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    JMW Turner Lake Llanberis and Snowdon Color Study c.1800     There was the speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah today, who said “What
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    Well done!!!

    Here is a song I keep hearing in my head. With possible changes to the lyrics.
    Insert Ukraine or Palistine for Johnny, and/or drugs for drums.

    Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo
    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo
    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy,
    A stick in me hand and a drop in me eye,
    A doleful damsel I heard cry,
    Johnny I hardly knew ye.

    With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
    With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
    With your guns and drums and drums and guns,
    The enemy nearly slew ye
    Oh my darling dear, Ye look so queer
    Johnny I hardly knew ye.

    Ye haven’t an arm, ye haven’t a leg, hurroo, hurroo
    Ye haven’t an arm, ye haven’t a leg, hurroo, hurroo
    Ye haven’t an arm and ye haven’t a leg,
    Ye’re an armless, boneless, chickenless egg
    Ye’ll have to put with a bowl out to beg
    Oh Johnny I hardly knew ye

    Where are the legs with which you run, hurroo, hurroo
    Where are the legs with which you run, hurroo, hurroo
    Where are the legs with which you run,
    When first you went for to carry a gun
    Indeed your dancing days are done
    Oh Johnny, I hardly knew ye

    I’m happy for to see ye home, hurroo, hurroo
    I’m happy for to see ye home, hurroo, hurroo
    I’m happy for to see ye home,
    All from the island of Ceylon;
    So low in flesh, so high in bone
    Oh Johnny I hardly knew ye

    With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
    With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
    With your guns and drums and drums and guns,
    The enemy never slew ye
    Oh my darling dear, Ye look so queer
    Johnny I hardly knew ye.

    Source: Musixmatch
    Songwriters: Clancy Bros.
    First published in London in 1867 and written by Joseph B. Geoghegan

    Dr D Rich

    Enjoy that beer.
    You have no idea the enormity, the scale of it, nor the temperament of the men…running things underneath the waves. Everyone responds to existential threats.

    Russia knows each submarine is marked and always has been. That’s for starters. World without end Amen.

    There’s a few folks here at this website that might have been required under the pressure of a passing grade and time constraint calculate the yield of a thermonuclear device like Scott Ritter claims to have done from the safety of Norm de Schwarzkopf’s sumptuous bunker. Could he do it faster than the baller Systems Engineering PhD teaching the class?

    So, yeah, as I wrote earlier. Let’s wait it out.
    The concentration of psychopaths and Spellbinders hopefully reached critical mass as theorized by Andrejes Lobaczewski.

    The Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan before it and now Gaza are demonstration projects before the Big Game.

    My guess, most of these psychopaths and their hangers on are too chickenshit to pull it off


    Thanks for that analysis
    Which all leads us to then wonder if the Europeans will ever see sense? (Schultz has just agreed to send another 25 Leopards to Ukraine, which in the circumstances beggars belief.) But now there are two EU States, (Hungary and Slovakia) who are unwilling to support the Ukraine war against Russia. Even Poland has stepped back. Will more crack? We understand a snap election is about to take place in Serbia which could be interesting. The EU is calling for Serbia to join the Bloc, requiring recognition of Kosovo and sanctioning of Russia. Bosnian-Serb leader Dodik “suggested countries of the former Yugoslavia ought to join BRICS instead.” Such a development would surely set the cat among the pigeons…


    Consider Biden, Trump, Obama and Bush alone-
    Twenty four years of Presidents, 12 years Republicans / 12 years Democrats.

    Every single one of these Presidents have proven themselves to be- liars, killers, murderers, thieves and torturers. A few are rapist pedophiles. This is American leadership, this is America.

    “Do they have replacements lined up? We haven’t seen any.”

    The next President will also be a liar, thief, murderer and continue the torture program along with tyrannical behavior.

    “I’d rather not think of that.”

    Why are Americans so psychologically damaged and physically incapable of changing direction ?
    Easy answer- complete and total denial.

    Obesity, addiction, anxiety, depression, self mutilation, passive aggressive or openly hostile.
    A Nation in total denial of its leaders actions is a Nation of broken psychologically spiritually impaired humans.

    “I’m going to have a beer outside on a terrace while I still can.”

    At least you are actively resisting with true civil disobedience discourse.

    The majority of Americans I experience just pop another pill, another drink, another therapist, tv show, another lie and day in total distraction and denial.

    We saw this during covid, now Ukr and Gaza.

