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    Théodore Géricault The Raft of the Medusa 1819   Benoît Hamon won the run-off for the presidential nomination of the Socialist party in France la
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    “Unrest Is The Only Growth Industry Left”


    Population growth is the only growth left.


    Growth of lots of pain.

    Joe Clarkson

    I was in Aleppo in the 1970s and concur that it was a beautiful city. It’s a tragedy that it has been destroyed.

    But not a single US bomb has fallen on Aleppo, as compared with thousands of Syrian and Russian bombs, yet somehow the destruction of the city is Hillary Clinton’s fault? Blame the US for invading Iraq in 2003 or even Afghanistan in 2001 (all very pre-Obama), or even Libya, but don’t blame the US for the destruction of Aleppo.

    And put the blame for the millions of Syrian refugees where it truly belongs, on the regime of Assad and his allies. Many of them fled his violence well before the US became involved in Syria at all. The Civil War started in 2011 and the first US military involvement in supplying rebels with weapons wasn’t until 2013, by which time there were already 1.5 million Syrian refugees, some of whom had already made their way to Europe. First US airstrikes in the country weren’t until late 2014, were approved by Congress (including the Republican dominated House), and those strikes were against ISIL.

    Remember the grief Obama got when he failed to take dramatic action after Assad used chemical weapons on his own countrymen in 2013? No one gives Obama any credit for arranging, with the help of Russia, for getting 1,300 tons of chemical weapons out of Syria without military intervention, even though many were calling for a US invasion. How easy it is for you to blame the US for all the deaths in Syria, when in reality the US has helped save thousands of lives there.


    Check out The Guardian, March 2, 2016. Syria is blistered by a series of crippling droughts, which owe allegiance to no political entity. They die from bombs, thirst, or starvation, or emigrate. Which would YOU prefer?


    Raul, i managed to mislay a comment in th edit page, no idea f you can retrieve your end?


    debtserf, sorry, I didn’t see that. No, I wouldn’t know how to retrieve it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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