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    Edward Hopper Le Bistro or The Wine Shop 1909   • Austrian Chancellor To Meet Putin In Russia (G.) • Russia Threatens Legal Action If Forced Into
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    “those with 3 doses are now all between 2.6X and 4.91X the risk of contracting covid.
    no one looks protected from infection, all look like they have been made far more vulnerable.”

    “this is leading to an out of season rise in covid deaths in the UK with deaths per day at ~6X the level of the same date last year and rising when last year was falling into a summer trough.”

    The vaxxed really are fucked – at least here in the UK!



    This is our NHS – “Envy of the World” – so people here keep telling us.

    ” Corridors are becoming so crowded with patients waiting for beds on wards that staff are resorting to desperate measures, Henderson said. “We’ve all started having to use office areas and storage spaces that you can quickly convert into a cubicle.” ”


    Shit is collapsing here faster than cheap tent! 🤡🤡🤡

    Veracious Poet

    Emory University has launched a program to limit internet access by students who have refused to get a COVID-19 booster shot, the school said.

    The program is designed to encourage students to get a COVID-19 booster shot. The school’s policy requires students and faculty to have a COVID-19 vaccination and a booster shot.

    Students who have not gotten three vaccinations were notified in February that their internet access would be limited, or the speed slowed if they did not either show they had the booster or had requested an exemption from getting the shot.

    About 1,300 students had their Wi-Fi restricted around the week of March 14.

    The executive director of Emory’s COVID-19 response and recovery, Amir St. Clair, told the Emory Wheel that about half the students who had not had the booster then got it or requested an exemption after the program began.

    ‘The Wi-Fi restrictions were a valuable compliance measure to help promote participation,” St. Clair said. “Our hope is that it will continue to have an impact.”


    To those students with restricted internet, I recommend skilling up, living with less and couch surfing the wave of instability – Institutions are a big net set up to catch and trap little minnows. Best to get out of the stream any way possible.



    Corridors are becoming so crowded with patients waiting for beds on wards that staff are resorting to desperate measures

    I haven’t seen anything this in any other country.

    Dr. D

    Patients in trouble are happening in the U.S., but the expression of it is different. Also have no way of telling if it’s regional. The hospital that forged the death certificate to dodge liability and then had their employee DA convict the nurse instead though…now has no nurses, and no way of getting any. No travel nurse will sign, at any price. And the price is $20k. So Vanderbilt will be the first hospital — and school — to entirely collapse and cease to exist in the new environment. All self-inflicted, and like all dinosaurs, is still too slow and stupid to notice, still doesn’t realize what happened, still hasn’t responded.

    What happens next? Does the nursing board de-certify them? The Governor gets called? No one knows since it’s never happened before. No one has ever been suicidal enough to try it. But we are. And still galloping fast. Note the full media blackout though. Felony company + Worker’s Rights = must be stopped.

    “On the ground, Russian forces pounded targets in eastern Ukraine with missiles and artillery”

    But Luke, Ukraine is winning. Didn’t you get the memo? So shouldn’t it be “Ukraine pounds Russia”? I mean, unless Ukraine’s not shooting back? Lies by reporting. Lies by omission. Lies by Framing. Lies by inference. Lies, lies, lies.

    How about this, “Meeting amid ongoing clashes between forces” and it’s “He said” not “He claimed”He threatened” or “He accused.” Journo 101.

    Boris Johnson, who promised to give Ukraine 120 armoured vehicles”

    Is that like the T-72 SOVIET era tanks they gave? Like: “These are so old we can’t use them for training and can’t get parts. You take them.”

    “Russia has failed to take any major cities”

    I thought they just took Mariupol? Oh that happened yesterday. It’s today now so that didn’t happen. We have always been at war with Eurasia. It’s in the genetics of Russians to be violent and untrustworthy. 24/7 minutes of hate. “This message of ethnic cleansing is Twitter-approved!”

    “Russia faces its first sovereign external default in more than a century…”

    They defaulted in 1999. That was the LTCM fiasco they papered over and used tax dollars to make the Wall St traders whole. Also note Russia is paying. In Rubles, as they have no access to the other funds THE SAME DEFAULTEES ARE HOLDING THEM. Those Rubles are not worthless BUT BUY SHIPS OF OIL THEY REFUSE TO TAKE, and fertilizer that could save our lives. Okay, that’s a laugh. So they cause the default, fine. But note that while they CAUSE this default, they simply determined there was no default when Greece defaulted, stopped paying; no default when China, Evergreen stopped paying; no default when MBS bonds, stopped paying; no foreclosure when homeowners defaulted, stopped paying.

