May 292020
Debt Rattle May 29 2020

Edward Hopper Railroad crossing 1923   • Half of Britain Is Broke – And The Other Half Is Richer Than Ever (G.) • Trump Signs Order Targeting Social Media Firms’ Legal Protections (Hill) • Police Precinct Torched inThird Night Of Rioting In Minneapolis (R.) • 7 Shot During Protests In Louisville (NBC) • Why Do Protestors Loot Shops Without Forming Private Equity Firm? (Onion) • The Hertz Story Isn’t What You Think (Ben Hunt) • EU Not In Mood To

May 282020
Debt Rattle May 28 2020

Edward Hopper Railroad crossing 1926   • Questions Raised Over HCQ Study Which Caused WHO To Halt Trials (G.) • India Invites Scepticism As It Sticks By Hydroxychloroquine (SCMP) • South Korea Could Face Return To Restrictions After Spike In New Cases (G.) • Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous From China, US Determines (SCMP) • China Approves Hong Kong Draft Security Law (NBC) • Hong Kong’s ‘Significance Is Eroding’, As Trump Considers Next Move (SCMP) • US And China

May 272020
Debt Rattle May 27 2020

G. G. Bain Metropolitan Opera baritone Giuseppe De Luca, New York 1920   • Despite The Hype, Gilead’s Remdesivir Will Do Nothing To End The Coronavirus Pandemic (Lerner) • WHO Expects Hydroxychloroquine Safety Findings By Mid-June (R.) • Antibody Tests For COVID19 Wrong Up To Half The Time – CDC (CNN) • Coronavirus Cases Are On The Rise In 20 US States (R.) . • Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy As HIV To Dodge Immune Response (SCMP) • China’s Top Virus

May 262020
Debt Rattle May 26 2020

G. G. Bain Temporary footpath, Manhattan Bridge 1908   • 8,000 Additional Deaths In Mexican Capital As Coronavirus Rages – Study (R.) • Brazil Surpasses US In Daily Coronavirus Death Toll (R.) • WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial For Coronavirus Amid Safety Fears (G.) • Tail Risk Of Contagious Diseases – Cirillo/Taleb (Nature) • 44% of Republicans Think Bill Gates Will Use Vaccine To Implant Microchip (BI) • China’s Coronavirus Campaign Offers Glimpse Into Surveillance System (R.) • Chinese City To

May 252020
Debt Rattle May 25 2020

Unknown Mark Twain (center, white suit) and a kitten (brown fur, left of center) at Tuxedo Park 1907   • More Patients Than Beds In Mumbai As India Faces Surge In Virus Cases (R.) • How Russia’s Coronavirus Crisis Got So Bad ( • Coronavirus Forces 100,000 NY Small Businesses To Close Permanently (Patch) • Big Pharma Rejected EU Plan To Fast-Track Vaccines In 2017 (G.) • Why Isn’t the Dollar Collapsing Given Trillions in Printing? (Mish) • Japan Eyes

May 242020
Debt Rattle May 24 2020

Walker Evans Street Scene, Vicksburg, Mississippi 1936   • Trump: ‘I Have A Chance To Break The Deep State’ (Attkisson) • The Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing To Reelect Trump (IC) • Over 4,300 Virus Patients Sent To NY Nursing Homes (AP) • Cuomo Tries To Deflect Blame Of Nursing Home COVID19 Deaths On To Trump (Fox) • Russia Reports 153 Coronavirus Deaths, Highest Daily Toll Yet (R.) • Dominic Cummings Must Quit Over Lockdown Drive – Tory MP (R.) •

May 232020
Debt Rattle May 23 2020

Adam Zyglis The son of man May 19 2020   • US Grants Tentative OK For 15 Air Carriers To Cut Service To 75 Airports (R.) • UK Confirms 14-Day Quarantine Post-Travel (Y!) • Remdesivir Study Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment (ZH) • NIH Trial: Redesivir Works Best In COVID Patients On Oxygen (R.) • US Veterans Agency Has Given HCQ To 1,300 Coronavirus Patients (R.) • COVID19 ‘Taking Different Path In Africa’, Says WHO (G.) • Peruvian

May 222020
Debt Rattle May 22 2020

Cave of swimmers, Gilf Kebir plateau, Sahara c6000 BCE   • Just 7.3% Of Stockholm Had COVID19 Antibodies By End Of April (G.) • Brazil Suffers Record Daily Coronavirus Death Toll, Soon To Be World No. 2 (R.) • Which US States Meet WHO Recommended Testing Criteria? (Johns Hopkins) • US Layoffs Spread Despite Businesses Reopening (R.) • New Zealand Discussing ‘Helicopter Money’ Handouts To Stimulate Economy (R.) • Washington State Loses 100s Of Millions Of Dollars In Unemployment Fraud

May 212020
Debt Rattle May 21 2020

Charles Camoin Village Street in Collioure 1912   • Don’t Count On Vaccine, US Scientist Warns (G.) • 42% Of Recent US Layoffs To Result In Permanent Job Loss – Study (Y!) • Sweden Had Highest Coronavirus Death Rate Per Capita In Last Week (Tel.) • YouTube Censors Video In Which Medical Doctors Said HCQ Might Help (JTN) • Media Matters and its Propaganda About Hydroxycholoroquine (Attkisson) • Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech Draws Interest In 23 Countries (R.) • Andrew

May 202020
Debt Rattle May 20 2020

Russell Lee South Side market, Chicago 1941   • Study Finds Recovered COVID Patients Who Test Positive Not Infectious (ZH) • Australian Study: COVID19 Spreads In Schools ‘Considerably Less’ Than Flu (JTN) • Why Australia Must SPEND Its Way Out Of The COVID19 Crisis (DM) • EU Exec To Propose €1 Trillion Euro Recovery Plan With Grants And Loans (R.) • The Great Opening-up (Jim Kunstler) • China Backs Investigation Of WHO And Coronavirus Pandemic (SCMP) • 8 Countries to