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    Mr. House

    My question to the global warming true believers is this: The same people have been caught lying to you about many things, why are they not lying to you about this?

    Dr. D

    “Thew same old worn-out, tedious, thoroughly discredited arguments from the fuckwit brigade. And indirect ad hominem attacks,

    Yeah, f–k those guys who call everyone the f-kwit brigade! They only use ad hominem attacks!

    Discredited argument: Planet was hotter and 6x CO2 for like 300 million years. Nothing bad happened, the plants and animals were happier than ever, much more than now. Nothing ran away, and here we are! We bring it up more or less weekly, still not addressed. Unfortunately a data set of 300 million years of NO Problems due to CO2 is not a large enough data set to get through scientists’ heads. No, the object to crease their frontal lobes will have to be much, much larger than that to break through their colossal egos.

    Denial ain’t just a river. Great heavens. You know having a different opinion that CO2 is relevant and also man-made I can deal with. Denying the climactic history of earth through all time, and claiming it never was brought up when we bring it up about 4x a week is the part I can’t get. Okay, counting again: WE JUST BROUGHT IT UP. WIthout ad hominem attacks.

    If only we could get a couple T-Rexs on the witness stand. “Did you, or did you not have a lush, fabulous planet at 6x the CO2 — remember Sir, you’re under oath.” “Grrrrrraaaaaarrrr!”

    Mr. House

    For myself, it seems more likely that the same people who gamed up “you’ll own nothing and like it” are the same people behind global warming. They knew at some point resource shortages would kick in, so instead of telling the truth they came up with a story so people who find it easier to accept a reduced standard of living.



    The Chinese know exactly how to treat the van der Crazy thing from Brussels -as an unelected nobody who needs to be dispatched via the tourist exit!



    We have an expression in NZ: Pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick.

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT is just so very good at demonstrating projection. Most trivially, calling folks “fuckwits” is a start at the pure ad hom fuckwittery he whines about in others; and then using Wikipedia as an “authoritative source” takes fuckwittery to a high level of onanism, given the corrupt abuse of Wikipedia’s open content-architecture by drones such as William Connolly, who is famous for ideologizing as many entries as possible with the carbon Cult pseudo-science. Better, non-science, also known as nonsense. And AFKTT complains about other’s lack of “substantive science” in their comments (despite so many condensing its essence into a few commonsensical truth-telling words)….
    When will he learn to just STFU about this? Never is most likely, revealing severe obsessive neurosis and suggesting covert agendas.
    But I repeat myself (just like AFKTT).
    Drone, drone…


    You are not the first to find out the truth.
    List of anti-war organizations
    Quakers and the Doukhobors
    I’m not going to make a sales pitch.(War or Peace. lie or truth) All other discussions are a distraction
    I’m feeling better. Good bowel movement. Had a bowl of oatmeal. It feels like I have a bad flue. Will use ancient remedies. ( Hot water and honey etc)

    Maxwell Quest

    I’m just getting over some GI bug that put me out of action for a few days. At first it seemed like the old food poisoning routine, but I didn’t snap back immediately after getting cleaned out. Instead, it hung on tenaciously, making me feel miserable and exhausted. Whatever I ate starting the GI tract boiling. Had the thought of taking a Covid test in the midst of it, but then decided the hell with it, I don’t really care anymore. I eat lunch out almost every day and noticed for the past few weeks that there is always at least one sick person nearby, sniffing and coughing.

    I hope zerosum is feeling better now, also. OK, just saw the above. That’s good.

    Concerning the T-Rex, I heard the reason they were always so angry and belligerent was because their forearms were too short for self-stimulation… <reach><reach> “Grrrrrraaaaaarrrr!”

    “Boo, you stink!” Hey, it’s funnier when acted out, trust me.

    Just wanted to check in and let the TAE commentariat know how much I appreciate them, especially Ilargi for providing this home where we can meet and learn from one another. When I first started reading TAE several years ago, I would often jump on one of Ilargi’s rhetorical questions in order to set the record straight. I know better now, and thank him for his enduring patience.


