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    Camille Pissarro The Boulevard Montmartre at Night 1897 Debt Rattle April 10 2023   • Europe Must Resist Pressure To Become ‘America’s Followers,
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    Must listen.
    An eye opening look into the The Biomedical Security State/ CBDC Algorithm Ghetto being built around us right now, and at our own expense!

    UK-centric, but global.



    mRNA-Spiked Milk Emerges in Push to Vaccinate Food Supply

    mRNA-Spiked Milk Emerges in Push to Vaccinate Food Supply

    They want us dead.




    Military Operation



    Laura Jeffery is a 27-year licensed funeral director who details what she has seen in the embalming process of deceased individuals who got the abomination-shot. She says that she’s never seen these shocking clots before the jab roll-out and describes them as resembling a parasite.
    Jeffery also reveals a massive government cover-up that’s been hiding all the dead babies, stating that the bodies are no longer reaching the funeral homes in big cities while in small communities the number is skyrocketing.

    The National Citizen’s Inquiry that’s being held in Canada, is a commission that’s being held by We The People which is examining all aspects of the Covid-Crime Against Humanity in order to reveal the truth of what happened. Here’s the link to their Rumble channel. Add the dot between rumble and com.



    Shocking European research finds COVID spike protein accumulates in skull-meninges brain axis (mouse models & human post-mortem tissues); accumulation of spike protein in skull marrow, brain meninges
    & brain parenchyma

    TVASF (tick … tock … tick … tock …)


    From what I can find in the literature, the adenoviral vector vaccines also travel throughout the body. But they are designed to do so. In particular, the recombinant adenovirus type 5 is the type that is typically used for vaccines, and was in fact in the SARS-Cov2 vaccines (as well as many predecessor vaccines). But the adenoviral vector targets primarily liver cells, and may also target immune cells and cells in the lymphatic system. So, of course, to get to all of those target cells, it cannot stay in the deltoid muscle where it is injected. It needs to move.

    So I wonder why anyone ever believed that the mRNA innoculations should stay in the deltoid muscle? Because they would be taken up immediately? Perhaps that was a hypothesis. But there is no reason to expect that to be the case.

    As for the fibrous clots, I could not find anything suggesting that these come from the lipid nanoparticle. The only writeups I could find suggest that they are the result of spike protein — which means that they should be evenly represented in mRNA and adenoviral vector patients (assuming the innocuations produce similar amounts of spike protein and there is not another co-factor somehow related to the mRNA shots). Here are two sources that explain the mechanism (though they are both more than 6 months old):

    Dr. D

    “Bank Credit:” I’m sure it’ll all be fine. But do be careful as they’ve changed all the definitions again. Recession of course but they just changed…M2? That one got a mention, did they change the others too?

    “every civilization that’s on the brink of collapse becomes obsessed with gender”

    Already tired – exhausted actually – with bothering with it. Why this correlation? To “collapse” you’d have to stop dealing with reality. Otherwise you’d address it and continue not-collapsing. This comes from denying reality, which humans do by making gender flexible, optional, is the ultimate in denying reality. Probably also says it’s been going on quite a while – from childhood or something, and no one’s mentioned to you that your life isn’t reality. An eminently logical indicator, you can see it often pops up without a collapse though.

    Putin, “destroying family and identity” like this?

    “It’s worth taking a look, if one hasn’t, at the works of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci who, nearly 100 years ago argued for the “Long march through the institutions” that was later adopted by the German activist Rudi Dutschke and others.

    Unhappy the working class was largely ignoring Marx’s admonition to revolt, they chose a more elitist approach to imposing socialism and communism from the top down by taking over the media, entertainment, and education.
    Throughout the Western world, they have been quite successful in recent years, gaining the adherence of many politicians and government agencies in the process.”

    Is this what you were talking about jb? It’s not a secret.

    “• Europe Must Resist Pressure To Become ‘America’s Followers,’ Says Macron ( “

    Yeah if they don’t look out, something might happen.

    “and must now focus on boosting European defense industries.”

