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    “The older I get, the more cynical I become about government intervention in the economy.”

    Gee, if I didn’t know any better I’d say ol’ Stevie boy is starting to sound like an Austrian! It is true that those who work for the government statistically have the lowest opinion of government programs. Maybe that’s because when you are funded by theft and you are not constrained by the profit motive, only negative outcomes are possible?

    You need to go deeper. You have to look at the violence. You have to look at the contradictions.

    You have to be able to see the guns and how they skew the incentives, always for the worse. It’s so hard for people to see, and then once you do, it’s impossible to unsee.

    taxation is theft.
    war is murder.
    violence against those acting peacefully is always wrong.
    We know these things and practice them in our own lives, yet we make this magical exception for the goons of the state.

    everything they have is stolen.
    everything they say is a lie.
    everything they claim to do, their aim is the opposite.

    the war on drugs = rampant drug abuse
    the war on poverty = rampant and always worsening poverty
    the war on terror = rampant terrorism (TSA? SWAT? Drones?)
    public schools = mass indoctrination and retardation of critical thinking

    It’s hard to accept. I get it. Twelve years in government indoctrination centers takes a lot of undoing.

    But trust me – its worth it. Cast it aside. Let it go. Once you see those who claim the right to initiate violence against others as the scum that they are, it all falls into place.

    It’s time to put down the gun.

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    RE: rlmrdl

    One pathway is QE => FedGov => Economy. In other words, the Fed prints the money to buy US Treasuries. This is a “loan” to the FedGov that was created out of thin air. The FedGov spends the money into the economy via defense contractors, military, and all the leeches on the FedGov payroll, including SS & Medicare recipients, etc. They then cash their checks from the UST, which was borrowed from the Fed, who created it out of thin air, and spends it into the real economy. SO – the portion of the federal deficit that is financed by QE is all “new money” that is going into the real economy every single day. This will continue to increase the amount of circulating currency until such a time as the government stops running deficits, a laughable notion as it is difficult to bribe the populace with their own money – the trick is to steal it from the unborn and young children.

    Hyperinflation is NOT a monetary event – it is a psychological event. If enough people were to recognize the system for the Ponzi that it is tomorrow, we would have hyperinflation on Monday.

    Hyperinflation is a rejection of the existing monetary system, and a desire to exchange currency into something tangible that will hold its value over time. The currency doesn’t have to even be actively depreciating; this can happen due to fears that the currency might depreciate sometime in the future.

    I mean, look at the readers of this blog; the USD isn’t depreciating substantially, and yet I would guess that many of us have taken a portion of our “investments” out of the system and put them into something tangible. If a few million people did this, I have no doubt that we would have hyperinflation in short order.

    in reply to: Rant: On Deception #4332


    I am so excited to see that you are waking up and getting a handle on how we move forward. Your last sentence is so key, and I would like to elaborate on it if you’d permit me:

    “because the Truth can only win out over the Deceptions over the long-haul, and WE – me, you… all of us – are only just getting started here.”

    Ashvin, You are so right to see that capital-T Truth is what we need to concentrate on. The biggest barrier to Truth is, as you point out, Deception – but self-Deception is so, so, so much more powerful than the Deception of others.

    There is a science to achieving Truth, a science that begins with self-knowledge – this science is called Philosophy.

    Philosophy is not a new pursuit. I would argue that with the exception of his deathbed endorsement of the State (which I view as an ironic “fuck you” to those who murdered him for speaking the Truth), Socrates was closer to understanding the science of truth than anyone since, and that was millenia ago.

    The digital Gutenberg of the internet has recently provided us a petri dish for the science of philosophy to flourish, and we are closer to the Truth than ever before. Some of the Truths that we have discovered might surprise you, but most cannot even consider them rationally without internal biases springing forth to shut off the spigot of critical thought. They include:

    * The very nature of the State is violence, and as such is immoral, not to mention empirically counter-productive
    * The State forces parents to hand over children for over a decade of mind-destroying indoctrination centers, while robbing property owners to pay for the endeavor; the tyranny of “public schools” is one of the primary reasons there is such a lack of rational and critical thought and discourse in the world today.
    * Taxation is theft, which is a form of violence, and as such is immoral, not to mention empirically counter-productive.
    * The very nature of our (current) money is based on violence, and as such is immoral, not to mention empirically counter-productive.
    * The State is psychologically a manifestation of the violence of the family that exists in our culture due almost entirely to historical inertia.
    * Wealth, productivity, and human happiness are inversely related to violent coercion in human interactions
    * Morality can be proven logically, rationally and secularly, and it provides us with universal rules for universally preferable human behavior – further it is simple and inherently recognizable by any rational human. It consists largely of the Non-Agression Principle and the Principle of Self-Ownership.

    “You thought that it was important for people to have sovereignty over their bodies and their own communities through elected and accountable representatives”

    You’ve got the first half right and the second half wrong. Representatives are not freely chosen; we are not allowed the choice of having NOBODY represent us, or representing ourselves. To think that they can in any way be held accountable is the Big Lie.

    If you want to discount what I say, fine, but we both know it will be out of fear, and I think you are angry enough to say to hell with the fear. The next step is exploring morality and philosophy, and applying what you learn to the state, to the family, to religion, and to all other sources of claimed authority.

    I would humbly suggest the works of Stefan Molyneux or Adam Kokesh for some great material in these areas. Stefan in particular has many free books on the topics of philosophy, truth, and the tyranny of illusion.


    This is the next level of the rabbit hole. I hope you will join us.

    in reply to: The Orkin Man: Which Side Are You On? #4082

    The proposition is immoral because it violates the Non-Aggression Principle. Less important is that it is, of course, a plan doomed to failure, as violence ALWAYS begets further violence.

    Positive change will be achieved as it has in the past (see: slavery, women’s rights) by pounding the moral argument that the universal application of the NAP is the only moral way forward for the human species, and that followed to its logical conclusions it means the complete rejection of the archaic concept of the nation-state and ALL other forms of violent coercion.

    Argument from morality works if it is true, and even sometimes temporarily when it is false. It’s why the argument from morality regarding the virtue of taxing people to “help the poor” is such powerful sophistry; the moral argument is persuasive, as all moral arguments are, but it fails the test of the NAP and thus ultimately fails as a valid moral argument. Few are inclined to see or hear this obvious truth, unfortunately…. though more and more are seeking and embracing it (see: the Ron Paul movement).

    We also need to stop treating our children like slaves, coercing them with threats of force and pretensions to moral superiority. I find that those who advocate violence to solve social problems like Surly (and all politicians / statists) were typically humiliated and subjected as children, as so many are (in churches, public schools, etc.), and these people CANNOT help us pave a way forward until they reclaim their true selves, reject the tyranny of illusion and false authority, and truly understand the principles of morality and philosophy that we all innately connect with.

    There are others out there doing this work folks, making the arguments and mapping out the real-world implications of philosophical thought that goes back to Socrates. People like Stefan Molyneux and Adam Kokesh. You folks are going to keep spinning your wheels and taking us AWAY from peace, freedom and harmony as a species until you truly attempt to understand these issues. The philosophy and principles of freedom, defined by the universal application of the NAP and a universal respect for property rights, is already powerfully and conclusively show us the path forward.

    Anything else is just wasting time and is, frankly, an embarrassment.

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