    …So a default is whatever I SAY it is, whenever I say it is. It is when it isn’t, and it isn’t when it is. And I own Park Place and Atlantic Avenue even though you have the deeds right there in your hand. “The Law is in my Mouth” now “You’ll get nothing and like it!!!”

    Insanity. No one can survive a world in this condition. What can I own, when you just come down and change the rules? What can I build or invest in? Gold coins in clay pots, buried upside down in Lincolnshire.

    “NATO to Engage in Asia-Pacific to Counter China (ET)”

    It’s the new sequel, “NATO: Far from Home” And Stoltenberg is our President now, deciding which wars we get into? I thought Congress had to vote on declarations. …Just kidding, we haven’t done that in 100 years.

    “If true, everyone involved – who reports it – is subject to life in prison under the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.”

    “In Soviet America, criminals arrest you!”

    Many questions on bioagents and NATO will be answered in the next few days at Azovstal.”

    …And no one will report them. So who cares?

    “ Ukraine’s Crop Harvest Could Be Halved (ZH)”

    The financiers are going to make a LOT of money on this. And get stronger than ever, the more people die. The more dead, the more money! It’s the Hospital model!

    “Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee are prioritizing the installation of “Tesla charging stations”

    I know they’re fascinated with massaging Elon’s private parts, but this is the AG Committee. Have you ever heard of ‘corn’?

    “The crisis in the breadbasket of Europe”

    I have heard it called that for decades. Maybe when you know all your food comes from there, you shouldn’t F around with it, but in some more useless place.

    “This administration has thrown more red tape on them and the threat of new taxes and regulations on producers, and then you basically put a bow on it with a pretty scarce labor market, it’s looking pretty grim.”

    That is what they do. And ALL they can do…stop helping…but when prices rise to meet supply and demand, farmers can cover it. That is, could be 10x the wheat could be delivered to Bake-a-lot in New Jersey, but if it’s 1/10th the wheat at 10x the cost, so much the better. Who cares? Not the farmer. It’s the CONSUMER. Do they not get this? A: No, they are incapable of thought, and also a Death Cult, where murder and despair are the GOAL, not an accident.

    Farmers already take it seriously. Deadly seriously. So do the other few remaining producers worldwide. But clearly shortages and imminent death are the only things to make the CONSUMERS begin to turn the first wheels of their lives and maybe – but not very likely – take action by thinking and acting before they die. Of failure to have anything productive to offer. They still are buying nothing off shelves, so they are no where taking it seriously. So you’re going to die.

    “You’re on your own. But not really.” –Fauci

    As I say every day, “If ONLY” we were on our own. But they can’t stop helping us to certain death. Remember France? The government said “How come there’s no food and the people are trying to hang us? What can we do to help?” And the producers said… “Laissez-faire!!!” “Leave us the F alone!!! Stop helping!!!” Same today, but we have a different impression of what “laissez faire” means.

    each individual is going to have to make their [own] calculation of the amount of risk that they want to take”

    That’s a 180° reversal. That’s all we ever asked, from Day 1, Great Barrington on down. Will PancakeHead oppose Fauci now, as he’s done with every CDC/WHO/Harvard study? Or keep supporting the TwitterScience™? “Whatever is popular today is true”

    As above, however, Fauci funded overseas bioweapons labs in direct defiance of Congress. Why isn’t he up for life in prison? I mean, is this all open and legal now? I think I’ll start an anthrax lab today in that case. I hear I can buy bubonic plague mail-order online. (no joke, this is, or was, true)

    “nine out of 10 show no signs of illness — they are hauled off to hastily erected quarantine camps.”

    Besides fascism – always a favorite – they are embargoing the U.S. at a relatively low cost to their citizens. Big annoyance, but low cost. Of course like our people, the more citizens they kill, the better they like it.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron will face off against hard-right leader Marine Le Pen later this month in a runoff election.”

    Hahahahaaha! They’re claiming that France has elections! Or 20 other Western nations. You’re so cute. That’s so last century.

