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    So Crazy It Might Work Dept.

    Breaking Bad –
    How to Topple Banks and Oil Giants

    Green energy proponents fail to understand why the poor and soon-to-be-poor middle class don’t want a bird in the bush for the two in their hand. Money is dirty energy producing C02, C04 and N20. That’s how we live. The Greens want a massive wealth transfer from rich to poor – not bloody likely. Let’s end the standoff, there is another way.

    Banks use the American dollar as the world reserve currency for protecting Gulf oil fields. Their greatest fear is loss of the U.S. dollar as a hegemonic power. If we #occupy a new electronic world currency, we can beat the banks and oil giants at their own game. Bitcoin has already become a new world black market sensation. After all, what is money except little blips on computers. Money is electronic. It has a value because the world agrees it does. The new currency would be democratic and open based on the production of green energy. If green energy is bought and sold in a new world electronic currency, we could start a new gold rush. We could also use this currency in trading organic food. But, we have to get started.

    We are standing the middle of the collapse of a failed economy based on the private creation of currency and credit. It’s time to grow up and leave the old world behind. The alternative is an endless war of attrition in retreat to the poles.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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