    The Glide Bombs are Here! Su-34 Blows Away Ukrainian Bridge With Precision Glide Bomb

    From 10,20,30,40km away, Russian glide bombs are amazingly accurate.

    Right on the nose, Ukronazis have no engineering repair capability for bridges that size and no temporary way to ford the river with combat bridges.

    One less escape route to flee on


    Trans-tards® show their true colors




    We have an expression in NZ: Pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick.

    —Hundreds of millions of years of scientific data
    —Supposedly mega-catastrophic levels of CO2 and heat (by your standards, anyway)
    —Triceratops with lush forests in Antarctica
    —Lush life on the equator simultaneously. The earth brimming happily with life everywhere with CO2 and temperature far, FAR beyond what you quote as certain apocalypse.

    Failing to intellectually engage ideas while proclaiming victory is the equivalent of soiling your armor and running away.


    Europe must reduce its dependency on the United States and avoid getting dragged into a confrontation between China and the U.S. over Taiwan, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview on his plane back from a three-day state visit to China.

    People like Macron are the problem, promoted to do the bidding of the real controllers of France. The only way France can recover is to rid itself of its politicians, its immigrants, its oligarchs and all the associated corporate puppets. Get rid of all the people with power, they have destroyed France and will continue to destroy France: replace them with the next set of hyper-ambitious power addicts.


    Arnie is a dick, he is a Democrat idol, he shows us what the Democrat elite thinks about their fellow citizens, they are bullies and amoral assholes. Now he wants to rewrite history, tell us that he is a great guy, well sorry Arnie, you will always be a dick. Maybe you can go live in a homeless encampment or get a sex change, you know, really live the Democrat-created reality rather than just being an “I care about people” poseur who plays with miniature donkeys.

    Dr D Rich

    Heard and seen amongst the lush vegetation.


    Germ said

    mRNA-Spiked Milk Emerges in Push to Vaccinate Food Supply

    Interesting that this is blamed on “Chinese scientists” given that very few mainland Chinese people drink milk, or any dairy for that matter, so the choice of cow’s milk would not have come from China but from the west, probably the USA. So why blame China?


    The crazies in Olympia have their own agenda. They do not care about saving lives, they do not care about your rights. They care about scoring Virtue signalling points.

    Holds true for Cvd policies, holds true for banning 1st Amendment. freedom of speech and censuring, holds true for banning 2nd amendment, holds true for any personal rights, freedom, dignity or truth.

    Having been on the direct receiving end of ‘Liberal Democratic’ policies for years- I can say clearly and calmly that USA is now in its 3rd internal war.

    1775 Revolutionary War
    1861 Civil War
    2020 Covid Culture War

    250 some years as a Nation, now at War with itself and anyone else not bending over in total subservient, obedient, compliant, pathetic cowardly apathy. I say HELL NO to these scum, hell no to the Liberal mind virus filth posing as elected Government.

    The Democratic Party are scum, Republicans only a shade less so. They are both unfit for duty, leadership, or policy making, let alone enforcing broken unconstitutional laws they have violated.
    Endless wars, endless corruption, endless abuses… endless until the kinetic war begins and they are put in their proper places.

    A Govt that openly flaunts its Global torture program, tortures it’s own citizens and anyone disagreeing with it- lies, cheats, steals, rapes, tortures, humiliates, bombs, invades, overthrows, destroys in the name of Freedom and Democracy- is something that must, and ultimately will be destroyed, from within or externally… it will be destroyed for a better life for all.

    The ‘United States’ is a failed Rogue Nation, most of its politicians being corrupt hypocritical scum, and blatant retards to boot. Karma will ensure these dystopian fuckers have boots stomping on their necks as they are unfit to share the same air.

    Cowardly shame on the US Military faggots in particular- you took an oath pussies, now you are rainbow fags. Shame on the MSM, the Pig.Cops, the CEO’s- they too have failed their calling, f’n pathetic cowards.