    Eugenics from yesterday pops up so fast! And Canada, the new vanguard of fascism.
    “Canada Will Soon Be Offering Doctor-Assisted Death for People Who Are Mentally Ill”
    This is right on the Cover illustration of the Textbook of Eugenics. O, Canada! So proud!

    Truly nonsensical, but it is the NY Times.
    Why Tracking Putin’s Wealth Is So Difficult:
    Amid speculation that oligarchs are holding cash and luxury assets for the Russian president, many of his extravagances can be traced elsewhere: the Russian state.”

    Um, dum-dums? HOW WOULD PUTIN ENJOY THE ASSETS? Is he popping out to Monaco on a yacht? Flying into Mayfair to wear diamonds at the Langham Hotel? Christ on a pogo stick, no. He can’t leave the country, so no one is holding asset for him. If they’re being held, it’s for THEM, oligarchs who CAN go, and payouts to any local BoJo clowns they encounter.

    “Does Putin have secret yachts?” There’s a journalistic rule here, and that’s if the headline is a question, the answer is “no.” No he does not, because he could never use them. Ever again.

    So, dum-dums who don’t ask questions and can’t think, because they live in “New York”: WHOSE assets are you stealing in that case, since they’re not Putin’s? A: Who cares? More for me!

    “is the rare bit of public evidence directly linking President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to any of the luxury boats, planes or villas associated with him over the years.” Oh, so you have no evidence, but that is proof to you Ivy League fart-sniffers?

    Also admitting: “The yacht, called the Olympia, was managed by a company in Cyprus, where corporation filings show that the true owner was not Mr. Putin — it was the Russian government.”

    Yes, it may be a shock considering how things are done here in NYC, D.C., and Langley, but Putin is not the Russian state. And oligarchs are not Putin OR the Russian state.

    After saying they’re tracking and taking it all, “the Russian president, who has never been found to personally own much worth confiscating.”

    “[The Altai] mountain resort was among 20 properties described in the 2012 report by Mr. Nemtsov as being available to Mr. Putin,”

    He’s the President, if he asks, nearly everything is “available” to him. Like here. Does that mean he owns it?

    They then continue that he has a security detail – like the $3M/mo one for Hunter Biden still has in Malibu – that he uses a big seaside house with security – like Mr. Trump does – and that there is a yacht somewhere that’s never been tied to him. See? That’s proof! Or he wouldn’t hide it!

    “Mike McIntire is a reporter with the investigations unit. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election,”

    Enough said, my good sir.

    These guys, with the mind of a 12-year old raised on James Bond and Kid Spy movies, are going to kill us all and should be mocked and pointed at as they walk down the street while people pelt them with tomatoes and call them stupid. Their TOP NY Times investigative reporter. With his finger up his nose. If we don’t mock and remove such people from polite society for being complete glue-sniffing idiots, we’re all going to die.

    “Why So Many COVID Predictions Were Wrong”

    That’s not what pancakehead says. Everything was accurate, nothing bothers him. Still totally believes everything said by the people that The Atlantic says were totally wrong.

    Are they sorry about 0.003% dead and not 25M? To end all civil rights and kill an additional 100k? Not on your life: every word is a lie. There is no recession from it. No inflation from it. No evictions. No one left the workforce. There’s no regional budget shortfalls, and it will never matter. See? All fixed. Can’t you see how much not-inflation we have?

    Also “experts know nothing and our expert predictions are useless.” Thanks Atlantic! Will you therefore shut up now?

    “The Brookings Institution economist Louise Sheiner explained to me that Great Recession heuristics were a poor fit for this recession”

    Hey, is that one of the ‘experts’ that you just said are useless and wrong? “Like a dog to their vomit, thus are the fools at The Atlantic…”

    In fact, these experts say, “ poverty declined significantly, and … personal savings skyrocketed.” We were all rich and happy during Covid, in fact, never better. Ask anyone.

    “another failed prediction: that a wave of small-business failures” I’m glad that never happened, and according to the experts, employment has never been higher. Contrary to daily reports IN “The Atlantic” about a “Great Resignation.” That was last paragraph, yesterday. This is the new paragraph, “the eternal present where The Atlantic is always right.”

    How did they succeed so wildly, beyond all expectations, ma’am? ” policy makers heeded those warnings and effectively intervened.” Government obeyed the “experts”, and we are in the best of all possible worlds. “The experts” who got it all wrong mind you. That’s the title of the article. But when they listed to “the Experts,” they got it all right.

