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    I’ve proposed Blaise Pascal associated a
    supposed Nostradamus Code with the simple
    triangle formed by the fanning out of
    concomitant choices, as described earlier
    by Yang Hui.

    Prior to formulating what we call
    Pascal’s Triangle, which I think resulted
    from Pascal’s conclusion that choices made
    along event streams demonstrate that
    morality, which is simply choices made along
    event streams, and math, are one and the same.

    Comparing choices along parallel streams,
    thus, imparts an experiment, complete with

    In the course of this work Pascal proposed a math
    experiment with a mathematician correspondent,
    wherein they would unwind a poker game such that
    their actual hands and comparative likelihoods
    of winning, and comparative abilities to
    carry on, would be fairly accounted for.

    Since the above, by the way, I’ve speculated
    telomeres are a genetic manner of defining
    our own triangular “gate array,” or “informationalism”

    It’s a long shot, but I’ve speculated the pyramids
    represent a confirmation of the triangularity (it
    ultimately becomes spherical) probabilities and relativity,
    or, the conceptual structure of event streams,
    choice-making, and emergence.

    Since, this, as freakasauris as it must sound, is
    partly based on curiosity as to Nostradamus, and
    as he theoretically saw personalities through
    time “in realtime,” this actually has large technological
    implications, should so much as one-half of one
    percent of it be validly based.

    I have to go to the dentist this morning.
    Lack of my response to any reply(ies) thus
    does not imply disinterest on my part.

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