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    M.C. Escher Gravitation 1952     Earlier today, I read that the Russian ambassador to Poland was hit by a paint bomb while laying a wreath f
    [See the full post at: Victory Day in the Motherland]

    Mr. House

    “This is a war of two world views. A war waged by barbarians … who believe that their missiles can destroy our philosophy.”

    A war between those who want a one world government and more centralization and those who believe decentralization and new leadership are a better option?


    11. How many times will you accept the lie, “Its Somebody Else’s Fault.”?

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer on Putin – Guterres meeting, … snip:

    In Guterres’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on April 26 (lead image), Putin warned Guterres he had been “misled” in his efforts. “The simplest thing”, Putin told Guterres in the recorded part of their meeting, “for military personnel or members of the nationalist battalions is to release the civilians. It is a crime to keep civilians, if there are any there, as human shields.”

    This war crime has been recognized since 1977 by the UN in Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention. In US law for US soldiers and state officials, planning to employ or actually using human shields is a war crime to be prosecuted under 10 US Code Section 950t.

    Instead, Guterres ignored the Kremlin warning and the war crime law, and authorized UN officials, together with Red Cross officials, to conceal what Guterres himself knew of the foreign military group trying to escape. Overnight from New York, Guterres has refused to say what he knew of the military escape operation, and what he had done to distinguish, or conceal the differences between the civilians and combatants in the evacuation plan over the weekend of April 30-May 1.May.




    V. Arnold

    After a conversation with my sister, who refuses to talk “politics”, I have given up what little remaining hope I had left that the USA/west will ever see the real Russia…or its own propaganda/lies…
    Apparently Zelensky’s support of the Nazi’s Azov battalion are all Russian propaganda…
    My sister absolutely refuses to hear any opposing view…ditto the CV-19 vaccines are causing more harm than good…
    Ukraine good…Russia evil bad…
    She is a classic case of don’t mess with my confirmation bias’s…
    I see her as typical of US citizens…we’re f*cked!!!!!!

    V. Arnold

    I very much appreciate this Freedom Rattle today.
    We need constant reminders of where we’ve come from so we can keep a keen eye on our future directions…
    We’re so easily distracted, fooled, mis-lead, and that is an inherent fault of us humans probably going back to tribal times…
    Cheers and thanks

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold

    People without perspective, having near horizons in geography and time, unaware of history or themselves for that matter will cling to any anchor that keeps their feet dry as their Titanic sinks. A Canadian university professor wrote a thesis concerning the authoritarian personality that once went viral. It was noted that authoritarian not only was of the dominate but included also those dominated and that involves a sizeable fraction of any population not having the interior structures to support independence from the herd. Most people are too involved in the minutia of their daily lives to give much thought of matters external to those lives. It is simply just the way things are, the important matters get attention, distant matters are ignored. Add to that the social support beliefs, emotional attachments, myths and trust in authority over fact, knowledge, study, critical assessment and the rational mind and what you are seeing is the result. No one person has the ability to overcome that tsunami of factors. It took FDR’s New Deal assortment of factors, e.g. academia, political supports, to change the status quo just enough to address the economic conditions of the time. The resistance to that change was fierce and eventually was able to destroy the New Deal almost completely as public attention was diverted and lost in the trivia of life.

    Keep your vision and perspective alive but trying to share it will most likely end in tears. Those who can see will and those socially blinkered will miss the message if not be assaulted by your message. The Titanic has been holed beneath the waterline and is going down. The enormous wealth and riches have been spent on the pipe-dreams of empire by arrogant children playing at being leaders, employing the pied piper of media and entertainment. A long dark age will follow until another enlightenment happens without the resources the original had to drive its unfolding. The future must find their own resources for that; we here haven’t that ability to advise and should refrain from trying, as hard as that is to do. YMMV

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    Keep your vision and perspective alive but trying to share it will most likely end in tears.

    Indeed, it’s a lesson I seem to need to learn over and over again…shame on me… 😉

    Thanks for that thoughtful response…

    V. Arnold

    @ T-Bear

    People without perspective, having near horizons in geography and time, unaware of history or themselves for that matter will cling to any anchor that keeps their feet dry as their Titanic sinks.

    I especially enjoyed that part of your reply; very germaine to these times and most peoples position in these most critical dealings…


    “The defening noise once again reached a crescendo. Wailing was all around, in a dreadful many-voiced choir. Earth and mud dashed against the open wounds. I crawled towards the next prone body. He lay face down in the earth; a white mess of brains had sprayed across his tunic. He had mercifully lost consciousness; his breathing was like a clogged motor, jerky and gurgling. His death throes made his limbs tense and twitch. Then that great calm came over him.

    Hour after hour passed by like this … When the shelling and screams had finally grown silent, only groaning, whimpering, cursing, praying, protests and invectives could be heard, along with the death rattles of the dying. They lay everywhere, among the meadows and sunflower fields – the dead and those who did not yet know whether they, too, were to die. A swarm of low flying aircraft swept past and freed a few from this uncertainty.”

    Barbarossa Unleashed, Wehrmacht Dr, Russian Front 1941

    Glory to the Motherland, death for Nazis and those who support them.

    The Empire of Hate and Lies chose poorly.

    Dr. D

    Question I have: is it as I believe, that Russia in general agrees with Putin and believes the West are at it again, and Putin did the right thing in preemptively attacking the Nazis in their own country this time? The approval numbers, at least twice as high as for any Western leader would suggest this, but it’s hard to get non-lies about anything, and although Democratic in the general sense, Russia is and always has been an authoritarian state.

    And so they had to break the kneecaps of the Pope to get him to admit NATO maybe-mighta had something to do with the war? He was seen in a wheelchair this week.

    Being here, I believe you are correct V. Arnold. That is the general view, and they are married and dedicated to their ignorance and close-mindedness. Regardless of anything that can happen, like the ongoing border war and 70k killed with Fentanyl. There are some who are not, but they are the sharp minority and no one knows why they are immune to the narrative. No one knows how to break the spell, the death of their children only makes it stronger.

    God save us from war, but war comes from Man.

    Mister Roboto

    @V Arnold: It sounds as though your sister is a normie, and when you interact with normies for any length of time, you realize you really can’t talk to them because something crucial and fundamental…just isn’t there where they are concerned.


    A few weeks ago I turned on the TV which was tuned to the BBC Breakfast Show. A guy who said he was from Eastern Ukraine was on. He said that although we [in the West] have heard a lot about Nazis in Ukraine, it was a myth – they don’t exist! I did not linger to hear the host’s response.

    This ‘non-existent’ group has been in close contact with like-minded groups in the West. If there are food shortages and othe problems later this year then these white supremacist groups could gain popularity in the West.

    Interesting times!


    Having trouble wrapping my mind around the numbers: 25-40 million Russian lives lost. Even at the low end, 25 million is an astounding number. One country paid a mighty price; how must that “event” continue to LIVE in the Hearts, minds, and DNA of those who remember?

    WWII – By far the most costly war in terms of human life, in which the total number of fatalities, including battle deaths and civilians of all countries, is estimated to have been 60 million. US count is 405,000 (military).


    Moon of Alabama has this map of attacks on the Donbass, violations of the zone, to 21 Feb.

    b states: The February 15 report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine recorded some 41 explosions in the ceasefire areas. This increased to 76 explosions on Feb 16, 316 on Feb 17, 654 on Feb 18, 1413 on Feb 19, a total of 2026 of Feb 20 and 21 and 1484 on Feb 22.


    In short, the attack on the Donbass was being rapidly and steadily ramped up, organised by USuk (with other W complicity or help, other topic), according to a plan.

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