    “Over and over again in the pandemic, the same pattern played out: A new study would circulate on Twitter, and then months later, more research would surface showing massive flaws in the earlier data.”

    Yes, I did notice that. And that’s true of every word written on Twitter and the broad media today as well. Everything they said was wrong. These are the “Experts” you cite. Who were wrong. Which is why when you followed them, and government did whatever they said, they were right. Got it?

    “Goldin believes part of why many forecasts were incorrect is that much of the relevant research was produced by advocacy organizations.”

    No! Go-on! Bad advocacy by paid lobbyists and influencers on Twitter? Wonders never cease. And you “Experts” both fell for it…and didn’t? If I hear you correctly.

    I don’t mean to suggest anything more sinister than motivated reasoning.”
    “Some advocates may have regarded the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to shoehorn in important social policies …they saw in the data what they wanted to see.”

    Actually, you wouldn’t need to. That’s called “lying.” That’s what paid lobbying agencies DO.

    There is then a paragraph on how women and other special people were forgotten and got nothing but survived somehow, which is a success because the government programs also helped them out so they could survive somehow. So yes=no; not helping = helping. I don’t try to understand it, I just repeat it. Also when similar men did not get help and also had worse employment than women and minorities mentioned? Who cares? IDGAF, Atlantic says.

    credibility is extremely important to garnering policy change. And failed predictions may contribute to an unhealthy skepticism that much of the population has developed toward expertise. Panfil, the housing researcher, worries about exactly that: “We have this entire narrative from one side of the country that’s very anti-science and anti-data … These sorts of things play right into that narrative, and that is damaging long-term.”

    Thus “The Atlantic” publishes a front-page, headline article on how all the experts were totally wrong, aiding the they-who-shall-not-be-named Party, i.e. “The people who don’t listen and obey us, because we were totally wrong, and are writing this article about how we were totally wrong, which proves we were totally right and their skepticism is stupid.”

    Got it? I’m having trouble keeping up here. The Atlantic says The Atlantic is Fox News…I think. And The Atlantic is a GOP outlet who works for the Donald Trump Jan 6 narrative. By undermining experts…who are wrong, according to The Atlantic. Which is why they’re warning you… The Atlantic says “Never Trust The Atlantic” – The Atlantic.

    Right? Got it? Subscriptions available, buy today!

    Why bother satirizing? I only need report, completely straight face. If this keeps up, I’ll simply read these experts and outlets, word-for-word, in bow tie and groucho glasses.

    These. Are the “Smart” people. The thought leaders. The White Karen PMCs. Look upon me and despair.


    VP ‘The Wi-Fi restrictions were a valuable compliance measure to help promote participation,” St. Clair said. “Our hope is that it will continue to have an impact.”

    Our hope is that it will continue to have an impact! Oh it will just look at Germs link in comment above. #105889 Brace for impact!


    Dr.D you’ve nailed again quite nicely about the “experts”. It all went sideways with education, or as I now call it indoctrination. The further along one progresses through todays education system the less one thinks on their own. It’s systemic. Here in Canada you take your personal physician, they are merely interrupters. You go in for a check up and after a weigh in and blood pressure check, which you can do at home, they ask about any concerns, if you have any it’s off to the “specialist”. If none you’re still sent for blood work. This will be interrupted by the doc and if any anomalies show up… you guessed it, off to the specialist. I have a good friend with degrees in philosophy who is always interesting to have conversations with until you get to the MSM and their world view in the west. His is a parrot version with no critical thought what so ever. Amazes me every time. His world view is very Anglo Saxon, India bad, Russia bad, Germans, French, China, etc. all bad. Then will go on to tell me how he assesses people individually based on only the conversations with them. Needles to say when the conversation drifts in this direction I have to bite my tongue and steer it in another direction.


    The Atlantic used to be a good magazine, but that was several years ago, back before silicon valley tech titan Steve Jobs’ widow bought it.

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Le Bistro or The Wine Shop 1909

    The poplars are lovely as they bend to the breeze…

    those darned kids

    ” Corridors are becoming so crowded with patients waiting for beds on wards that staff are resorting to desperate measures”

    “I haven’t seen anything this in any other country.”

    this has been going on in canada for many years:



    The Empire of Lies tells Zelensky point blank Ukraine will never be in NATO but let’s publicly LIE, your specialty, and say the door is still open. Lies-R-Us

    Andrei Martyanov mentioned the other day that the 100-300 foreign mercenaries and NATO manwhore instructors trapped in the Azov steel complex will undoubtedly all be killed by the Ukronazis because if they fall into Russian hands alive it will be a true PR disaster for the Zelensky Lie Machine.

