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    I popped into Mother Earth News this morning and found this site featuring an incredibly simple, beautiful and versatile wood burning, American made, stainless steel cylindrical fuel stove that is compact, uses a very economical amount of wood fuel, can be installed in an RV or a boat, is virtually smokeless and can also run an off grid generator, fan, vacuum cleaner, charge a cell phone, run a computer etc with a few attachments – and it cooks! (It almost sounds as versatile and capable as a woman! 🙂


    It was built by it’s wonderfully woodsy inventor when he and his wife and young daughter were living on a boat in a very cold winter in the US and needed a fire and something to cook on.

    I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading everything I can find about it and looking at myriad YouTubes on it. I don’t need one here as I have a wood burning fuel stove that does so much already (but nothing like this!).

    It seems to have just been released and if there’s someone out there who’s a little bit handy and can see all the possibilities that I can see for the future with this little gem and who needs/wants to start a new distribution business (and no, unfortunately, I’m not being paid to say this:) then go to it, peeps…. call the guy! Support him!

    The earth needs this sort of thinking. Well done Roger and Bridget Lehet, the Kimberley’s inventors!


    Thank you, jal. I’ve changed the link to the one you suggested…


    I started searching the web for this as I wanted to know the price. What a shock to find out they want $3500 for this baby. Sorry, way beyond my budget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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