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    First time commenter. I’ve been following this blog for many years, at least since 2009. I also had a pleasure of hosting Nicole at my place for two of her speak events in my city.
    I am a Russian Canadian. So you understand how deeply these events affect me and my family. I thought no government and their mouthpieces’ lies will ever surprise me anymore. However I was proved wrong again. I am losing any faith to humanity and our collective will to see through the lies or even to care. It breaks my heart to see people around me so indiscreetly going along with any sewage coming out of our official media and governments. Who cares what “the other side” thinks and does?

    I am not suggesting that I know who is to blame for this horrible incident. My heart goes to the deceased and their families. However, our (western) governments demonstrate utter disrespect for these victims by jumping to premature conclusions and withholding full information from the public. If this was indeed a terrible accident then why not present known facts from all sides of the story? Let’s say this one (please press on “cc” button to activate English subtitles):

    Sorry for the rant. I just don’t know how to express anything anymore. So many people died and are still dying. I am stunned. I just want evil to be punished. Whoever it is.

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