    The War Crimes Tribunal is set to start in the Crimea in June and parading French, British, US and assorted other mercs, in shackles, in front of the world press is gonna be quite the Spectacle.

    Oh, and the 70 tanks and armored carriers from Slovenia were all destroyed the other day. Any large weapons are impossible to hide and smuggle into Ukraine. Satellite and human intelligence will sniff them out ASAP and they will be destroyed.

    Meanwhile in Nikolaev something very serious exploded.


    Freedom vrsus safety


    Gonzalo Lira and Scott Ritter live


    Can you spell “schadenfreud”?




    Good news!

    Canada Will Soon Be Offering Doctor-Assisted Death For People Who Are Mentally Ill

    First “they” drive you crazy, then “they” help you out the door.


    Notice from this graph how previous peaks in hospitalisations returned to baseline.
    Not this time though.
    Hospitalisations in the UK are currently over SIX TIMES higher than this time a year ago.
    And this time a year ago they were falling – now they are still rising!

    The vaxxed are fucked!


    Students who have not gotten three vaccinations were notified in February that their internet access would be limited, or the speed slowed if they did not either show they had the booster or had requested an exemption from getting the shot.

    Why on earth would a student stay at a school that did this? It’s INSANE. Universities are desperate for students, if you must be in college, go find one that isn’t run by insane people.


    USA say ………. “Under reported” ….. Meaning “Lying”, not like us, telling the truth
    Donating surplus inventory of war material to Ukraine should make the world safer.
    (Just like in the USA. Everybody could have a gun.)
    Khan is the first prime minister to be ousted by a no-confidence vote in Pakistan,
    …. alleging that the no-confidence motion was the result of the United States meddling in his country’s politics. Washington rejected the charges, saying there was “no truth” to them.
    ….. There will be no harvest next year.”
    Money will not buy what doesn’t exist.
    white supremacy – the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society,
    ethnic cleansing – the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.


    The students with restricted internet…probably all have cellphones, likely with unlimited data plans. Or, with plans that for an additional small monthly sum become unlimited plans.


    Election Day! Election Day!
    Let’s beat the happy drum!
    Which candidate to choose today?
    The sleaze-ball or the scum?

    Election Day! Election Day!
    Let’s set the world on fire!
    Which candidate to choose today?
    The fraudster or the liar?


    The best/most believable liar make the most successful politician

    Figmund Sreud

    Wow! Lavrov in his latest interview with Russian media – just one catchy statement for now:

    Our special military operation is designed to put an end to the reckless expansion and reckless course towards complete domination by the United States and, under them, the remainder of Western countries on the world stage.

    Wow! … just Wow!!!


    Note: someone soon will provide a whole translated transcript of the interview, I’m sure. Standby, …

    a kullervo

    Mr. Putin*, with whom I sympathize, is doing what he must; Mr. Zelensky*, who I strongly dislike, is doing what he must.
    Ultimately, The Eternal simply doesn’t give a damn about what we humans consider to be “right & wrong” (not more than It cares about “left & right” or “good & evil”.)
    Peace is not an Universal value, merely a personal human bias.

    And us humans, all of us, what are we doing, here and elsewhere?
    We are adding our little grain of salt to the “Us vs. Them” imperative, to the thing I call The Dualistic Engine, The Eternal, The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.

    Some will agree with me;
    that’s the way it should be.
    Some will disagree;
    that’s the way it has to be.

    (The Universe:
    Is it worth it, or is it trash?)

    * and his enablers/supporters

    a kullervo

    Here’s a little song she wrote
    “I’m a hapless f*ck because I don’t know we all die.”

    Michael Reid

    One present situation:
    Death from fibrosis (fiber growing throughout your body damaging organs and circulation).

    Fibrosis from the spike protein.

    Spike protein from a COVID-19 infection, spike protein from the mRNA injections.


    Possible future situation (presented in Todd Callender vids)?
    Death from Marburg/Ebola (viruses capable of causing viral hemorrhagic fever syndrome)

    Marburg/Ebola from the mRNA injections contained inert until triggered to release.

    Trigger mechanism?

