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    Here are some photos of the aquaponics system we have only just finished installing. BASICALLY, fish in 1000 to 3000 litre tanks are fed, create waste products which are pumped into beds of growing medium (expanded clay), after a few weeks an extensive bacterial colony is established in the growing medium which converts fish excrement into nutrients for plant growth. The pumps are powered from domestic on grid solar power system.

    I have 100 silver perch in the large tank and about 30 goldfish in the small tank. Plants are growing surprisingly well, although this system is currently primed with 30% hydroponic solution until the fish get bigger and the bacterial colonies become well established.

    Eventually much of the fish food will be created from worm farms and plants that we grow ourselves. Having the growing beds on stands eliminated a lot of ground crawling insect “pests” and is very user friendly for tired and injured backs, 90% automated food production, just feed the fish, put in the seedlings, top up water ftom rainwater tanks occasionally and harvest the food.

    Wide angle shots of system

    Growing Beds 2 weeks after planting

    There is a cucumber in there about 3 days from harvest, this bed has been operating for about 5 weeks.

    These lettuces were put in as seedlings and will be usable as food in about a week, thats only 3 weeks growing time!

    Small emergency power supply for the rare and brief power outages. Eventually we will convert to offgrid solar and wind power.

    Here is a link to the company we bought the system from, infomercial and practical videos at this page;


    This is great stuff GlennJeff! With your permission, I would like to get the information up in the Doomsteading area of the Doomstead Diner. You can go there directly also and add it yourself at





    If your site is NOT FOR PROFIT sorta thing then no worries, have observed the good work you are doing but am spread a bit thin to post to numerous blogs. I intend to expand on this and raised bed gardening in the near future.

    The wife pulled one of those lettuces this evening for her night shift meal, that’s 2 weeks seedling to mouth, it’s only lettuce but hey, cool.


    For Profit? We are about the only Blog you will find that doesn’t even have Ads running or a Donate Button.

    I’ll drop your post into the Hydroponics Board.




    Looks good in big screen RE, glad it is usefull.



    First cucumber

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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