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    “At one point Mr. Hofmeister mentioned that Americans are paying for the fact that the Saudi King had bought social peace by -in effect- spreading the oil wealth around a bit more in his country. His presentation of it made it sound -on purpose I think- like Americans were somehow being swindled or victimized in the process by some towelhead. What would they prefer, that the Kingdom disintegrate from internal chaos just that much sooner thereby eliminating all access to Saudi oil?!?”

    IF I recall, Hofmeister stated that the majority of countries have insane policies and are not effectively managing production. While this is undoubtedly true, I got the feeling Hofmeister – and probably the US policy planners – would not at all be opposed to having the US eventually take over the production of Iran, Saudi Arabia, the ‘stan countries, etc. Kind of Cheneyesk, you might say. And by the looks of things, that is exactly where this is going. Our military is definitely laying the ground work for such an undertaking and has been for several years now. Plunder the population, extract resources, and take profit. But none of the spoils will find their way to the general public.

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