    Great! …How? They have no GDP, no commodities and no energy. Are they going to do that in the style of North Korea, by sacrificing all other aspects of life?

    Hate to say it but France won’t stop until you do something much worse than this. You have to cost them money, and they’ve already built in a buffer for the “expected” protests and burnings.

    Blackrock forces the losses

    They always push/dump/require it on the pension funds because when you steal tens or hundred billions of dollars, you needs somebody equally large to steal it FROM. The problem is there are so many frauds like this, you couldn’t list them all. There is only fraud, uncharged felonies from one end of the system to the other. The system IS fraud.

    That is to say the it is the #Opposite of Capitalism, lacking all property rights. Not only will the government not enforce them, if you enforce them yourself you’ll be arrested.

    It also tells me that, if Blackrock is in a hurry doesn’t have time for more complex frauds, and to buy off Parliament as usual, the collapse of that value is very large and it’s happening fast.

    “They have gathered up to 400,000 personnel according to some sources.”

    Yes, it may still be an overestimate, but it should be taken as seriously as possible. Whenever things are going well in a war, like Bakhmut, it’s a trap. It’s the job of the enemy to make sure every day you have is a terrible day.

    Pentagon In ‘Panic’ After Intel Leak – WaPo (RT)

    Well the leaker has lots of clearance, and everywhere. They can also pull the info out, and they don’t know who it is. That’s a higher level of coordination and sophistication than it appears, and therefore is no disgruntled employee. Therefore we know 1) they are many 2) they are everywhere 3) they are taking out the State Dept, top brass (or they wouldn’t be in a “panic”) 4) they are nationalists and not rebels because of the nature and parameters of what they leak. 5) they are very, very well protected as nothing’s happened, they’re not worried and keep going day after day.

    Gosh, it’s almost like there are White Hats somewhere, working silently for American values.

    “Zelensky, put the death toll among Kiev’s military at between 12,000 and 13,000 people.”

    Sure, like all Leftists, he can’t do math. 500/day – which is a pretty conservative number – x 300 days = 150,000. Ukraine claims one tenth that, like 50 a day – the level of the 2014-2022 non-stop Donbas shelling which wasn’t even considered a “war”.

    So: lied about numbers, lied about definitions. Re-defined words, then goes in public, attacking and gaslighting everyone. Yup. They’re Socialists alright, of the Nazi variety. Racists, mass-murderers, propaganda-based, which as no human will consent having their stuff stolen, are a tyrannical one-party state with no sense of humor who controls all actions and properties within their borders. “The State owns the means of production”, and they allocate it “To each according to their need.” And Ze NEEDS another mansion in Miami, comrade. Don’t you know his wife already jet-setted to Paris for a thousand dollar shopping sprees, like the Soviet Party of old?

    “NATO To Launch Biggest Air Forces Drill In Its History (RT)”

    I see a lack of numbers in that article. “Biggest” in the sense that at the Donbass burn rate, they would last one month against Russia? That kind of “big”? Now remember Russia is the size of Denmark compared to China. But we’re going to gently airdrop the 82nd into the open ocean there and stop them.

    ““I believe in a One China policy, but I would be willing to fight for Taiwan because Taiwan is a democracy..”

    Oh my GOD I can’t take the stupid here. “I don’t think that word mean what you think it mean.” Or: “Things which are the same are also their #Opposites.” A = A A ≠ A. Neither, Both, and “Whadda you lookin’ at?” “Respect my Author-ee-tie” “Don’t you know who I am?”

    “I believe in a One China policy, but I would be willing to fight for Taiwan because Taiwan is a democracy..”

    Russia is a Democracy. Ukraine isn’t. Which are you fighting for again?

    “Russia Almost Shot Down British Spy Plane In September 2022 – WaPo (RT)”

    What? ANOTHER conspiracy theory that turned out to be true? Sorry, my dance card is all punched up for tonight. But I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as Crimea is 2,500 miles from London. That is, further than from NY to L.A. In Britain, when you’re born, they hand you a little card that says you can go anywhere and do anything you like, worldwide.

    as well as curbs on migration,” ??????????

    They mean NOT the 2 Million people crossing the border each year?

