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Satirical Commentary by El Gallinazo.

On this leap year, our own Golden Oxen made the following comment:

“Might I suggest you broaden your time horizon a bit Ashvin. Some of us are playing this thing for our long term survival, not day trading. Print they always have and print they always will, no matter what the banter they throw out to the cannon fodder. You should know better. Take a look at a long term chart of the gold price from 2000 BC until today and it will certainly clear up the matter for you.”

This is not to ridicule Goldie in the least (really) nor to rub salt in his wounds as the cock crowed thrice at the hour of the Bernank today (if I may mix testaments – in truth I was thinking of a more petite golden calf), but the Fed didn’t get into serious printing when currency became non-redeemable in 1934, but rather not until it could no longer be redeemed by foreign sovereigns in August of 1971 to balance trade.

As usual, we can blame the French for this as deGaulle wouldn’t settle for a pound of flesh but insisted on gold in return for his brie and merlot. And gold was valued at $35 an ounce the day before Nixon came forth from his coffin like Bella Lugosi, wrapped in a black cape to announce this change to the world’s finances. So much for a constant value since Nero played us a tune.



But the question is raised, why did the Fed start to print, and why did it go exponential after the collapse of September 2008? Is it to dazzle the teeming millions into believing that all is well both in the canyons of Wall Street and the ruins of Main Street? No doubt to keep the Owners on Easy Street. Is it to continue the inflation tax on the 99%? Is it to weaken the dollar to surge American exports? Is it an attempt to balance the collapse of global credit as the shadow banking system implodes upon itself like a rehypothecated Mac with 30 open applications trying to shut itself down? Is it to castrate the dollar to make way for the global currency of the NWO’s wet dream?

Is it to prop up the balance sheets of the insolvent TBTF banks with free money for carry and speculation? Is it to transfer any remaining private wealth upwards from beneath the stealth Croesus class cruisers? Can the Owners meet their objectives of total world domination when the Ponzi collapses as well as when the Dow breaks 13,000, by shorting the market, pocketing the pension funds, and buying up land and factories for pennies on the dollar? Do they expect to do this shortly to benighted Greece as a tiny appetizer?

The Fed and the Treasury now have every man, woman and child (not including the family dog) in the USA indebted to pay off 53 grand; $63k if you throw in the current balance sheet of the Fed. Does adding further to this debt in the future which can never be repaid as it stands, advantage the Owners or does it make their plans riskier? Does Vinnie the Horse care whether Joe Schmo can pay off his loan as long as he pays 5% every week until Gabriel finds his trumpet? When does increasing the public debt become a hindrance? Could that be when hyperinflation becomes a serious possibility?

Why is it that that once cuddly anal orifice of Omaha is now touting the new MSM propaganda line that Joe and Jane Bagodonuts are the sordid villains who ruthlessly victimized and bamboozled Jamie Dimon and Angelo Mozilo (the primordial orange man)? Do the owners care about elections any more, now that Diebold picks the winner in advance, and the FEMA camps have hired staff cooks and executioners?

The Onion: Diebold Spoiler Romney Wins 2012!


Embarrassed Diebold officials apologized after one of their electronic voting machines prematurely revealed the winner of our upcoming sham election

Inquiring minds want to know and I can’t seem to get the answers – not even from the National Inquirer. I even checked the back issues of the tragically defunct Weekly World News, but to no avail. And where would be a more appropriate place? All I could find there was the following quote from the former managing editor, Sal Ivone, who said, “If someone calls me up and says their toaster is talking to them, I don’t refer them to professional help, I say, ‘Put the toaster on the phone’.”

But among the photos of alien hybrid children not a hint as to the strategy of our global masters. What is going down is like Ezekiel’s vision – wheels within wheels. If I had half the answers, this would make a great article. Now it is just a lot of questions marks, vowels and consonants. But before we assume with certainty that the Owners are going to “print” their way into hyperinflation, we had better get a few more answers. I am hearing echoes of “doncha worry buddy, real estate can only go up.”

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