    America is in serious need of an intervention. It’s not coming from our political ‘leaders’, philanthropists or ourselves.

    The US is Losing

    Yes, losing. The US is also totally lost in denial and soon to be a total self induced write off.
    Truth and acceptance of who we really are, what we are actually doing, how and why would be a good place to start.

    Dr D Rich

    As if on cue, a lover of Israel and everything Zionistic, (neologism), State Governor Ron Desantis former stupid-ass Navy JAG engaged in foreign policy on behalf of Israel’s defense Department.

    Sedition with capital S.

      Florida’s Republican governor has raised eyebrows and hackles by using state resources for a series of actions and operations since the Israel-Hamas war began that come under the purview of the federal government.

      They include “evacuating” hundreds of US citizens from Israel on charter flights; exporting humanitarian aid and claiming to have procured weapons; as well as activating Florida’s militarized state guard “as needed, to respond” to an overseas conflict.

    In the Navy alone, Lobaczewski couldn’t have imagined the concentration of stupids like Ron Desantis, Dave Tam, Lisa “CNO” Franchetti, Richard Dick Nelson, Kevin Amick, Michelle Howard, Cate Wilson, Helen Yitzhak Pearlstein, but that’s exactly what Andrejw predicted. That the concentration of idiots, unqualified nitwits and their psychopaths handlers HAD to reach critical mass before the implosion/explosion or housecleaning took place.


    It’s hard to imagine that Blinken and Jake Sullivan and Nuland and Bolton had no idea this would happen.

    I’m pretty sure they had no idea this would happen, the US has been messing with countries all over the world going unpunished for decades.

    Veracious Poet

    The US is Losing?

    The US is *already* lost.

    Without a revival of Spiritual Sanity (too late for a lukewarm mentally derived resistance/awakening) We The People are destined to herd over-the-cliff, like lemmings without-a-clue…

    And such a “revival” has -0- chance of happening from my experience & perspective 😐

    Specifically, the recent advent of Internet info/propaganda social media gaga has led to an environment of *total* chaotic anarchy, poisoning the possibility of renewed healthy social morality, whereas hubris has fostered a proliferation of low IQ *experts*, placing real reality without import or eminence, unity beyond reach.

    Delirium due to Mass Formation Psychosis is the now the status quo, setting the stage for consequences that can only be described as EVIL INCARNATE.

    Enjoy your beer…


    Veracious Poet


    …whereas hubris has fostered a proliferation of low IQ Spiritually Dead *experts*…


    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D

    ““Zelensky simply got scared of becoming a peacemaker since it would require him to oppose aggressive forces”

    Yes, he’s simply weak. Always has been, as a coke-snorting comedian who plays the piano with his penis. Bu weak men don’t suddenly take over nations. Strong men install them, like Kolomoisky, in coordination with the US State Department. Then if you want something, you order him to do it; and if you don’t want something, you let his weak nature take its course.

    Bibi is different. He’s always been a violent, psychopathic, core racist. But that can only prosper in an environment of core violent, racist extremism. Now when he does this, yes, Lukkud and the “far right” moves the Overton window to apologize and accept even more racism and violence in a circle, but it has to be in them to begin with. But his case is merely the logical end of his actions and beliefs. The End Justify the Means, therefore “It’s not corruption when I do it” because ipso facto, everything I do is for greater Israel. Why can’t you understand that?

    So presently, he is arrested, they are at a Civil War, and so he is trying to get through a “If we THINK, in our minds, that anything you say now, or ever said in the past MIGHT be construed as supporting Hamas, we can jail you for a year without charges.” Who is that for? A: His POLITICAL enemies, duh! WDGAF about Hamas? He’s got real and ACTUAL problems here. Problems that can only be solved by jailing half the country without trial. …As ALWAYS happens. Crikey, you’d think these guys — or the public — would read history for once instead of waiting to be rounded up and reading about it in the Camps.

    …And so in America, where one half the country openly calls for shooting and jailing the other half. For purging all rural Michigan with cluster bombs since 2016. To make way for the “Good” people. The moral people. You know: the kind of people who commit genocide by using cluster bombs.

    “Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan are known for their neoconservative stance,”

    Neo C O N S E R V A T I V E . So when the #Opposite of Conservative, hire the Conservative and make the Conservative the first and only Priority of the administration — like Obama — no one bats an eye. The Left loves it with deep, cheering adoration of Great Leader when they do.

    As Jimmy Dore says, and has quoted Obama as saying “Actually, most of what I do would be considered core Republican Party…” Yes. It would. Core UNI-party. Statists.

