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    In the effort to better determine what the opinion of the TAE Readership is regarding the Admin of Ashvin, I have created a Poll open to guests as well as members on DD to cast their Votes on this burning question. You can vote in complete anonymity in this Poll, so don’t worry about insulting anybody here 🙂

    The Poll choices are as follows:

    I LOVE the arcane references to Schrodinger’s Uncertainty Principle in Ashvin’s articles! It helps me understand the Quantum Level of Collapse much better!

    Ashvin is taking TAE in New Directions and even though nobody understands what he is saying, we should give him some time here.

    I was really depressed to learn that Stoneleigh and Ilargi were lost in a small Plane Crash in the Outback

    Ashvin is SATAN! His putrid prose will give you Bovine Spongiform Encepalopathy! Read it and you will turn into a Mad Cow!

    Ashvin would be doing just fine if he would just BAN RE already and get it over with!

    Vote today in the Ashvin Popularity Poll!




    I voted my opinion of you popularity by clicking on the minus sign next to you karma. As you have said, what goes around comes around.



    Oh come on Candace, lighten up. That is some funny stuff there. LOL.




    i hit that minus sign, too, candace. AND i voted that you should be banned. you’re back to zero, buddy. join the club.




    I don’t want anyone to be banned. I didn’t even want Cheryl to be banned. I just didn’t want “her” logging in under other people’s IDs and putting words in their mouths. As long as Cheryl’s posts were just Cheryl’s posts I could read them, ignore them or respond to them as I chose. The problem was when “Cheryl” started misrepresenting “herself” as other posters.

    I think RE contributes many useful comments. I find his humor rather mean spirited. That’s what I thought deserved the negative vote. It seems rather ingracious to come to someone else’s blog and spew about how awful they think the writing is and by the way you should read my blog instead.

    Went to his blog, has the same things about it that I don’t like about the new version of TAE – too busy. I’m just an old stick in the mud.



    You gotta love how RE must use the TAE forum to get people to vote on his silly DD poll about me, or to read any of his articles on DD for that matter. It reminds me of a friend who crashes in your house for a few days – turning into weeks, turning into months – and using all the stuff you own, while complaining about the type of furniture you have and the size of your kitchen the entire time.

    I promised I wouldn’t ban you, RE, if you kept contributing substantive material to the forum, but I didn’t promise I would let you go super-troll ballistic on our cordial site here. Don’t bother posting any threads like this one in the future, because it will be deleted (the current one will be locked soon, then deleted). And, please, don’t insult us by trying to act like this is just some little joke you wanted to pull and have fun with us. It’s demeaning, offensive and counter-productive to our goals here, and you knew all of that before deciding to do it, and did it anyway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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