    Michael Reid


    Yes wow. Looking forward to the rest when available

    those darned kids
    Figmund Sreud

    @Michael Reid – Yes wow. Looking forward to the rest when available

    Yes, … I’m looking towards the complete transcript, too. You see, … I fantasized on more than a couple of occasions to experience precisely this:

    My sister owns a place almost like it, …her house is just 20 metres behind following cam, just across the road, no obstructions (city of Vancouver, BC. is located precisely at the middle of the cam view, just beyond horizon!)

    Once I read the transcript – and analyze it further – draw the very final conclusion, think I will just move in with her. Get me a case of a bestest, finest, reddest wine, and spend the rest of my life on my sister’s porch! It will be a hoot, … with a flash and a bang!




    Mr. House

    Something i thought was interesting:

    Roe V Wade 1971 argued
    Nixon ends gold 1971
    Limits to growth 1972
    Roe V Wade 1973 passed

    Mr. House

    and a different view of the economy via energy

    Figmund Sreud



    Note: it’s difficult to isolate one representative snip, … so no snips.



    Agree with Red: “just look at Germs link in comment above. #105889…Brace for impact!”

    Germ – appreciate the steady stream of mind-blowing, data-driven insight. (Give me a bad cattitude any day!) … I want to know what’s REAL.

    My understanding is that there is a difference on the impact of the spike from a natural infection vs. the jab. The jab spike was altered, it has been found to inhibit production of the body’s ability to repair the damage. The unjabbed, with unaltered immune defenses in tact have the ability to recover/repair. People with autoimmune issues, diabetes, and obesity will struggle more than others regardless of the source of the spike. Those of you who know more – PLEASE correct me if I have this wrong. The spike is bad regardless of the source.

    Ilargi – thank you for finding Walter M Chestnut (months ago)…today’s new WMC musings are kinda like my daily beef liver and cod liver oil supplements (copper!) – an essential but difficult to swallow dose of reality.

    RE: Edward Hopper Le Bistro or The Wine Shop 1909 – the wide open sky spaces are really inviting and captivating. The trees make an excellent anchor, pulling you to the bridge and river below. The very wide road and soft shadows draw you into the center. But not for long, as the dark wall/light sky contrast drops you into the final destination – a table-side conversation. Very nice!

    Welcome to the wind, rain, and snow dropping into NoCA for a visit.

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Mr. House.

    I will be forwarding to my father.

    We can demonstrate, for instance, that most of the “growth” of the past twenty years has been cosmetic, that prosperity is already in relentless decline, and that rises in the real costs of energy-intensive necessities are strangling the scope for discretionary consumption.


    I haven’t tried embedding videos, but yesterday’s off-g put up a video tweet of high rises in Shanghai with thousands shouting out of their windows. They’re angry and hungry.
    A sign of the times. A whiff of our future.
    They waited ’til they got ~60% of the masses brainwashed- so it doesn’t matter what They do. For example, They can’t make the proposed WHO “treaty” legal, but it doesn’t matter. The agreement will be dedicated to Moloch, and the ink will be baby’s blood.
    Resonance and mood and constant cell-use must be playing large parts in all of this.
    I’m on a desk-top a lot, but it must be malfunctioning. I just keep getting madder- like a rose (I used to paint: it’s fugitive, as soon we all shall be).
    Oh, and it looks like the bottle is about to go over from the wind, but the couple doesn’t notice.
    Just like now.


    My husband gets CEP (chemical engineering progress) which has this article this week. Go to the link and they show you a model. Apologies that the whole article isn’t available to y’all. Tiny, fun energy for all! (Who’s got uranium?)
    I’m beginning to think ionizing radiation isn’t as bad as we’re told it is (unless it’s beamed). EMFs ain’t so safe, either.
    On the other hand, nuclear explosions are BIG. Really, really BIG. And those hurt.


    @germ: your boriquagato (bad cattitude) links today are disturbing. This would actually be a disaster, an absolute disaster, for much of western civ. I’m going to pour a glass of red now.

    : speaking of red … the US healthcare system works exactly the same as yours. Not sure why we have personal physicians anymore – just a skimming layer I guess.


    @upstateNYer: would love to meet you over at Edward Hopper’s Le Bistro / The Wine Shop for a glass of red. Nothing like the PRESENT (and wine) for clearing a bad cattitude!

    Veracious Poet

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