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    Berenice Abbott Columbus Circle, Manhattan 1936 We’ve only really been in two weeks of trading in the new year, things are looking pretty bad to say t
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    Thank you Ilargi, Let us not forget Rep Kanjorski’s assistance in removing enforcement of F.A.S.B 157 and the subsequent façade of Mark-to-Model/Hold to Maturity valuations of Worth(less/more/who knows) securities and debt instruments. When I speak of these things the general response is blind assurance(the blank stare of fear.)


    and let’s wait to see if the rumors voiced on Zero Hedge about the Dallas Fed pressing for forbearance on defaulting energy debt issues prove out. Extend and pretend-until the end.


    And outside the Debt-Money Monopolist Big Lie Propaganda Bubble, the reason this slump has “legs” is due to the mechanics of prima facie debt-based monetary systems.
    Money is issued as debt such that the interest accrued by the lenders is, BY DEFINITION, inextinguishable debt to everyone else (that’s you and I… and even government).
    There are means by which the Debt-Money Monopolists can extend the debt-money confidence game, the key one being to create exponentially growing debt.
    Now you know the real reason why the Fed has an inflation target. You won’t find that truth in an economics book outside the Debt-Money Monopolist level.
    But all exponential debt growth curves must eventually fail. This one is long in the tooth, so the Debt-Money Monopolists have decided to control the ultimate demolition of Main Street and their vassal government front to bankrupt nearly everyone and to enshrine themselves as world controllers through various means.
    It’s all fraud, and those not strong enough mentally to handle the trauma of admitting the fraud and exposing it are the exact foundation on which this particular fraud is built.
    The Debt-Money Monopolists thank you for your cooperation.

    V. Arnold

    Yes, an economic Potemkin village was began in the late 8o’s and came to fruition in 2008; but it’s worse than that. The neo-liberals fueled a bankrupting growth mantra that has not been busted. Economics (pseudo science), otherwise know as stupid human tricks, has deflected attention away from what is now an unavoidable death sentence for most of the human race; nay, most life on this planet.
    Guy McPherson is certain human extinction is certain and staked his families life on that.
    His cred’s are impressive. Here’s an interview with Chuck Mertz of This is Hell podcast;
    This is a must listen, IMO.
    This is not a new position for me; I listened to David Suzuki saying much the same thing in the late 80’s (and I knew he was right); and it’s far, far, worse today, nearly 30 years later.
    Sudden collapse of the whole eco-system is happening before our eyes if we care to look.


    Arnold, say you are correct in your assessment and you were a psychopathic Debt-Money Monopolist oligarchy that rather likes manipulating ordinary people to their deaths.
    What would you do in order to prevent this collapse you see in the future?
    Would you depopulate the planet by stealth as recommended by the current “Science Czar?”
    Would you, perhaps, implement the sterilant vaccine that the Rockefeller Foundation was obsessed with creating back in 1968?

    For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

    For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

    V. Arnold

    See? You do not understand; it’s no longer in your control. It’s not a corporate conspiracy to depopulate.
    It’s stupid human tricks; people thinking they can beat nature; thinking the abuse of nature can be mitigated and repaired along the path of blatant exploitation.
    This event will unfold in rapid order regardless of what you do, think, or say; you/we are no longer in control; we have played the game; cast our dice; and lost…everything!
    The engine of destruction was started decades ago; and even then warnings were ignored; so, now we bare the fruits of that ignorance.
    Just what is it you do not get? Denial is strong in the humans…
    We’ve destroyed ourselves, not the planet; Gaia prevails always…


    Excellent article, Raul, as usual. I have been reading you now for eight years and gradually everything that you have been predicting has come true, unfortunately. The Automatic Earth, as a blog site, is a tremendous resource.



    “There may be shallow lulls in the asset markets, nothing ever only falls down in a straight line in the real world, but that debt I’ve described here will and must come down and be deleveraged.”

    While I see where you are coming from Ilargi, I wonder how Ms. Foss would reconcile this with her expectation of massive lows in 2010 (in response to people following up on her DJIA 1000 statements) i.e.

    “The comment I made over a year ago was that I would be surprised if the Dow was above 1000 by the end of 2010. That is not to say it’s impossible, as I have been surprised before.

    What I don’t think is in any doubt is that the market will make new lows this year, and that will be quite dramatic enough for most people. My view as to more exact targets will evolve over time as a decline unfolds.

    DECEMBER 29, 2009 AT 5:40 PM”

    This is but one of the many pages that my brother bookmarked that appeared to have a real influence in how he prepared and warned his family at the time.


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