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    Did you hear about the peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19?

    Stanford study quietly published at NIH.gov proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid


    According to Jay Bhattacharya, Fauci is the #1 anti-vaxxer:


    This the most detailed image of a human cell to date, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy.

    Now imagine how easy that is to damage and what disrupts its optimum performance.


    Mister Roboto

    One point that I think bears making in response to what this author said about US death rates: The death-rate for 2020 exceeded the death-rate for 2019 by roughly the amount of people who are estimated to have died of Covid.


    All the points made are pertinent, and as Ilargi says, require answers. Not keen on the form of it – it is somehow too bullet-pointed, and one-sided. Not clear to me if he is doing his personal rant, I me, me, my list, or is actually trying to convince others. Polarisation won’t help anybody no matter what the ‘cause’… Anyways, good summary, hat tip.

    (Personally I – me, me, Noirette, ha ha 🙂 ! would have left off mutations, this is too complicated, and probably not correct; would have left off Geert oftheWoods – citing more Science and Figures of Authority is no use at all, ppl don’t know these characters and so don’t trust them…

    Adding: famous and Gvmt. ppl going on TV to promote the vax is unheard of and very disconcerting – med. oversight / community is being by-passed, but then … in the US one sees ads for drugs on TV! Anyways, getting vaxxed or not in the US is turning into a tribal-cultural issue. Big Pharma competition has spawned a similar country-competition world-wide, see the US discouraging Brazil from using / allowing the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

    U.S. pressured Brazil to ditch Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine

    Polder Dweller asked: What is going on here? Is it profit motive, pure and simple, and hang the consequences, or is there something more Malthusian at hand? What happens if even 1% of those vaccinated end up with serious medical problems or dying? What happens if it’s many more?

    A vital qu.! The profit motive plays a role for sure, Big Pharma has tried many tricks before, their shareholders are greedy and expectant, the CEOs want to surpass tech billionaires, etc.

    New this time round is the BigPharma Grip on Gvmts (Gvmts. have been weakened over the last 20 years, Westphalian States are going out of fash’, Biden is a puppet, Macron tries to keep up but is obviously brought to order..), and on the MSM (USuk-isr, EU) who are ruling the roost by controlling the “narrative” and the information allowed, and pushing incredibly hard in one direction only, in favor of BigPharma.

    MSM’s gain is not directly financial (maybe for some parties thru complex Corp melds) but rests on the power to control, manipulate, influence, decide. Indispensible Intermediaries.

    To be the Masters … To decide who is worthy, who is not, who can be enslaved, or not, who is to die, or not. All these aspects mix up in a toxic stew of hubris, irrationality, individual advancement, glory, etc.


    A post by IM Doc on Naked Capitalism, titled:

    The CDC’s VAERS and Vaccine Complications: The System is Broken.

    recounting his personal experience.

    The CDC’s VAERS and Vaccine Complications: The System is Broken

    Peter Joseph

    Why I will not be getting a Covid 19 Vaccine? 2 reasons, I’ve had it and survived and I have procured IVERMECTIN, which kills sars covid in 5 days. Wish somebody else besides me and a few others would tell this fact to the world.

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