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    Paul Cézanne River Bend (Coin de rivière) 1865     At the Automatic Earth, we have been talking about COVID prevention and treatment for a y
    [See the full post at: Treat Your Own COVID]

    Polder Dweller

    Thanks for this Dr Day (and Ilargi for putting it up).

    The only question I have specifically for you is: how effective have you found your protocol to be?

    A general question for those of us who live in Europe is why there’s no promotion of alternatives to vaccines at all? If I even mention this kind of thing to friends and colleagues then they roll their eyes, call me a “wappie” (a Dutch colloquial term for a conspiracy theorist) and the conversation is shut down.

    V. Arnold

    Dr John,
    Thanks for you’re tireless efforts to keep us informed.
    Your regimen is largely what I follow; Vd3, vc, aspirin, diet, lifestyle, and a positive attitude towards living a genuine life…


    John Day, thank you so much. I will pass this on to those who may be interested or likely to read and absorb without rejecting out of hand. You may be saving a life here or there around the world, green dots scattered on a map and you will never know, …so it goes.


    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Thanks for posting this info and putting it among your “recent posts” ( some people has a shorter memory and need to find a place to look up the info)


    For those who like herbals, black elderberry is reputed
    to be useful, somewhat anti-viral
    Now I would not recommend breaking the law,
    but just who does this body of mine belong to anyway?
    A source of ivermectin is animal worm medication,
    a horse is a somewhat valuable critter, a dead horse less

    Vaccines Or Not, Scientists Now Believe COVID Is Here To Stay
    MONDAY, FEB 08, 2021 – 12:05

    Ease of transmission, new strains, and limits of vaccination programs all mean Covid-19 will be around for years – and a big business…
    Governments and businesses are increasingly accepting what epidemiologists have long warned: The pathogen will circulate for years, or even decades, leaving society to coexist with Covid-19 much as it does with other endemic diseases like flu, measles, and HIV.

    The ease with which the coronavirus spreads, the emergence of new strains and poor access to vaccines in large parts of the world mean Covid-19 could shift from a pandemic disease to an endemic one, implying lasting modifications to personal and societal behavior, epidemiologists say.

    Like the flu, Covid mutations are prone to becoming endemic because they spread through casual actions like breathing and talking.

    That makes Covid particularly difficult to eradicate.

    Perhaps people will need yearly shots, just like the flu. Regardless, Covid will remain a disruptive force for a long time.


    Thanks to our host – and to Dr. John Day.

    My preference is to:

    1. Pro-actively support my immunity with the supplements mentioned above plus magnesium, sleep, spring water, YOGA, cultivation of a peaceful mind/body/spirit, long walks, home cooked meals, pets, friends, and nano-silver (sprayed in eyes, nose, throat/mouth).
    2. Be prepared to implement the protocol above using Ivermectin, zinc, and a patented 10ppm Nano-silver (not a crude version of colloidal silver) as an antibiotic. Thanks for the links, ordering tonight.


    Best covid 19 test – Grey hair
    Give covid 19 vaccine to everyone with grey hair
    Since you cannot get covid19 if you got the vaccine
    Therefore this will end the pandemic


    Another zinc enhancer is EGCG, which is found in green tea. I do not like green tea so I buy capsules containing an extract equivalent to 9 grams of green tea [4 cups], along with a zinc supplement [plus a 5000iu vitamin D capsule/day]. Maybe not as good as HCQ but is easily available! Also, I did read that HCQ has a toxic reaction with Metformin so would be a problem for me.

    Far eastern countries that drink green tea have very low deaths per million – usually in double figures rather than four! Most notable is Japan, which has had no national lockdown but only has 50 deaths per million.


    That was a good read; thanks for sharing. I have been surfing the internet looking for any ways to prevent myself from getting COVID again and not risking my life again. It looks like the first thing I have to do is to find a way to strengthen my immunity in general. Then it will be more difficult for the virus to get to my core and try to kill me.
    However, I still have to be prepared for the worst. All the prevention procedures cannot guarantee I will not catch COVID. For this case, I have started working with Financial Planning For Doctors. It helps me analyze my income and expenses better and dedicate more money to paying for better insurance.

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