    A severe slowdown in the global economy last year following the Covid-19 pandemic totally unnecessary, unmedical, and unscientific lockdown and the totally unnecessary conflict in Ukraine” See? A good Copy Editor can still fix that.

    “Global GDP will grow at about 3% over the next half decade compared to an average of 3.8% seen in the past 20 years”

    Yes, but this is entirely due to the COLLAPSE OF THE WEST. Posting all-negative numbers. China, Russia, and India post all the double-digit POSITIVE numbers that make 3% possible. They have all the oil, they have all the mines, they have all the GDP. Europe has all the coke, and America has all the meth, and they’re smokin’ it as fast as they can.

    “BRICS+ is taking over and there’s nothing the West can do about it.”

    Bah. That’s not true at all. There are a hundred things we can do, and we TELL them to do it every day. Problem is, we have crazies with amputated dicks locked in the nuclear control room and we can’t get them out. The West, America in particular, COULD reverse this is no time flat. Now that’s still +10 years, but that’s overnight in national terms, and we could get a heck of a jump in just 6 months if you repealed Socialism and the “March through the institutions” plans.

    They WON’T do it, although it’s possible, logical, and is entirely self-preservation, EVEN for narcissistic mass-murderers. Why? Do narcissists hate life too? Do they hate money? I don’t think so. So what ELSE is going on?

    “The gold and foreign currency reserves of Ukraine have reached an all-time high of $30 billion,”

    Don’t be ridiculous – it’s just a book entry in London. Like some random Guido, London just erases that entry whenever they feel like it and the $30B disappears again. They have already, when London stole all national gold in an open bank heist and flew it out of Kiev. Suuuuuuuure it’s in London, right here in this vault you can’t visit. Trust us.

    “Psychologist Suspended For 2 Years For Warning About Great Reset and WEF (RAIR)

    That is pretty amazing. They even lacked the self-awareness of hindsight. But they are psychologists, so no wonder.

    “Polish MP Proposes Law To Require Labels On Insect-Containing Foods (ZH)”

    You know when they refuse to label, that is “Tell the Truth” they definitely must only have your best interests in mind.

    Mexico is ratcheting back imports of genetically engineered corn”

    I’ve mentioned the GMO corn is bad even without glyphosate, which is deadly. Some GMOs put the pesticide IN EVERY CELL of the whole plant, mRNA-style. You can’t even stop pesticide, or wash it off, neither of which actually happens as they spray glyphosate on wheat THE DAY THEY HARVEST to make sure of maximum contamination with this metal-stripping industrial boiler cleaner. Yum yum.

    Pelosi: if you speak, you are arrested. “They hate us for our freedoms”.

    Like France, there are methods to this, and the pattern of the herd is different from the pattern of the predator. I’m pretty sick of both right now. Where were you 21 years ago when I told you to start shouting like this? Now like Rhett Butler, I don’t give a d–n.


    A Manitoba family has launched a lawsuit alleging their 23-year-old son had a stroke days after receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, leaving him legally blind.





    Dr D Rich


    “Safe harbor”

    Go ahead and expound upon the seminal brilliance of certain ‘economists” and their supposed understanding of markets, selling debt and fanciful models predicting the future(s)

    Spare me the politicians’ and sociologist’s nonsensical prescriptions about human behavior around money.

    No need to ever talk ever again about the Feds prime rate, the interest rate on 15yr/30yr home mortgages nor LIBOR.

    Barney Frank, he of the Todd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, said it best and honestly when he finally wasn’t confabulating to the masses on behalf of the banks.
    “I need to make money”

    Don’t we all….need.

    So, show me who enjoys the status conferred by the two aforementioned terms, “super-priority” and “safe harbor”, and I’ll show you The Winners, as in guaranteed winners. So, when REPO operations are publicly announced again as in September 2019, this fanciful term will again be used as cover for Big Boy Bank Bailouts,. Those (((individuals))) will cut and run with (((their))) money at the expense of bankrupting ordinary people and small banks greased, oops I meant indemnified against loss by their ((friends)) at The FED and Treasury. The rest might get up to $250,000 FDIC dollars or 1/4000 of a billion. I digress.

