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    Golden Oxen

    Both are a bad choice. They are just two heads of the same Mammon monster. We now measure the strength and likely success of our candidates by who can raise the most money. Integrity, platform, accomplishments, ideals, compassion, ability to serve as a role model for our youth, these and many attributes are cast aside as nonsense today.Who Can Raise the Most Money? Who Can Buy the Most Radio and TV ADS? Who is Photogenic and Looks Presidential? What a disgrace. We have the best political system corrupt fiat currency can buy.

    Ken Barrows

    The election of Mitt Romney will demonstrate that Americans, contrary to common belief, can be an ironic people.


    As self destructive as it was, the O-man’s election was just to punish the Republicans for not controlling Bush. I can see that they didn’t learn anything. Someone is actually making a compelling case on how it might be better for true conservatives to vote for Obama and not Mitt. At least with such a deadlock in place nothing major should happen (excluding the long-term damage from an Obama suppreme court appointment).


    The Republican part is the American Taliban. Their motto is Lie always and often, then use FOX to get it on the air. While certainly the Dems are not perfect, they are the only people in government that will help the people who have little. It will certainly be ironic if Romney is elected, like putting a loaded shotgun in the countries mouth and pulling the trigger on election day. We should certainly stop spending on any Republican. No FEMA, no Social Security, no Medicare, no deductions for kids or houses. We should practice what they preach.


    After the insane corporatism of the current court, I fail to see what an Obama appointee could do that is worse.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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