Jan 212020
Debt Rattle January 21 2020

Alfred Palmer U.S. Marine Corps glider detachment training camp, Parris Island, SC 1943   • Davos Man Is Richer Than Ever (BBG) • Markets Tumble As Human-to-Human Transmission Coronavirus Confirmed (ZH) • Flynn’s Lawyer: FBI Agents Wrote Flynn Didn’t Lie, We Have Eyewitness (ET) • McConnell Proposes Compressed Schedule For Impeachment Trial (Hill) • How The Senate Trial’s First Day May Proceed (Fox) • White House Appoints GOP House Members To Advise Trump’s Impeachment Team (Hill) • Chief Justice Roberts

Jan 202020
Go Home Greta

Edvard Munch Ashes 1894   I have a lot of sympathy for young(er) people who are upset about what has happened, and still is happening, to the planet they were born on, during their lifetime and that of the generations before them. I have less sympathy for the “climate movement” even if those same young people thinnk it represents them, because it has grown too big and too diverse, and has come to rely (for no reason) too much on

Jan 202020
Debt Rattle January 20 2020

Unknown   • Nadler Says Dems Unwilling To Negotiate Hunter Biden Testimony (Fox) • Warren Joins Bernie in Jabbing Biden on Social Security (Pol.) • Lindsey Graham Broke My Heart’ (Amy Klobuchar) • John Durham Investigaties Months Before Mueller Appointment (WE) • India’s Half-Finished “Ghost Towns” Leave Middle Class In Crisis (ZH) • Boris Johnson Urged To Publish Report On Russian Meddling (G.) • World’s Richest 2,000 People Hold More Than Poorest 4.6 Billion Combined (R.) • UN Decarbonisation Target

Jan 192020
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Debt Rattle January 19 2020

John Collier “Grandfather Romero, a member of the family of Juan Lopez, the majordomo, is ninety-nine years old.” Trampas, New Mexico 1943   • Biden Charges Sanders Camp Issued ‘Doctored Video’ To Attack Him (Pol.) • Rod Rosenstein Admits To Leaking Texts Between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page (NYP) • DOJ Court Filing Reveals Rosenstein Behind Strzok-Page Text Dumps (ZH) • House Files “Framers’ Worst Nightmare” Legal Brief (ZH) • Gowdy: God Help Us If The Trial Lasts Six Weeks (ZH)

Jan 182020
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Debt Rattle January 18 2020

Esther Bubley Watching parade to recruit civilian defense volunteers, Washington DC 1943   • Sanders Campaign Looks At Warren For Vice President AND Treasury Secretary (IC) • US Seeks To Determine If Yovanovitch Was Under Threat – Pompeo (R.) • Grave Tendings (Kunstler) • A Malicious Indictment (Buchanan) • New IMF Boss Says Global Economy Risks Return Of Great Depression (G.) • Battle of the Ages To Stop Eurasian Integration (Pepe Escobar) • China’s Growing Economic Collapse (WRB) • UK

Jan 172020
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Debt Rattle January 17 2020

Jack Delano Mrs. Marcella Hart, mother of three, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse. Chicago & North Western R.R. 1943   • BlackRock Will Start Moving Away from Fossil Fuels (NewYorker) • Microsoft Pledges To Eliminate Carbon Footprint By 2050 (Ind.) • With Rivals Stuck In Impeachment Trial, Biden, Buttigieg To Barnstorm Iowa (R.) • Parnas Now Denies Speaking With Trump (WE) • Putin Purged the West from the Kremlin (Luongo) • China’s Economic Growth Hits 29-Year Low (BBC)

Jan 162020
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Debt Rattle January 16 2020

G. G. Bain Asbury Park, Jersey Shore 1914 (just 35 years before Springsteen was born)   • House Delivers Articles Of Impeachment To Senate (ZH) • Warren Told Sanders He Called Her A Liar On National TV (R.) • CNN’s Debate Performance Was Villainous and Shameful (Matt Taibbi) • Sen. Rand Paul Says GOP Will Shaft Trump (GP) • Americans Beware! Russia Can Hack Your Brain (Bridge) • What Is Russia’s Putin Up To? (BBC) • Bloomberg Is Wasting His

Jan 152020
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Debt Rattle January 15 2020

Magazine and cannonballs at Battery Rodgers, Alexandria, defending Washington during the Civil War 1863   • At The Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders’s Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN (IC) • McConnell: Senate Impeachment Trial To Start Next Tuesday (Hill) • GOP: There Aren’t 51 Votes To Dismiss Trump Articles Of Impeachment (Hill) • McConnell Opens Door For Hunter Biden Testimony At Trump Trial (Hill) • Michael Flynn Seeks To Withdraw Guilty Plea (G.) • Five Biggest US Stocks Are Dwarfing The

Jan 142020
Debt Rattle January 14 2020

G. G. Bain The new Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge over the East River, NYC 1909   • The Coming Clash Between Bernie And Biden (Pol.) • Joe Biden’s Campaign Chairman Rallies Wall Street Donors (CNBC) • Sanders-Warren Fight Unnerves Progressives (Hill) • The Democrats Are Demanding Witnesses With One Notable Exception (Turley) • Sedition in Real Time (Kunstler) • The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the ‘Brexit Election’ (Graeber) • UN Draft Plan Sets 2030 Target To

Jan 132020
Debt Rattle January 13 2020

G.G. Bain Three-ton electric sign blown into Broadway, New York. 1912   • ‘I’m Spending All My Money To Get Rid Of Trump’: Michael Bloomberg (R.) • What If @realDonaldTrump Is Brilliant? (Papachelas) • Warren, Sanders Campaigns Spar In Rare Show Of Discord (R.) • How Bad Can The Climate Crisis Get If Trump Wins Again? (G.) • Avoid UK Recession By Kickstarting Green Economy, Says Thinktank (G.) • China Is Really Worried About Unemployment, Social Unrest (CNN) • Ford’s