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    Louise Cooper of BGC Partners pointed out an interesting fact about the etymology of the English word “deadline” – it came from the American Civil War
    [See the full post at: Crossing the Greek Dead Lines]


    I’m still trying to find out how this blog works.

    Since I cannot find any comments for “Re: Crossing the Greek Dead Lines”, then this must be the first comment.

    The markets have everything under control. There is no exit panic … yet.


    Interesting etymology on the word “deadline.” The evolution of the word from its original use to its present use would also be interesting!


    It always amazed me as a child how wile e coyote did that anti-gravity thing. I actually believed that if one unknowingly stepped of a high place there would be a brief delay before gravity took control, and if I was quick enough I could get back to safety during that period of reality suspension. I even did some thinking about experimentally testing my hypothesis.

    I therefore conclude that Eurocrats are children and television damages cognitive function. 👿


    Congrats on the new site. Looking forward to following you work here. Best of Luck!


    Glennjeff post=80 wrote: I therefore conclude that Eurocrats are children

    Not only that, but they treat their citizens like children.

    Merkozy have made several comments today about how a Greek bankruptcy “isn’t an option”, but also that Greek cannot get aid to rollover March debts without agreeing to significant austerity and securing “adequate” haircuts from private creditors. If Greece does not get both of those, it will be bankrupt. So either Merkozy believe there is no possible way their WILL does not get imposed on millions of others, like little autocratic children, or they believe Europeans are childish enough not to understand how often they contradict themselves in public.

    Probably a mix of both.


    Flummoxed too.


    Kabuki theatre indeed with a dash of Beckett–Waiting for Godot. (is Godot a conflation of God and idiot?) Certainly the volks running around to their meetings must have some god–like intentions of solving the crisis and are idiots for believing it or in themselves. My personal take is, fall down already, you’ve been shot, you’re clinically dead, so stop walking around talking nonsense.


    I do think today’s ‘escrow’ idea from Merkozy makes some kind of perverse sense. They don’t care about Greece’s welfare, but they want to prevent a default. Solution: commit to paying Greece’s debts (of course, the debt isn’t being forgiven, just taken over), but don’t finance the Greek government. Who knows what effects it would have, or if it will happen.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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