    …Which should tell you something else: it’s not “Conservative.” As “Neo” conservative was an ironic slur for these Trotskyites burrowing under form the far-Left and popping up in the Cheney side of the Republican Party. That is, it was so ludicrous, nobody thought it would work or should be taken seriously. Okay, so WHO BACKS THEM? Nuland is a nobody who’s failed everywhere she goes. So who keeps pushing her up? And so with the others.

    …And therefore, none of them are “Real”. Blinken isn’t really running things, is he? How can he when no one talks to him? If half the government is against Bibi, is he “Running the government”?

    Did Blinken and Nuland know? Probably not, as they’re morons who are high on glue. But EVERYONE ELSE did. And those people pitched behind and installed them to move the agenda and when the time came, be sacrificed in public. So who are those guys? Their backers? Why did they install known failures and morons? Could they not install clever, quiet, evil men instead like Poppa Bush was? Does that mean they’re weak as their draft roster looks like this batting order?

    If they’re that bad, why not just let them go out and play? Why stop them? If I remove Biden or Blinken, you’d only call me partisan and be mad. If I remove Rice and Nuland you’d call me racist, misogynist, rally your base and get stronger. We tried it. So why bother? I can’t fail and remove you any faster than you can do it yourself. Go ahead: I’ll play golf and watch.

    Why didn’t we remove? We tried. From 1950, all the way through to Trump removing an openly corrupt, treasonous, MI6 operative like Comey, on the falsest pretenses ever fabricated in world history. It didn’t work. So fine. I guess you all need the process then. There we go.

    “Consider Biden, Trump, Obama and Bush alone- Twenty four years of Presidents, 12 years Republicans / 12 years Democrats.”

    Absolutely, but as I said, we didn’t vote for them. Bush was installed. Against the vote. And the voting has gotten worse with each year, to say nothing of the primarying process, where we have Clinton openly saying “The DNC can make up any rules they want and declare any winner against any elected candidate” in California with Bernie. Biden said “Hold my beer” as if RFK wins ANYWHERE, that means all his votes go to Biden. If RFK LOSES anywhere, all his votes ALSO go to Biden. …And you think we elect these guys? C’mon, the vote’s been unreal since the 1840s, 1860s, 1890s, 1960s…

    If the U.S. is in denial — and that can be a strong word since everything they’ve heard, read, seen, or been told since birth was always an active lie — then how do they wake up and end denial? Above: apparently going through the process. Emotionally. And one step at a time.

    The only thing I can add is to have the nuclear codes, keep the pipelines intact while they go through it, so we can minimize the harm they apparently must endure, then end that harm as early as is practical. Like heroin withdrawal, or more dangerous, alcohol withdrawal. I can’t stop it, but I can have medical people in the next room, even if you don’t know we’re there, in case something goes wrong, but really, it’s YOUR journey. I can’t make it for you. It would be no good if I did.

    Now notice in America, we constantly have more heat than light. Okay, so 6 million armed insurgents came across the border, as plausibly reported? Fine, I’ll believe you: but where are their violent acts of sabotage? No, really. That’s a lot of men. “Biding their time”? For what? For America to die of old age? Same with Ukraine. So much talk but what did we actually DO, and Send? 60% didn’t reach Ukraine. The money circled to our own banking system or indeed never left. We gave them all the stuff that didn’t work, that we’d have to pay to dangerously dispose of, and that only in drabs so it would be militarily irrelevant.

    About the Lawfare. So who’s in prison? Trump? Sidney Powell? No, Assange in BRITAIN. And handful of J6-ers as headline political prisoners.

    What am I saying? IT’S ALL EYEWASH. It’s all a Aquarian, New-Age Perception war for your mind. An attention economy. What’s REALLY happening out there? Honestly, only that inflation is making us poorer. That’s about the only real battle. Medicine makes us sicker, and not just the vax. So we’re actually sinking slowly under great control, in calm seas, while they have on a Victrola of explosion sounds and a movie projector of torpedoes.

    I know it doesn’t seem like it, and even in a real war or real occupation (France 1940-44 e.g.) there are a mere 500 dead a day, and most cafes are open. I understand that. But even so, this seems even less that is billed in the headlines. Maybe Israel will change that, but if so, why is This Time It’s Different?


    Extrovert – tries to take care of other people’s problems. (knows best)

    Introvert – tries to take care of his own problems. (live and let live)

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