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    Rugged individualism is a gendered, privileged conceptual framework, long and often challenged by women and by men who lack access to the privileged positions, both of whose views are discounted by privileged male thought leaders for the same reason.

    Just an observation that Monbiot’s “discovery” of the awful social implications is hardly groundbreaking; I left a doctoral philosophy program 20 years ago after a variety of experiences of this privileged male blindness and deafness to experiences and voices that undermined the clarity of their Hobbesian worldview. Congratulations to Monbiot for finally seeing and hearing – better late than never?


    …about cooperation as a counterpoint to competitive models of living systems, summed up concisely by Thomas Hobbes’ oddly dissociative description of life in the “state of nature” as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Since way before social contracts, new human babies have been arriving in the world through the living bodies of our parents. Those parents have always been embedded in larger families, neighborhoods, tribes, communities and cultures. Our ancestors would never have survived and reproduced without tending and strengthening social bonds. Even hermits who seek contemplative isolation are born and raised in communities and must actively leave them behind…

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