    Bankruptcy is the faster way to the payout rather than waiting for a debtor to make interest payments. Imagine you can do that with impunity, safe harbor and the other guys are subject to the tender mercies of bankruptcy law.

    So, REPO and derivatives come first and those individuals making those ((calls)) not only can force default, foreclosure and/or bankruptcy on the lesser/debtor. They ruin others with impunity (((again safe harbor))) AND also indemnified for any potential losses by the (((Janet Yellen))) and ((The Federal Reserve/Treasury))).

    BlackRock ejoying the same position, safe harbor and super-prioroty, is engaged in the same behavior in France while attempting to bankrupt an entire class of people. French retirees.

    I suppose Sam Backman-Fried is presently invoking the same (((safe harbor, super-priority))) in the Silicon Valley Bank scheme.

    “…(((chairman of the FDIC))) (((Martin Gruenberg))), revealed (emphasis addedThe FDIC estimates that the cost to the DIF [Deposit Insurance Fund] of resolving SVB to be $20 billion. The FDIC estimates the cost of resolving Signature Bank to be $2.5 billion. Of the estimated loss amounts, approximately 88 percent, or $18 billion, is attributable to the cost of covering uninsured deposits at SVB while approximately two-thirds, or $1.6 billion, is attributable to the cost of covering uninsured deposits at Signature Bank.”

    The latter is confabulation as is most of these musings on economics. This Gruenberg guy might very well be low on thiamine. It’s in beer after all. Just ask John Day about the miracle of thiamine.

    Confabulation: “In general, [people who confabulate] are very confident about their recollections, even when challenged with contradictory evidence.”

    Define the financial terms “cost of covering” and “resolving”.

    Something, some ruse had to be concocted to distract the unwashed masses from the grand theft. In 2001 to 2011, it was 911, the Iraq Wsr, Anthrax, Summary Execution by Presidential decree and Torture. So far since Sept 2019, we have Wuhan lab leak, COVID non-pandemic, Gottlieb/Fauci inspired medical Insurrection, the J6 Non-riot Non-insurrection and the Ukraine War.

    All in all the ((Gov’t))) is in bed with some genuinely bad actors. ((they)) indemnify the worst calling to mind the bill for legal services presented by Torturers Mitchell and Jessen to the Federal Government. And it was honored.

    “…defendants’ contracts contained “an indemnity provision . . . under which the CIA has paid the considerable defense litigation expenses for this action,” see Mem. Op. at 20, in retrospect, Mitchell and Jessen would have been well-advised to avoid “personally administering” any of the EIT, a factor which seemed to drive many of the court’s negative findings. Knowing when to say “no” is especially important when the government asks contractors to exercise significant discretion in high-risk situations because many so-called ‘indemnity provisions’ in government contracts contain exceptions for “willful misconduct or lack of good faith.”

    Safe Harbor
    Sovereign Immunity

    John Day

    “Eater Weekend Retreat” is not about war

    Our small Buddhist Sangha had a 2 day retreat in the country near the edge of Austin this Easter weekend. It had been a little over 3 years since we had any retreat to sit, meditate, chant and reflect upon teachings from Anam Thubten, our Tibetan teacher.
    If there was a theme, it was becoming human in difficult times. Anam Thubten grew up in Chinese-occupied Tibet, where the monasteries were closed from 1960 until 1978, and the monks, nuns and Lamas were imprisoned in re-education/concentration camps. Though he did not dwell upon this, he told the story of his heart-teacher having lived in one of those camps a long time, and how he approached it as a chance to be of service to everyone else in the camp, including the guards. He did his assigned work the best that he could, rather than doing it reluctantly and shirking it. One evening after work the guards came to say that the prisoners could have a “treat” to watch a movie in the hall. Out of 1000 monks at the camp, he was the only one who went to the Chinese-Communist propaganda movie (deadly dull lies), and sat alone there for the film. When he returned to opprobrium he related having been at something like a transcendent display of the spiritual truth of life.
    This Buddhist monk saw everything as the manifestation of his own path to awareness and service to others, broadly and in every specific.

