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    Pepe Escobar, is in a class of his own. I read “Globalistan: How The Globalized World Is Dissolving Into Liquid War”, under an Olive Grove in Corfu in June 2007, when it was incredibly hot. He doesn’t get much wrong.

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    Raúl Ilargi Meijer,

    I have been reading you for quite sometime, and I like how you do your blog, but now I understand a lot more about you cos, I saw a bit of a video interview with you from about 3 years ago. You mentioned stuff from 20 years ago – The oil drum, Jay Hanson – – which really scared the shit out of me for about a week, cos the logic was impeccable. I agreed with almost all of it. Unfortunately so did all the politicians, or to be more accurate, some of the richest most powerful people in the world, who are now quite blatant about their attempts at killing most of us off.

    Whilst I knew quite a lot about the energy industry (I won’t bore you with the details), my job was mainly to do with computing, and analysis. Whilst, I had done physics and maths to a fairly high level at a British University, I had forgotten a lot of it, cos I had never really used it.

    I had never even thought much if anything, about the origins of oil, so I kind of reverted back 30 years to the basic laws of physics and maths, which later came in useful, with regards to my understanding of 9/11.

    Very few people, agreed with me. I had exactly the same problem with covid. Nearly everyone thought I was mad (I have never denied it)

    I got seriously dissed, by all you Peak Oil lot, even though I had massive respect for you. I think Dmitry Orlov is possibly still the best, even if he has abandoned his Quidnon, and gone back to Russia (highly sensible).

    Actually, I thought Dave McGowan was the best (sad loss)

    You Malthusians would not take me on, when I produced, all kinds of evidence, including detailed real scientific papers, based on real physics (not the nonsense they teach in school now) that oil is not a fossil fuel, but formed deep within the earth, and highly unlikely to run out, anytime soon within the next few billion years or so, even if we try and blow the planet up with nuclear weapons, which we probably will do, if we don’t starve to death, or be jabbed to death first.

    I can’t be bothered arguing it about it now. No one believed me then, and they won’t now.

    I love some of the art you publish, and you seem to have a great sense of humour.



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    Whilst I thought Cynthia Chung’s Article on The Saker’s Blog was totally Brilliant, I first read it here. Her historical analysis of the last few hundred years, was extremely good.

    However, I had already read
    “CENTURY OF WAR A: Anglo-American Oil Politics & the New World Order Paperback – Illustrated, 1 April 2012
    by ENGDAHL F.W. ”

    Globalistan: How The Globalized World Is Dissolving Into Liquid War: An Antidote to THE WORLD IS FLAT Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Jan. 2007
    by Pepe Escobar ”

    But she missed a hell of a lot out, and her article title is completely ridiculous, though if she is a professional “journalist”, She might not have chosen the title herself..for what she provides absolutely no evidence…about what is going on now

    “‘The Special Relationship’: “How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire”

    Who exactly is “the British”

    I actually know some of the people, who work in The British Civil Servce, and try to avoid British Politicians, cos they haven’t got a clue either.

    The Idiocracy in the UK at these Senior Levels (sure they have all been brainwashed, and hopefully tripple jabbed), is not quite as idiotic, as The American Civil Service and Government

    Come on – Who in The UK is in control of Anything?


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    Raúl Ilargi Meijer,

    The URL to Your blog AutoE, has been on my bookmark bar, for the last couple of years or so. Tonight I registered for the first time. I really like some of your art. In fact Claude Monet, well obviously they are not originals, has been mounted in my man cave since 1993.

    I particularly like your blog now, well mainly because, you post a decent amount of content, from websites, my British Government, does not allow me easily to see.

    Some of your posters – may have come across some of them on The Saker’s blog or elsewhere.

    They are totally brilliant. Way above my league.

    I can’t write like that. I’m still learning.

    I won’t be 70 years old, till next year

    Thank you.


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