Feb 192020
Debt Rattle February 19 2020

Arthur Siegel Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland. Liberty ship construction. Welding on a hatch assembly at night. 1943   • Elderly Guests Leave First As Diamond Princess Quarantine Ends In Japan (SCMP) • Japan Releases First 500 ‘Diamond Princess’ Passengers (ZH) • Coronavirus Up To 20 Times More Likely Than Sars To Bind To Human Cells (SCMP) • Russia To Ban Entry Of Chinese Nationals To Halt Virus (AP) • Foreign Pilots At Chinese Airlines Return Home On Unpaid Leave (R.)

Feb 182020
Debt Rattle February 18 2020

Jack Delano Entrance to colored drivers’ lunchroom at truck service station on U.S. 1 (New York Avenue) 1940   • 338 Americans Flown Home From Cruise Ship, Including 14 With Coronavirus (R.) • US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine (ZH) • Virus Kills Chinese Film Director and Family in Wuhan (Chow) • Disease Modelers See The Future Of COVID-19 (STAT) • China Faces Back To Work Concerns As Firms Report Coronavirus Infections (SCMP) • Apple Unlikely To Meet Revenue Guidance Due

Feb 172020
Debt Rattle February 17 2020

Jack Delano Discarded oil cans at truck service station on U.S. 1, New York Avenue, Washington, DC 1940   • Japan Braces For Hundreds More Cases Onboard Cruise Ship (G.) • Taiwan Confirms First Coronavirus Death On Island, Cases At 20 (R.) • Pay Attention To Shanghai, Beijing, Japan Infection Rates (F.) • Japan’s Economy Shrinks At Fastest Rate Since 2014 (BBC) • Coronavirus Cases Rise Again In China, Recession Looms In Japan, Singapore (R.) • Americans Disembark From Virus-Hit

Feb 162020
Debt Rattle February 16 2020

John Collier Trucks on highway en route to Utica, New York 1941   • Chinese Doctors Say Wuhan Coronavirus Reinfection Even Deadlier (ZH) • 70 More Infections On Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Bring Total To 355 (SCMP) • Cruise Passengers Face 14 More Days In Quarantine On Return To Hong Kong (SCMP) • Quarantined Cruise Ship Passenger Speaks Out Against US Evacuation Plan (Fox) • American From Cruise Ship Docked In Cambodia Tests Positive In Malaysia For Coronavirus (R.) •

Feb 152020
Debt Rattle February 15 2020

Harris & Ewing Gettysburg 50th reunion: Grand Army of the Republic and the United Confederate Veterans 1913   • Massive Medical Response As China Death Toll Reaches 1,526 (SCMP) • Beijing To Quarantine All Arrivals As Economic Life Struggles To Pick Up (R.) • Xi Puts On Brave Face, Vows To Deliver Economic Goals Amid Coronavirus (SCMP) • Egypt Confirms Coronavirus Case, The First In Africa (AlJ) • Chinese Medical Staff Pay ‘Too High A Price’ In Battle To Curb

Feb 142020
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Debt Rattle February 14 2020

Alfred Palmer Halftrack scout car brought up to Army standards of smartness. White Motor Company, Cleveland Dec 1941   • Beijing Lowers Coronavirus Deaths By 108 Due To “Double Counting” (ZH) • Singapore’s Biggest Daily Jump In New Coronavirus Cases Takes Tally To 58 (R.) • Foxconn Denies Reuters Reports On Factory Restart In China (ZH) • WHO Advisor Says Coronavirus May Infect Over 5 Billion People (ZH) • Senate Passes Iran War Powers Resolution Despite Trump’s Opposition (CNN) •

Feb 132020
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Debt Rattle February 13 2020

DPC Wanted: 500 men to eat frankfurters (click to see sign), Bowery, Rockaway, NY 1905   • Hubei’s Coronavirus Cases Rise 10-Fold After Change In Diagnostic Criteria (SCMP) • COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases (Worldometer) • Beijing Battles ‘Crisis Of Chernobyl Proportions’ In Virus Outbreak (SCMP) • Roger Stone Sentencing Drama Roils Capitol Hill (Pol.) • Yiannopoulos to Gift Royalties From Roger Stone Book to His Defense Fund (GP) • Devin Nunes: Examples Of ‘What Mueller Team Was Really Doing’ Coming Soon

Feb 132020
China Cedes Virus Control

Saul Leiter 463 1956   • Hubei’s Coronavirus Cases Rise 10-Fold After Change In Diagnostic Criteria (SCMP) • COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases (Worldometer) • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mortality Rate (Worldometer) • 44 More Cases On Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Anchored Off Japan (SCMP) • WHO Team Arrives In China As Wuhan Coronavirus Deaths Top SARS (CNN) • Beijing’s Purge Over Virus Takes Down Top Communist Party Officials In Hubei (SCMP) • Botched Wuhan Quarantine Left Dead Bodies In The Street (ZH)

Feb 122020
Debt Rattle February 12 2020

Dorothea Lange Daughter of white tobacco sharecropper at country store. Person County, North Carolina 1939   • China Reports 97 New Deaths, 2,059 New Cases Confirmed (SCMP) • Coronavirus Cases Fall, Experts Disagree Over Whether Peak Is Near (R.) • Japan Cruise Ship Virus Cases Jump To 175 (R.) • At Least 500 Wuhan Medical Staff Infected With Coronavirus (SCMP) • China’s Banks Face $6 Trillion Coronavirus Cataclysm (ZH) • China Home Sales Crash In First Week Of February ‘Worse

Feb 112020
Debt Rattle February 11 2020

Mathew Brady Grand Review of the Army. Units of XX Army Corps, Army of Georgia, Pennsylvania Ave. near the Treasury, Washington, DC. May 24 1865   • 3 Wuhan Officials Summoned To Explain Failings (SCMP) • China Gets Back To Work As Death Toll Reaches 1,018 (SCMP) • China Firms Cut Staff On Virus Outbreak As Xi Vows No Large-Scale Layoffs (R.) • Senior Chinese Officials ‘Removed’ As Death Toll Hits 1,000 (BBC) • Outspoken Academic Blames Xi Jinping For