    Anam also spoke of Viktor Frankl , who wrote “Man’s Search For Meaning” , an autobiographical journey through his life as a psychoanalyst, Neurologist and concentration camp inmate,, which he wrote in 9 days following the end of the war. Frankl’s wife and most family members died or were murdered in the concentration camps. Breaking from both Freud and Adler, Frankl posited that the search for meaning was core to human existence, and the key to becoming fully human.
    Becoming fully human is not to transcend human experience, but to fully engage it, to be fully aware, fully experiencing, neither grasping in desire, nor rejecting in revulsion, but living fully, living every aspect of human experience willingly and in service to others.

    That can seem disappointing, that there is not some higher-plane of transcendence, because there is so much that we really would like to transcend, realizing somehow that suffering is not real or necessary, but suffering is core to the nature of life itself. Anam gently returned to the times being more stressful, and he certainly has a broader context for this than most people in our society. He was a boy who wanted to be a Buddhist monk when the monasteries were allowed to re-open in 1978. He studied hard, and meditated diligently, seeking to know and experience all of his life on a higher plane, as transcendent wisdom. This was very difficult for the earnest boy-monk. He felt unsuccessful to be experiencing life ordinarily so much of the time. Through several other stories of “awakening” experiences of Buddhist monks and lamas, Anam portrayed the realization, so long sought, to be the complete experience of life itself, realized at some opportune moment of not searching for it. The “awakening” is to being-a-living-human, working to fully engage life through helping others, not only in some specialized way, but through doing whatever needs to be done in the moment, freely in the giving.

    Some of us stayed and cleaned up, taking up the cushions and the large tarps under the rented tent, folding them, being human together in the unpressured cooperative work. We got to practice a little bit. We were feeling pretty human.


    The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains.

    This gives hope to many Sheeple & their Neoconjob Overlords



    Bill Gates: Failing to deal with viruses since 1985



    Oh, looky, Texas has the most Satanic Soros Procecutors in the Empire of Lies

    That will make it so much easier to implement 15 Minute Concentration Camps® in all the major cities, especially ever so woke Austin




    The Daniel Perry Farce Trial from Austin’s Soros Procecutor: Greg Abbott Vows to Pardon

    Daniel Perry’s car was surrounded and attacked by BLM Rainbow Thugs® and one pointed an A-47 assault weapon at Perry and judging his life was in danger at that shot the thug dead. Perry is an Army veteran.

    Austin is Woketard Central for Texas.

    Gov Abbot’s career is over if he fails to pardon Perry.

    Austin needs to be ‘Ring Fenced’ like Sarajevo in the 1990’s, like many other Empire of Lies Big Shitties


    Davos is a cult. Repeat the mantra: Build Back Better.


    At one time there was a video on Youtube….. The video on Youtube was with a successful man who has worked in creating computer systems and software for the US DOD, the name Ernst seems to have been associated with the man. The person being interviewed related how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were brought into one project to test one of the systems. The software engineers created a GUI for the testing that allowed manipulation of the underlying database without revealing what was being tested. The system was to have wide use and the idea was to see if Jobs or Gates, as regular users, could “break” the system. One of the takeaways the person gained during the testing was, “Gates just isn’t that bright”. ….. seems to no longer be there.

    just between you and me – anyone who utters the type of statements in public that Gates does, just isn’t that bright. as in the software testing the man is a useful idiot. Were you ever impressed that ole Bill was the World’s Richest Man? Here’s your sign


    It only costs $20-$30 to recycle a solar panel? We already have the solution, it has been present for years with other devices, such as car batteries. When they are sold, a “core charge” or recycling fee needs to be added. Turning in an old one refunds the charge.


    Re: MRNA in food:

    Someone who knows what they are talking about needs to explain how MRNA survives the digestive process intact (both in farm animals and in humans) before I start thinking this is a problem. Last time I checked, stomach acids break proteins and other things down, which is why most medicines have to be administered intravenously or in the deltoid or gluteus maximus.

