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    Alfred Eisenstaedt Egyptian Fishing Boats. Suez Canal near Port Said 1935   According to Middle East Eye, Richard Branson, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Ec
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    I wonder if its a good idea to keep all your rich relative locked up in a hotel room until they share their wealth?


    Dr. D, you made an observation about markets existing for price discovery.

    An unnamed Rothschild disagrees with that assessment, and in no uncertain terms.

    I posted his exact quote on the relevant forum, which is linked below. You probably won’t be surprised as to his claimed role for the stock markets, especially once he expresses it. It is kind of like a “duh” moment. At least it was for me.

    Of Course The Fed Is Crazy


    “Keep in mind that the popular model of WORLD WAR is a concept whose time has come and gone. It is an obsolete strategy…from our side anyway.

    The trend-line favors integration and globalization. The WORLD WAR model promotes NATIONALISM…us vs them.

    This is the ERA of the BIG EVENT. Global spectacles where all will be watching, and to some degree, invested. The 9/11 show garnered the sympathy of many of the world’s population…later to be lost, of course. Watch for similar BIG EVENTS coming to a neighborhood near you!

    Laughing out Loud!

    Of course, the risk of any one human being killed is infinitesimal, but the risk of what is happening every day, every second to your life and odds of survival is 100%, or higher!

    The current process is that of grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder, which scatters at the first sign of wind (note – referring to the machinations of their debt-based monetary system).

    Catherine Fitts, a knowing human, has defined the current phenomena as SLOW BURN. Exactly correct. Stress levels are high anticipating the next big thing while the degradation of EVERYTHING continues unnoticed. Wheat into flour.

    The boiling frog syndrome.

    The ruling elites use of the Corporation as a SHIELD and tool of oppression has been going on for decades! How could one seriously believe that is NEW in any sense of the word?”
    ~Unnamed Rothschild

    V. Arnold

    I agree, ban Saudi oil and the export of all offensive weapons systems.
    Fat chance for that…………

    Dr. D

    Goes to show how journalists think: a thousand guys blown apart, dismembered, a country of a million starved, poisoned, destroyed? Meh. But ONE JOURNALIST??? OMG stop the world something terrible has happened!!! Call out the boycotts, the Marines, even JP Morgan if we have to!!! …And then there’s ISIS which they fully and openly funded, after discussing it for years, and even having the U.S. attempt to take over Syria for them as far back as the 50’s. …And did I mention when they invaded Bahrain?

    But there was a journalist. Really.

    As in they are the ME generation, narcissistic beyond imagining, and only care for themselves. Really.

    When Saudi oil goes down, the Petrodollar goes down. But the U.S. was going to take Saudi down LAST, after the other 5 nations, ending with Syria, and then facing Iran. But since Saudi has no more oil, I guess the time is now.

    Related, while the U.S. was doing what they do best, a circus show, Putin signed India on to 6 nuke plants and a massive oil pipeline down the Silk Road. Guess Oceania don’t provide India with outdated energy no more. As a market as massive as Europe, let the fireworks begin.


    I am publishing this over at my place on Monday. But since AE is an important source for me, I thought that I would let folks preview it here. Since I am a vulgar person (6 years in the infantry and 25 years in the lab lead to such social awkwardness) I will not be offended should Raul decide to remove this.

    As always, thanks Ilargi for your work. I promise to send a donation as soon as I stop being poor.

    Its Such a Crock

    So, MBS and his oil-rich assholes decide to snuff a journalist and the world come sunglued.


    The Saudi’s attacked the world trade center, have been stirring up trouble in Iraq and Syria ever since, and have been killing Yemeni children at an alarming clip for a couple of years now. It is not like we haven’t known for years that they were bastards.

    So what made the difference now. Why, they killed a journalist!!

    Doesn’t that say everything about how we think. The folks who run Saudi Arabia are fucking scum. But since they are oil-producing scum, we have been giving them a free pass for years as long as they keep the oil spigots open.

    At a minimum tens of thousands of people have been killed. The bastards even manage to throw missiles into school buses full of children and we ignore them.

    But now they have committed a true crime. They have killed a journalist. A hellfire and a school bus are page seven news but a Saudi journalist being killed (I would guess that since he was coming out of the embassy, he was shaking down the “kingdom” for coins not to publish) the world is turned upside down.

    There are not that many “journalists” anymore. We only have people who try to control what we think. The idea of presenting facts in a greater context is a thing of the long ago. It is all about controlling the narrative now, making certain that your own views and those of your corporate masters control the information that the masses think so that corporate profits can be higher.

    When I am my most cynical, I wonder if the corporate media’s current epiphany that the Saudis are a bunch of bastards is in any way connected to the ever-increasing water cut at Gwahar
    If you want to stop by on Monday …..

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