weapon and they took away that which could have saved us.

    …I might be weird and I might be angry about society (it’s an evil empire, run!) but you know why I write? Why I didn’t just turn my back on everything and engaged with ‘the simple life’, so pure, spiritual and whole?

    Because I’m still into you.

    I always was. Even Thoreau and Abbey were. We all were. Always.


    I believe this to be the true challenge of our day and age. The age of individualism and egoism is over. We know this. We know we need to connect and communicate to solve the mess that we’re in. On the deepest human level. The collective soul. Aren’t we flock animals? After all? Don’t we realise that lately things have become seriously dangerous and we need to… rise?

    What we need to do now is to shape these vague contours, articulate, tentatively, that which have dawned on us.

    We. Need. Each. Other.

    [quoted from



    I think your attachment to the idea that climate should be in some sort of steady-state and that we are in a position to influence it in one way or another – despite all evidence to the contrary – takes away from your other arguments.

    The current pope is not trying any harder than his predecessors to publicise the suffering of Christians of the Middle East. Clearly, he is compromised in some way and the Israelis have him by the testicles – just like all the main politicians of Europe. I don’t think his opinion about “climate change” is worth anything – it is a marvelous destraction.


    Nassim, I thoroughly enjoyed your post! The rest of my day will be devoted to qualifying and quantifying the value of the Pope’s testicles.


    Competition is forced onto an ignorant society via the artificially engineered ZERO SUM Debt Money Tyranny “Balance Sheet” system imposed on society by Debt Money Monopolist Monsters.
    Do you know what “balance sheet” means in terms of debt based monetary systems?
    It means monetary ZERO SUM GAME.
    For every FRN or bank credit balance, there is an equal amount of debt.
    One person’s money is someone else’s, or some other group’s, INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT.
    This is the ROOT CAUSE to the inequality that correctly offends Ilargi, but he won’t touch the root cause with someone else’s 10 foot pole.
    Our monetary system is a prima facie fraud and the #1 reason it persists is the Orwellian “crimestop” exhibited by people with the power to influence others – at least the people who haven’t already sold their soul to the Beast Empire System ridden (controlled) by the Debt Money Monopolist Monster cartel.


    Nassim, I would like you to consider a paradigm alignment path that I think is critically important.
    Debt Money Monopolists exist. They enforce their will through providing money into society and by financing quisling politicians to enforce their will.
    The term “Israel” conceals this CRITICAL power and class distinction – exactly as any Debt Money Monopolist would want it. The last thing they want is to be exposed – so please lump in the poor Jewish plumber oppressed by Debt Money Tyranny when criticizing the evil of the world… a guy – or gal – who has no political power at all.
    See how that works?
    The world’s Western governments are financed by Debt Money Monopolists. They finance governments to lie to, steal from, and murder people. They also have to do some legitimate government work as a form of revolution control. Hitler fed many needy people – it didn’t make him a good guy.
    The real power structure has nothing to do with “Israel.” Israel is ON THE CHESSBOARD.
    The Debt Money Monopolists are the Master Chess Players and THEY are the ones that to be exposed with laser like efficiency.
    While Napoleon was an authoritarian thug, HE HAD EXCELLENT STRATEGIC INSIGHT – a skill from which nearly everyone in modern day society can benefit…

    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.
    ― Napoléon Bonaparte

    I get it – the deceptions are many and they run deep. But we can actively think our way our of the cognitive quagmire.

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