    Then there’s the question how MRNA survives at normal refrigeration temperatures in food without breaking down. I thought that the covid “vaccines” had to be kept ultra-cold to maintain MRNA integrity before being administered.

    This sounds like some sort of scam


    Addendum: OR survive the process of cooking!


    Someone who knows what they are talking about needs to explain how MRNA survives the digestive process intact (both in farm animals and in humans) before I start thinking this is a problem.

    ingesting things with Acidophilus helps renew digestive flora. Why doesn’t the digestive process kill it?

    If MRNA doesn’t get to YOU via ingestion, maybe the idea is that enough of it can survive long enough to invade your natural flora/fauna that DOES survive the digestive process and THEY manufacture spike

    OR they give MRNA to stuff like acidophilus and THEN introduce it into your digestive system.


    “It’s worth taking a look, if one hasn’t, at the works of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci who, nearly 100 years ago argued for the “Long march through the institutions” that was later adopted by the German activist Rudi Dutschke and others.

    Unhappy the working class was largely ignoring Marx’s admonition to revolt, they chose a more elitist approach to imposing socialism and communism from the top down by taking over the media, entertainment, and education.
    Throughout the Western world, they have been quite successful in recent years, gaining the adherence of many politicians and government agencies in the process.”

    Is this what you were talking about jb? It’s not a secret.

    There’s a weird problem with communicating this, though. It is assumed that one is supposed to look for some sort of secret society type conspiracy theory – and then say, that’s whacko, I don’t see it.

    But of course the principles of guys like Marcuse and Gramsci are being trumpeted wall-to-wall in the clear all day long. You go to practically any corporate web page, they’ll have an ESG-DIE section proclaiming “values” based on their thinking. Fischer-price versions of it being proclaimed across every medium. And people who think there’s something a bit Marxist happening are “conspiracy theorists” because it is assumed they believe some secret thing is happening.

    You take each of these The Current Things as simplified and repeated via corporate HR trainings, twitter, the typical news cycle, etc, and you can draw a line back to the people who coined them – they DID come from people, after all. Those people will have, in the past, cited their influences, their education, which teachers mentored them, what marxist thinkers they referenced in their school papers, etc are there, it’s not THAT secret.

    Like, you can listen to anybody doing the wokeist, marxist critical theory stuff – fischer price version – and say oh now he is doing Marcuse, now he is doing Gramsci and so on. Not only is it recognizable on its face, but it takes a one-time 15-30 minute investment, usually on wikipedia, to trace the origins.

    It’s stupidly simple. We won’t look for what we know will be there so we can say “I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with some sort of secret Marxist takeover” no, not that. I’m pointing out at publicly available messaging, in the clear, and its obvious, verifiable origins. Which apparently cannot be apprehended, because it translates into “shady conspiracy theory about a secret society” before it can hit the frontal cortex.

    I’ve been looking at various moments in contemporary US history thinking, when did the US start to go nuts, when did the culture get crazy?

    I think it started with the election and re-election of Obama

    Intersectionalism was going to be a main marxist battering ram in combination with critical theory. The election of a black man to President of the US signaled a kind of victory over racism in the USA. Are there still assholes in the world? Yes, but the entire system and entire populace aside from statistical noise, was systemically (actually) anti racist.

    I suspect this caused a feeling of urgency in certain parties. If they lost racism, they’d NEVER be able to fulfil the current theory’s – well, “theory” – prophecies. It’d be yet ANOTHER case of Historicity not coming true. Thus the strident campaign insisting that everything now and everything in the past is racist, built on racism, etc. BECAUSE a black man was twice elected to the US Presidency.

    There was no time to waste! Another election cycle or two and people would accuse marxists of being conspiracy theorists when they spoke of some secretive “white supremacist” domination of “The system”

    Thus all the efforts to enrage the general populace.

