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    Here is my contribution to this topic.
    You could spend many hours of learning on this site.


    “I honestly believe that ANYONE can adapt the things we have done and make their small farm (or even a big back yard) profitable. Of course this does not mean it’s easy; farming will always be work. But I have not found any job that is more satisfying.
    To wrap it up, I want you to realize that I am not special in being able to start a small farm, and an online business I learned how to do both those things step by step, and anyone can do the same. The resources on this site are intended to help with that learning curve. The final message to take away from this is, you can do it, too if you believe you can.
    Best regards,

Scott Kelland
New Terra Farm”

    (If you find this usefull, maybe it could be put into the front page of Lifeboat Section of The Automatic Earth.)

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