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    Forgive me . I’m still learning to navigate and can’t find the person who brought up the ZH article about Anonymous.
    They came to help Canadians too. Last week a Minister of the Harper gov’t. Mr. Toews, tried to get a bill through the House to override our Charter of Individual Rights and Freedoms by giving the police unfettered access to our internet activity. This slimy minister called any Cdn unwilling to forfeit Charter rights a supporter of pornographers. The country has been outraged but powerless. Anomymous hacked Mr. Toews’s e-mail exposing s nasty divorce proceeding. Poor Mr. Toews feels threatened and has asked the RCMP to investigate the unruly citizenship. In the very public debate and outrage important questions are not being asked by anyone. Most important, who wrote this piece of shite legislation and for what purpose especially as every single privacy minister from every provincial gov’t opposes it. They even called for one example from the police where the powers they have prevented them from doing their work.Not one was submitted. In fact the Cdn police have a very good record of catching pornographers and pedophiles. I am still sick to my stomach that the gov’t accuses me and my neighbours of supporting criminal activity. God bless Anonymous as none of the opposition parties have yet to throw Mr. Toews out of Parliament. I hope Anonymous can do it.
    I want to know why the RCMP isn’t investigating the government for this dark agenda. Who wants to deprive Canadians of their Charter Rights and why?
    I have also been busy fighting for the separation of Church and State. All political parties here sent representatives to Rome to kiss the ring of a new Canadian Cardinal, Cardinal Collins whose stated agenda/mission is to oppose secularism. Dark shadows falling on the North, strong and free….

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