    The next few years will be…beyond the pale. No election will fix or remedy a damn thing. The only tried and true fix is brewing… HATE and WAR

    Hate and war – the only things we got today

    An’ if I close my eyes
    They will not go away
    You have to deal with it
    It is the currency


    The hate of a nation
    A million miles from home
    An’ get war from the junkies
    Who don’t like my form

    I’m gonna stay in the city
    Even when the house fall down
    I don’t dream of a holiday
    When hate an’ war come around

    Hate and war…

    I have the will to survive
    I cheat if I can’t win
    If someone locks me out
    I kick my way back in

    An’ if I get aggression
    I give it to them two time back

    Every day it’s just the same
    With hate an’ war on my back

    Hate and war – I hate all the politeness

    Daddy Govt will not protect you, they never have and they never will. They will imprison you, murder you, send you off to murderous wars for profit. They will Assange and Snowden you, and laugh and mock you at Gitmo. While they Virtue Signal their mental illness of insanity. Commit to stopping the insanity.


    So the MSM just stop reporting on the French demonstrations and just like that they all stopped demonstrating! Amazing!

    Zerosum and Maxwell. Glad your both recovering!

    The problem I am having with the so called Ukrainian leaks is there is nothing new in the report that I didn’t already know.


    A tyrannosaur is a very large chicken; a chicken is a very small tyrannosaur. To understand why the tyrannosaur has funny arms, you must spend time observing a chicken. Chickens are vicious omnivores, eating their own young and quickly, pouncing more often than cats with reputations, who will also eat their own young.

    If the planet became jurassic again, what would the humans grow to eat? Not really a trick question. What kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, leafy greens do you imagine humans will eat when they have jurassic carbon levels again?

    Also, you’re talking about millions of years of carbon being at those levels: what was the evolutionary time frame involved for fine tuning living within those levels?

    See, I’m not really even a fan or fellow of the Afewknowthetruth, just a reader who has noticed that his point is not just “it’s high” but “it’s the acceleration.” Appealing to the dinosaurs and the massive ferns and fronds and whatnots means you have to ask: how long did it take to get there, each time after time, after the whole world blew up during each of those earlier massive stinkoffs? And, thinking about humans, do they, individually or collectively, have that long to ride out that bounce?

    But more broadly speaking, how big was the sun then, and how big will it be? And how much energy was the galactic core spewing out then, and how much will it be? And if all thermodynamic systems, of which all of Gaia as the totality of circulating and transforming and interchanging organic parts is (It ate that, you eat it, this eats you, those breathe in what you breathe out, this drinks up what those sweat out, it eats those and these live off that’s poop and you eat them also: the Taoist transformation of all things is 🔃🔄🔁♻️), if all these systems for moving around lego blocks of life have finite and entropic countdowns, how many more times can you reboot the whole thing? What will the future humans eat that won’t be genetically spliced, diced, crispered, genedriven to survive that glorious renewal?

    And, when you look at the synthetic compounds industrial civilization has added to the flow, some of them strongly interacting with hormones and pheromones and whatever moans, sometimes with thousands of years for half-lives while steadily pumping out teratogenic love and encouragement, is it really going to be the same lush and verdant world one imagines kept the megafauna and megaflora alive for those millions of years? What grows in the burn pits around US military basea today?

    I am not sure what the argument is supposed to do, to make me say “Well, since it once was a hot and lively world, it’s okay this next time?” But you are old guys, some of you long since retired, right? You know very well that the days of your youth are never coming back the same way, even if we built a middle school like the one you had and gave you a bicycle like the one you had and a sweet young lover like the one you had and plopped you, all grown and spotted and scarred, in the midst of memory’s mimicry. There won’t be big beasts, big trees, big fronds, but vast pools of algae, slime molds, herds of tardigrades and isopods and cockroaches, and flatness everywhere, for miles, undulating tubeworms dreamfucking under a yellow, overcast sky, and UAVs endlessly searching for insurgents long-since annihilated for posting ambiguous memes. Whatever mechanism of divine curiosity made those terrible lizards works today with a wholly different set of unholy reagents and gremlins, who keep getting smaller and smaller as the machine grows less and less efficient, more and more energy lost to chaos.

    I’m not saying he’s right, nor that you’re wrong. I’m saying, the past doesn’t look like the future, because between then and then is this, the new shit we’re spinning up and laying down.