    I look at the events of the past week or so:

    –whacko trans school shooter (with memory-holed manifesto)
    –“day of trans vengeance” shortly on its heels – not cancelled, no self awareness
    –president to speak on tragedy, talks about fridge full of ice cream, interested in the kids at the back of the room
    –champion female swimmer attacked by a dude in a dress while police passively watch, university issues thanks to the “protestors” no sympathy for the WOMAN
    –Bud Light with hilarious over the top can designs + insane Nike campaign

    All in the space of a week. They really, REALLY want the other side (normies) to be everything they pretend normies are. They REALLY seem to think they can piss normal people off, get THEM to act like violent whackos if they shove enough absurdity in their faces. I am constantly impressed that pretty much everyone gets it. Hell no we are not going to make ourselves a mirror image of your malignant insanity

    Same with all the 2020 BLM stuff. In endless variation. Cmon we KNOW you are secretly as bad as us, you MUST be, everyone MUST be (because we’re Losers, Narcs and Sociopaths, it’s all we can imagine) If we just stress you out enough, SURELY you’ll reveal your “true” nature. So they keep trying. And normal people STILL aren’t narcs and sociopaths. But they need normal everyday people, decent working class people, to act out like they do, NEED it like just one more hit of meth. It comes off as more than just a strategy, but a psychological crutch for the depraved, the weak.

    And this particular current year brand of Marxism, mixed with postmodernism, deconstructionism, and mystery-cultism, seems tailor made as a recursive mental trap for the narcs, the weak and grandiose.


    Bill Gates stated at the Lowy Institute in Australia, before the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation: “The Ukrainian government is one of the worst in the world. Corrupt and controlled by a few rich people.”

    US, Canada, and NATO are worst for knowing and joining the corruption.
    Whjy Canadians were never taught the real history of Europe.

    Rękas: Uchodźcy czy przesiedleńcy?

    Rękas: Refugees or displaced persons?
    “I came to see a warmonger, but you’re a sad old drunk”

    Pelosi was reminded of Nord Stream sabotage,about Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria,asked why she went to Taiwan…
    In the last 2 days, i’ve been able to swallow and drinking 3 “boost”

    Autonomous Unit

    a “core charge” or recycling fee needs to be added.

    C.O.R. “cash on return” – bring the broken replaced item back, and get some money back. Originally from auto part stores that took parts like starter motors, alternators, etc., to recycle the copper wires, or rebuild them.

    One of my earliest memories is of receiving the oral polio vaccine in a little paper cup filled with water. I was of pre-school age, early 1960’s.


    what’s so great about civilization? how about this:


    Negative connotation, as reaction to this new lunatic plan, is on 15 minutes instead being clear that problem is restricted or forbidden movement beyond 15 minutes range. In addition to a small comment that I placed yesterday, one more time: there is nothing wrong and it is actually beneficial to have most of the basic needs covered within that range.
    To crank a car, again, just you forgot the carton of milk is becoming evidently more and more ridiculous.


    Thanks for the “Capricornia”. Great tune while I never heard of the band before.
    One think that I may add that all (8 mm) films are proverbial footage of their parents if not grandparents.


    ‘The world economy is facing its weakest period of growth since the 1990s

    That’s excellent news, since growth is the problem!


    If not for Bill Gates’ “espousal” of commodity hardware, we would probably still have a chip fab industry in this country. DEC was among his early victims.


    Wild temperature swings on land masses are irrelevant when evaluating the rate of Planetary Meltdown. Indeed, the more Planetary Meltdown proceeds, the greater the swings in temperature of land masses is expected to be.

    What matters is the heat content of the oceans and the amount of ice left to be melted.

    Every year that passes, the heat content of the oceans increases, and the amount of ice left to be melted decreases.

    Changes in ocean heat content have far-reaching consequences for the planet’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems; including multiple impacts to coastal ecosystems and communities. Direct effects include variations in sea level and sea ice, shifts in intensity of the water cycle, and the migration and extinction of marine life.[10][11]

    In 2022, the world’s oceans, as given by OHC, were again the hottest in the historical record and exceeded the previous 2021 record maximum.[12]’

    Those who wish to deny that Planetary Meltdown is occurring focus attention on the irrelevant.


