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    What’s worse than creating hundreds of billions of dollars worth of absolutely unproductive debts over the course of a few years? Setting a target for
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    “A population already squeezed to death by high costs of living, horrible conditions of working and no return on savings, only to see the same destructive policies implemented over and over again, will not be a happy population for much longer.”

    I’ve read some amazing articles on the massive unrest in China. Not just the 18 girls who committed suicide from jumping off the top of the factory, but massive numbers of strikes and demonstrations that seem to never be mentioned in MSM. I’ll look for info on these.

    China has a past where workers were honored (at least by lip service) and they fought back against the Japanese and later over threw a government. Conditions are so bad today, I expect we only hear the tiniest amount of info from TPTB there.

    steve from virginia

    The question in China was the choice between currency arbitrage/dollar preference and hyperinflation or collapsing credit and deflation. China has a lot of dollars loose on the streets …

    China also has a massive debt overhang. Deflation pushes short rates down to zero while dollar preference and plunging fuel prices (caused by/resulting from) dollar preference amplify … what exactly? Confusion and disorder.

    China looks to be the world’s biggest accounting control fraud: outcome? Chaos.


    good grief – all that log in stuff and I forgot what I was going to say!

    Oh yes… and we are helping this position by only buying local. As we are encouraged to do. Its all very odd – do one thing and you cause mayhem in one direction but do the other and the mayhem simply moves to somewhere else!

    A nice cave with no electronic media of any kind might be the answer. Preferably one with a comfortable sofa, a library and a good garden attached – complete with gardener 🙂

    On a more realistic level, I suspect that this problem will eventually have to be solved by the local populace as a whole as the world in general is in no fit state to do so.

    viv in nz


    According to Parsons, during the period 1629–44, there were as many as 234,185 insurrections in China, averaging 43 events per day, or 1.8 outbreaks per hour” (Deng 1999:220) (note in David Graeber : Debt, The first 5000 years)

    1.8 outbreaks per hour, and there weren’t a billion chinese at the time.

    Mark T

    “We now live in a world where deflation has become public enemy number one. In this current economic environment, governments seek a condition of perpetual inflation in order to maintain the illusion of prosperity in the developed world. But in reality, deflation is the free-market approach to rectify a secular period of superfluous money supply growth, debt accumulation and asset price appreciation.”

    “The plain truth is that the current debt levels, carried by the developed world, demand a period of massive deleveraging to occur. A healthy and cathartic period of deflation is needed; where asset prices fall, money supply shrinks and debt levels are reduced to a level that can be supported by the free market. This is the only viable answer for various nations struggling with solvency.

    However, the return journey from rampant inflation and asset bubbles always carries insolvency and defaults along for the ride. Defaulting on debt is deflationary in nature and restructuring your liabilities is the only choice when you owe more money than you can pay back.

    The prevalent idea among heads of state and central banks is that a country can borrow and print more money in order to eliminate the problems caused by too much debt and inflation. But more inflation can never be the cure for rising prices and piling on more debt can’t solve a condition of insolvency. “

    Deflation Isn’t the Enemy


    Mark T post=3157 wrote:
    Deflation Isn’t the Enemy

    Uh, yes it is. The [D]elites are incredibly adept at psychology and misinformation.

    For example, they have everyone feeling smart talking about “the business cycle” when, in reality, it is their “societal asset stripping cycle” where they manipulate the money supply to bankrupt people and then take their physical assets.

    Yet people think they are part of the “in crowd” discussing the “business cycle.”

    In a debt based, fractionally reserved, 1 quadrillion derivativized monetary system, deflation IS THE ENEMY.


    Bank accounts will be zeroed out. Stock values will collapse. Housing prices will collapse. Government tax receipts will collapse.

    Social Security payments will collapse. FDIC will collapse. Medicare will collapse. Job opportunities will collapse. Unemployment will collapse. States will collapse and the [D]elites will buy up all the state resources for cheap (insider deals with those they financed into office) and then toll their subjects to death.

    The whole point of a monetary deflation is to take your real stuff – so yes, it will be nasty.

    Remember one thing, though, as this plays out. The bubble and the bust ARE A MONETARY PHENOMENON.

    The “Money Masters” are using the monetary systems of the world to enslave the nation states and they will pose as our saviours… the criminals in charge who created this fraud will pose as the solution with another fraud that gives them even more wealth and more control.

    Education the people regarding the stealth asymmetric warfare that is Debt Money Tyranny.

    Expose the Federal Reserve and all their media, education and political collaborators as the lying criminals they are:

    Read the mandate and then look how they lie about it to cover the fact they’ve broken it for 25 years running.

    Also note that their “law” has no penalty.

    Sweet – criminals make their own laws without penalties. Must be nice, eh?

    Denninger said he read the entirety of FinReg and said there WAS NOT A SINGLE *ORE ELSE* CLAUSE IN THE WHOLE THING…. no penalties for breaking it.

    They will play us for fools every time. The only question is… will we play the role of fools?

    Golden Oxen

    Triv Quoted “Remember one thing, though, as this plays out. The bubble and the bust ARE A MONETARY PHENOMENON “.

    This was a super posting Triv, The no penalties for these vermin is an excellent point that is brought up much to infrequently. You definitely have all the qualities of becoming a hard core gold bug. How I wish I could convert you to the Faith. Regards, From A Serious and Jesting Go.

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