    Germ has the right tool to prove that the gov. is lying.
    Explain what I could do to help spread the word.


    It amusing how those fuckwits who defend the fake narratives surrounding Planetary Meltdown which have been generated by oil companies, coal companies and banksters always talk about atmospheric CO2 levels being a lot higher the past without ever mentioning that sea/ocean levels were 10s or metres or even 100s of metres higher than at present and that there is considerable lag between excess CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere and the full effect of that CO2.

    Nor do these fuckwits and liars ever discuss ocean acidification, whereby the capacity of organisms at the base of the ocean food chain to form shell is firstly inhibited and then completely wrecked by excess CO pumped into the atmosphere which largely ends up in the oceans.

    These fuckwits and liars never mention the fact that significant changes in atmospheric CO2 in past geological ages took place over time periods of tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years, versus the enormous change of plus 190 ppm (plus 50%, depending on the baseline used) in just a matter of a couple of just aa hundred years, as a direct consequence of industrial humans de-sequestering trillions of tonnes of previously sequestered carbon.

    Paraphrasing Eistein: “I think the universe is infinite but I am not absolutely certain; on the other hand I am absolutely certain that human stupidity is infinite.”

    Here is yet another example of the fuckwitism, fraud and deceit that characterise anything official

    He said that work is to ensure those living in the Hutt Valley are protected in the case of an event like Cyclone Gabrielle hitting.

    “At the moment the return period in the Hutt Valley is 1 in 85 years and we’re about to start, in two month time a programme to move 110 houses and rebuild the stop bank to a 440-year return period.”
    When AM host Melissa Chan-Green asked Ponter if 25 hectares of planting 67,000 natives was crucial, and instead could be held to ease rising rates, Ponter said “that all relates to climate change”.

    “Not only are we planting 60-odd thousand trees but we’re also buying electric buses and all of those are already in the mix.”

    In case anyone has forgotten, electric buses are far worse for the environment than internal combustion devices. But they suit the purposes of the deceivers because the ground level pollution is shifted somewhere else, even of the overal global pollutiion level is incresed markedly.

    And of course, Airstrip Five has been importing dirty Indonesian brown coal to generate electrricity.

    As I have said many times before, this planet is infested with fuckwits and liars. Indeed, ignorant fools make up the bulk of the populace of industrial nations, which is why the fuckwits and liars in bureaucracies are able to keep generating and promulgating lies in the short term and not be held to account.

    Geochemistry tumps all ideologies in the long run.

    And the longrun is almost over.

    John Day

    @zerosum: I’m glad the virus is not hurting your throat as much since you started “it”.

    Big Serge has thoughts and analysis on those US military dcuments that indicate the Ukrainian forces are not quite prepared in any way for their spring offensive, just the spring mass-suicide-by-Russians.


    In discussion with others who got Omicon variant, ( no proof), the beginning was waves of cold shivers which I also had. ( some said they were cold)
    Now, I’m going to try to get back to a regular sleep pattern by using Melatonin

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT: Wrong in every detail, and overall. Wrong, wrong,wrong. What’s it gonna take? A lobotomy?
    All the actual science is readily available, despite the manipulation, suppression, outright censorship, and hysteria. None are so blind as those who refuse to look…


    Had a good night of sleep. I’ll take a test later, but I feel normal. I’ll report if/on long term effects
    (I expect acceleration of “due to old ag” 🙂

    Re.: AFKTT
    Wrong argument. Your skills have been diverted. The truth will not affect what is happening.


    AFKTT – you vomited a lot of text up there, lists of STUFF that ought to impress us?

    But YOUR IDEA is that “It’s because CO2! IT’s Because CO2!”

    well, if C02 is 20x the amount you think spells disaster, but you think we are supposed to be alarmed by CO2 > Acidification – you haven’t done anything but jabber much, much longer to say the SAME DAMN THING.

    When it is pointed out CO2 was MUCH higher FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS and there was no Planetary Meltdown….

    Your response is to list a bunch of SPECIFIC horrors you claim that LOWER co2 will cause?

    Just put a flashlight under your chin and yell boo, for lack of anything intelligent to respond with? Really?

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