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    Salvador Dalí White calm 1936   It’s been a while since we last heard from longtime friend of the Automatic Earth Dr. Nelson Lebo III, New Englan
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    “could theoretically”=haven’t yet while it would have been easier financially. It’ll only get harder–i.e., virtually impossible in the face of exchange belief.

    Dr. D

    That’s interesting. Volatility is, by markets, the lowest ever on record. Volatility for people is also low: it’s a steady, inexorable, unchanging collapse downward. No change here. Volatility elsewhere, Catalonia seceding today? Nothing in my experience could be more predictable. That’s hardly volatility when water is wet, yet I agree the world is unstable.

    It’s unbalanced, but winter is unbalanced until spring, and summer is unbalanced until fall. Then the longer cycles turn, right on schedule, 8 year, 72 year, 200 year, as expected.

    Are people really irrational? We have a name for perfectly rational people: psychopaths. They behave with perfect logic. Is someone in the way of your promotion? Ruin their reputation and get them fired. Want to sleep with someone? Lie to them. Are there too many people on earth? Kill a couple billion with well-planned, perfectly rational policies. Are profits low? Start a war. Obviously.

    It’s the “irrational” part that makes humans “human.” The part where we keep old people alive after they’re productive, keeps infants and young disabled alive and their lives better when it costs society and ourselves personally. It’s part of adding that intangible, undefinable “humanity” that drives the panoply of psychopaths at the top crazy. It’s why they hate our guts, mock us, and try to kill us every day: we’re stinking up their perfect world, the perfect vision of the Junkers, the Barosos, and Merkels, the Lenins, Che’s, and Pol Pots. They see our irrationality as “weakness”, when in fact it’s part of an innate human culture, innate human strength they can never understand, and causes them to lose to those idiotic, deplorable, mud-stained commoners time and time again.

    As they’ve probably lost again this time. No, you might want to examine this “irrationality” and what it means before you purge it from humanity. You might find it’s a highly evolved system that loses battles, but wins all wars.

    Jef Jelten

    Typical analysis that berates mankind for its bad behavior but can’t possibly look at what it is about industrial society that elicits such behavior. “Oh why won’t anyone listen to me when I point out their bad behavior?” BooHooo!!!!

    “…most people are irrational.” NO! most people behave irrationally and they do so because they have little to no access to the critical, accurate information they would need to act rationally, combined with the fact that they must focus ALL of their efforts to make money or else they and their loved ones suffer and die.

    Absolutely every suggestion or solution that those in the know present threatens ones potential to make money. Even those pointing out the predicaments, making the suggestions and proposing solutions are only doing so if and when they can still make money doing so. This is why eventually everyone gives up on the “DOOM” and goes back to focusing on making money.

    I know because I have been there, done that, and watched dozens of others do this. I saw it in the 60s, 70s with the conservation movement, ecology movement, Peace & Love movement.

    Until we address the issue of NO MONEY – YOU DIE! we will never be able to change human behavior for the better no matter how much or how well articulately you all point out the bad.


    Diogenes Shrugged

    Differences in people’s thinking result directly from differences in the sources we choose to inform our mental databases. In other words, the credibility / lack of credibility of your sources determines what you think and who you are.

    Quoting from the essay, “Well-informed leaders from President Obama to Pope Francis agree the greatest threats facing humanity are climate change and wealth inequality.”

    The author has identified Obama and Francis as credible sources. By doing so, he undermines his own credibility. Everything said by Obama and Francis is agenda driven. These men never state the truth unless it happens to fit their agendas. That’s the nature of power. If you want truth, carefully sort through the alternative media on the Internet. Carefully sort through the videos on YouTube posted by ordinary people. I say “carefully” because a lot of ordinary people have adopted their favorite leaders’ agendas for themselves!

    The sources I consider credible tell me we’re headed into a long cold spell. Also, that extreme wealth inequality is an ever-present feature of mankind, not an anomaly. It’s the game, it’s always been the game, and it’s certainly no game changer. If you’re serious about identifying the causes of the problems our species is faced with, look at those who run the show. Nothing but a pack of thieving, lying power junkies who’d like nothing better than to convince you that a relatively inert 0.04% of the atmosphere is about to burn us all alive. And they’d also like nothing better than to convince you that poor people are a greater threat to your property and health than they are.

    Only a relative handful of people have figured out that the U.S. officially fell to a foreign power on 9/11. And even fewer people have figured out that the new government that arose from those ashes is attacking us now. Got that? We are ruled by a clandestine operation called the Deep State, and their war against the U.S. population is presently occurring on our own soil. This is why people calling themselves “Truthers” keep yelling at you to “wake up!”

    Again, the mainstream media sometimes tell the truth, but only when it fits their agenda:

    Quoting again from the essay, “In other words, the longer we choose to ignore inconvenient truths the greater will be their negative impacts.” The author certainly got that one right.


    Obama and Francis are the biggest liars I know of.

    John Day

    The main point of this article is that little bit near the end. The rest is a plea for the reader to consider it, a broad plea. We, here know Obama as a skillfully-lying puppet. Kiwis probably still like his style.
    Yes, we are manipulated by a power that distorts the “reality” we see, to lead us astray, like a manipulated GPS navigator telling the driver to turn left, turn right and go straight.
    “Eco-Thrifty”: We can all move safely in this direction. It’s a process, not a purchase.
    “Tipping points”: I think we all get that. Change in the dominant paradigm comes quickly (finally), then the degraded paradigm fails to work at all, then…
    Artificial suppression of any form of “volatility”, as we now see with financial “markets”, is a late play in the life of a financial system. How might a financial system safely allow more volatility, when the market has been lulled into perfect complacency by the elimination of all volatility, by massive VIX suppression?
    Yeah, panic > crash > reset, etc. I think our shadowy rulers/owners have long been preparing for that, but are becoming aware of other preparations, which threaten their prior preparations in this global conflict.

    “Sharing is at the heart of the permaculture ethics, where it is joined by caring for the environment and caring for people. Although we practice permaculture on our farm and in our community, we’re not dogmatic about it. What drives the eco-thrifty bus is resilience accompanied by regeneration.

    Resilience, in this context, is the ability to withstand a pulse. It does not happen by accident. It can be designed, built and managed. Resilience only matters 0.0001% of the time, but when it matters it really matters. Resilient homes stand up to earthquakes and hurricanes. Resilient farms stand up to major rain events and extended droughts. Resilient communities withstand economic downturns and ‘natural disasters’.

    Regeneration, in this context, is about getting better, stronger, more resilient over time. Regenerative farms grow food while building soil fertility, reducing erosion, storing carbon, managing storm water, and increasing biological diversity. Regenerative communities reduce crime, domestic violence, drug abuse, and suicide rates while keeping wealth and resources circulating locally. They improve quality of life while shrinking energy use, pollution and wealth inequality.”

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