    As for the “Marx themed”, I still stick to my hypothetical image of you and Dr D preaching “your shtick” somewhere in the former communist block countries and being laughed-off by the people who actually lived in that system.
    Tyranny existed in many forms before 1917 and is evolving into something different and new post 1990.
    otherwise what were the Korean and Vietnam wars for? Or the destruction of Easter block. Why destroy the ” good stuff”
    that is already secured in place?
    I could go on but is getting tiresome.


    Things are heating up more than fake Global warming for the cultists.

    fake vaxs, fake genders, fake care, fake democracy, fake laws… Real death coming for every one of them.

    “She can’t have one”

    “who says I can’t? I want one, Give it to me ! Now ! I want the World, I want the whole World.
    I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it’s my bar of chocolate.

    Give it to me Now !

    I want today, I want tomorrow. I want to wear ’em like braids in my hair, and I don’t want to share. “

    I want a DICK and I want it now! Give me a dick. I don’t want my dick, cut it off. I want tits NOW, give me tits. I don’t want my tits, cut them off, NOW !

    NO ! I want to shit in that room, not this room. Give me their room now ! I want to stand up and piss in the sit down ladies toilet. I want what I want because it’s not what I have- and I want it NOW ! Give it to me NOW !

    Fuck Govern me harder Daddy, give it to me Daddy Govt, harder Daddy Joe. Tell me what to think, not how to think.

    Ahhh Libtards, Transtards, Cult tards….

    Kill them all

    – Yeadon

    Pelosi- needs moar ice scream bitch, drown that skank in cream.

    Ahhhnold- Fuck you Arnie, too late to retract your irrational fear faggot. You’re cancelled. Did your Daddy run concentration camps Arnold?


    much higher CO2. much higher temperature. Earth chock full of life. Didn’t turn into Venus.

    When very large animals as well as any other type of animal were roaming verdant forests at -40 degrees and 40 degrees latitude, the equator was ALSO full of life.

    ie MORE co2, warmer temperatures, MORE STABLE climate. From actual scientific data. Millions of years of it. As opposed to “scientific data” comprised of faked models, faked data, conjecture, and religious faith

    Your apocalyptic religion is nuts.


    Wild swings in temperature (due to destabilisation of the Jet Streams) are not entirely irrelevant, since they cause major damage to crops and can kill trees, and can cause major damage to infrastructure.

    Airstrip Five experienced the worst ever tornado events recently. This follows on from the worst ever cyclone events of a few months ago.

    We can be certain that The Controllers will continue to make everything that matters worse faster, whilst at the same time operating financial scams described as climate change mitigation etc. that do no mitigation whatsoever but do allow Ponzi Schemes to be perpetuated a little longer.


    The slippery slime ball Macron will say and do anything to keep his snout in the public feeding trough. What’s new? They -the psychopaths at the top- are all tarred with the same brush.


    Thew same old worn-out, tedious, thoroughly discredited arguments from the fuckwit brigade.

    And indirect ad hominem attacks, with zero supporting evidence, as usual.


    Wild swings in temperature (due to destabilisation of the Jet Streams) are not entirely irrelevant

    Gee, so when there were giant dinosaurs roaming antarctica up to 40s latitude… what does your religion say would happen?

    The equator was lifeless, waterless, too hot, unlivable?

    NO, no the newest belief says it caused EXTREMES – nothing but the small hardiest of animals could live in the equatorial zones, due to all others being wiped out by too much water, not enough, F1,000 tornadoes, cat2000 hurricanes, heat waves, massive blizzards, mud slides, etc – all the animals had to be just dying and dying in the equatorial zones when antarctica had verdant forests full of animals, PER YOUR RELIGION

    oh wait no, it was full of life, doing quite well. Strangely, up to 40s latitude AND YET doing fantastic in the equatorial zones as well. Not Venus. Not catastrophic extremes.

    Surely if we are experiencing catastropic extremes now and we can blame that on global warming, then supermassive global warming putting triceratops in antarctica would cause orders of magnitude more extremes! (hint – scientists already studied this and found out the climate DOES NOT work that way)


    Fatal seizures in young people: COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein in the brain causes inflammation that can lead to potentially fatal seizures


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