May 252022
Debt Rattle May 25 2022

Vincent van Gogh Pietà (after Delacroix) 1889   • America’s Ukraine Policy Is On A Collision Course With Reality (Moloney) • The Secret American Plan to Make Russia Great Again (Orlov) • Ukraine Official Blasts Kissinger Over Comment on Ceding Territory (Celente) • NATO vs Russia: What Happens Next (Escobar) • No Way Out but War (Chris Hedges) • Finland, Sweden Send Teams To Turkey After Erdogan’s ‘Don’t Even Bother’ (ZH) • Comey’s FBI Lied To Its Own Agents In

May 242022
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Debt Rattle May 24 2022

Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474   • We’re in It Now for Sure (Kunstler) • False Russia Collusion Story Began And Ended With Hillary Clinton (JTN) • FBI Alfa-Bank Inquiry Based On DOJ ‘Referral’ That Came From Sussmann (WE) • Durham Puts FBI Investigators On Stand (JTN) • What It Means That Hillary Clinton Did It (AT) • A Major National Embarrassment Is Being Hidden From Ukrainians (Storozhenko) • UK Backs Lithuania’s Plan To Lift Russian Blockade Of Ukraine Grain (G.)

May 232022
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Debt Rattle May 23 2022

Eugène Delacroix Pietà 1837   • Want To See The Scale Of DC Corruption? (CTH) • Apparently Mueller and Weissmann Never Interviewed Robby Mook (CTH) • Sussmann Peddled Anti-Trump Claims To CIA After The Election (WT) • Baker Says FBI Investigated Sussmann Alfa Bank Claims: Nothing There (Fox) • Azov Surrenders. Who Will Be The Sacred Martyr Now? (Milacic) • Operation Z – Dumb Bombs Go To School (Sonar21) • Germans ‘Schwedt’ Hard For Russian Oil (Vilches) • Is Subject

May 222022
Debt Rattle May 22 2022

El Greco La Pietà c1575   • Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s Role In The Alfa Bank Scandal (Turley) • Hillary Clinton’s Trump/Russia Media Strategy Revealed (Techno Fog) • Biden Keeping Up Employment At The Gaffe Factory (Howie Carr) • Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War (Escobar) • Is US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet? (Antiwar) • A Thread on “Azov” (RWA) • Gen. Milley Warns West Point Graduates Of ‘Increasing’ Risk Of Global War (Fox)

May 212022
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Debt Rattle May 21 2022

Rembrandt van Rijn The deposition 1632-33   • Biden’s America Rots from the Head Down (J.B. Shurk) • The Swamp Must Be Drained (Conrad Black) • Elon Musk: There Will Be Blood (CTH) • Robby Mook Testifies Hillary Directed Campaign to Push Russiagate (CTH) • Theories Exist to Be Proven (Jim Kunstler) • Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year (Senger) • Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations (Whitney Webb) • Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, May

May 202022
Debt Rattle May 20 2022

Marion Post Wolcott Signboard along highway in Alabama 1939   • Many Ukrainian Fighters Remain In Azovstal, ‘Operation Going On’ (R.) • Surrender “On Far Bigger Scale Than Kyiv Has Acknowledged” (ZH) • Biden Resists Ukrainian Demands For Long-range Rocket Launchers (Pol.) • When US Pivot Is Seen As An ‘Expansion’ Into Asia (Kukis) • US Aid To Ukraine Borrowed From China: Rand Paul (JTN) • US Adds $100 Million In Arms For Ukraine On Top Of $40 Billion Aid

May 192022
Debt Rattle May 19 2022

Jack Delano Diner along U.S. Highway No. 1 near Berwyn, Maryland 1940   • The American Cause in Ukraine: Freedom or Empire? (Drake) • Western Leaders Tied To Ukraine Bioweapons Labs (Woltz) • Major NATO War Games Set to Begin Miles From Russian Base (LI) • Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner (USAW) • Biden’s ‘Disinformation’ Clown Show ‘Paused,’ Scary Poppins Resigns (Celente) • Mortality Among White-Collar Workers Jumped 24% Between 2020 and 2021

May 182022
Debt Rattle May 18 2022

Pablo Picasso Young girl throwing a rock 1931   • After the NATO War is Over (Batiushka) • The War in Ukraine. Scott Ritter’s Switcheroo (Whitney) • Fate Of Hundreds Of Ukrainian Soldiers Unclear As Azovstal Resistance Ends (G.) • ‘Defenders of Mariupol Are The Heroes Of Our Time’ (G.) • ‘Conflict Observatory’ to Document Evidence of Russian War Crimes (Celente) • McConnell Says Congress Hopes to Approve Sweden’s NATO Bid by August (ET) • EU Diplomat: ‘We Are Reaching

May 172022
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War Is Over But They Won't Tell You

Herbert James Draper A Deep Sea Idyll 1902(?!)     You’re not going to hear it from the western media or politicians, let alone NATO, but overnight the Ukraine war, or special operation, ended. And Russia won, on all fronts and on their own terms. Thre’ll be some more skirmishes, and a few more body bags, but not because the outcome of the war could still be changed. It’s done. It’s funny to see how the nazi Azov “soldiers” that

May 172022
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Debt Rattle May 17 2022

Man Ray Le Violon d’Ingres 1924   • At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To Russians At Azovstal Plant (ZH) • Hundreds Of Ukrainian Troops Evacuated From Azobvstal After 82-Day Assault (G.) • Russia Has The Historical Right To Invade Ukraine (Finkelstein) • Death By A Thousand Cuts: Where Is The West’s Ukraine Strategy? (Escobar) • EU Plans Loans And Grants To Help Rebuild Ukraine (G.) • Turkey Says It Will Not Approve Sweden And Finland Joining NATO (G.) •