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    Figmund Sreud

    OK, folks. This has been bothering me all day today: … Boris Johnson has been shown parading in Kiev with Zee,… outdoors – looked like a town square. I saw it all on Tee-Vee, last night/this morning. OK, fine! State visit, … but really? In a middle of a war zone? Who let him into Kiev, … who gave him a permission to fly in, … or roll in on train or such? Did he obtain a security and protection guarantee from and by Russians? Most puzzling, …



    @Mr House my favourite quote from your link – It’s all very well to understand that the accessibility and affordability of essentials are the political battlegrounds of the future, but there are serious obstacles to an early recognition of this reality.

    Thanks for sharing now off to try work with a gammy hand on the mend.


    @susmarie: lol. sure! A glass of red it is – or two!! 🙂 I wanted to respond to your question about the spike protein and the vaxx vs natural infection response but unfortunately I *think* in big picture, not details, so although I *get* concepts, it’s hard for me to explain them.

    What I’ll say is … yes, people with the vaxx are more prone to bad outcomes because the body has been trained (via mRNA telling its own cells to produce a specific spike protein) to recognize only one aspect of the virus (the original spike) and so it can’t effectively respond to the whole virus, making overall immune response to spike proteins less effective. That’s really really really simplified.

    But, frankly, if you haven’t been vaxxed, don’t worry. Your body knows what to do. And at this point, the sheer size of the “long covid” cohort needs to be called into question. Is it long covid? Or is it the results of vaxx damage? (and I ask this as someone with “chronic lyme disease” which I don’t consider chronic lyme at all, I consider it immune dysregulation due to infection)

    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, Alistair Crooke latest:

    ” … Machiavellian twist: By playing both sides of the equation: i.e. linking the rouble to gold, and then linking energy payments to the rouble, the Bank of Russia is fundamentally altering the entire working assumptions of the global trade system (i.e. by replacing nominal fiat dollars with a solid commodity-backed, currency).

    But note, the Central Bank of Russia did two things of geo-strategic importance: It both added a pricing ‘floor’, and (less noticed), took another one away. The Bank added a floor to the price of gold – by promising to buy gold at a fixed rate.”

    Through Ukraine’: Can the West Use the War to Stem Its Decline and the Shift to a New Global Monetary Order?

    ‘Through Ukraine’: Can the West Use the War to Stem Its Decline and the Shift to a New Global Monetary Order?



    Jeffrey Tucker, who nails a point to the wall using far fewer words than most:

    The China Model Unravels in Shanghai 


    Sorry for multiple posts. Dropping this link here for any French citizens who will be voting in phase 2 (or whatever y’all call it) in the near future and are considering options. It’s about covid, energy, and the “worship of zero” by those in power (looking at you, Macron).

    “The populism so scorned by the elite is a natural reaction to this fundamental inconsistency. Whether Le Pen prevails in France or not, the mere fact that it is a possibility reveals the seething discontent of large numbers of folks at the presumptions of their betters. And this is just the latest example of the disconnect between the Zeroes who presume rule, and those whom they presume to rule.”

    The Worship of Zero 


    Austria’s chancellor is set to meet Vladimir Putin on Monday, the Russian president’s first face-to-face meeting with an EU leader since ordering the invasion of Ukraine, amid warnings of a fresh offensive and shelling in the east. Karl Nehammer said the meeting would take place in Moscow and that Austria had a “clear position on the Russian war of aggression”,

    Reading this, all actions by Russia are Putin’s fault whereas Austria’s chancellor’s name is not important and has not yet been mentioned. When the goodies are simply countries but the badies are individuals, you know that you are reading the Toytown Express. Like when reading “since ordering the invasion of Ukraine” it makes you think “naughty Putin”.

    Thanks for including this article, I am always pleased to see that my judgement of people like Harding is still totally on target: he lies for the British government.


    WWIII has started. This is a war about money, culture, land and resources. The next few months will see if the privatized corrupt Russian Army can defeat an invaded nation that’s mobilized its people. I admit I am prejudiced. I was drafted into the U.S. Army that afterwards was privatized and corrupted. I doubt that the Russian Federation has the manpower or the will to sweep to the borders of Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland and subject the survivors. If Russia does, it is sure to start a nuclear war.

    The only real alternative is for Ukraine and Russia sign a peace treaty/armistice that gives Russia Donbass and the conquered land east of the Dnieper River. Ukraine keeps Odessa and access to the Black Sea. The line of contact becomes a DMZ between the two nations manned by other Eastern Europeans to end the shelling and prevent future conflicts. The resources, labor, expertise and leadership will be on the eastern side of the divide.

    The West faces starvation and freezing winters as a result of illness, dysfunctional governments, and the collapse of fiat currency. But there will be survivors.

    The Devastating Effects of Nuclear Weapons


    So NATO to span both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and become NAPTO!

    Biden going to meet India’s Modi. Hey joe, you know that Trudeau by any chance? Him dress funny!
    Modi will ignore him like everyone else in the white house does!

    So BoJo met Z in Keiv. No he didn’t. It is a 7 hour train ride from Warsaw to Keiv or 14 hour round trip. They met on a stage set in Poland. BoJo the clown and Z the puppet!

    My One Tree Maple Syrup Operation:
    Sad to report my maple syrup operation was sanctioned by spring about a week ago. Old Man Winter has forsaken me! Nights in Toronto are no longer falling below freezing.
    I boiled my last litre of sap tonight.
    I believe I collected about 31 litres of maple sap since late February yielding about 3/4 of a litre of maple syrup after boiling it down 40:1.
    I learned a lot more about when maple sap flows and when it doesn’t flow.
    I really enjoyed this activity as it helped me pass the winter better.
    I will definately do it again next winter!

    Figmund Sreud

    … via MoA:

    Sergey Karaganov: «We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate»

    Rather than repeating what MoA already commented on, … here is a link to MoA:

    The Reasons For And Dangers Behind The War In Ukraine



    @Oroboros said

    Canada Will Soon Be Offering Doctor-Assisted Death For People Who Are Mentally Ill

    The Pfizer Clown Fauci started offering that injection to the same victims a year ago: USA beats Canada once again.


    @VietNam Vet

    Please listen to this conversation with Scott Ritter and then tell me that you still stand by what you wrote. Russia has no designs on “conquering” anyone, including the Ukraine. And as Ritter talks about towards the end of the conversation, NATO is years away from being ready to take on Russia directly. And that is assuming it can be economically possible to that in the first place. Ain’t gonna happen, imo!

    The “rules based” nations of the world (USA and it’s lapdog countries) are putting on the greatest charade ever staged. There isn’t a single “leader” in any of those countries; they are all insiders carrying out their individual roles. But the military experts, especially in the Pentagon, know what the situation is. And Ritter points to one Bill Burns as the man they will rely on to end this stupidity in the most advantageous way. Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, Anthony Blinken, et al are screwing the pooch in innovative ways but are not fooling most of the world.

    I worry less about Nuclear Conflict (although there is a real chance that could happen) than I do about who, in our political landscape, is going to manage the vast amounts of flotsam and jetsam that will be present when the jig is finally up with these disgusting bastards. Daniel Craig has retired from “007” and the West will be right behind him. Good riddance.

    Why is Europe suddenly so interested in helping refugees?
    The same Europeans who wanted to ‘burn their old blankets rather than give them to Middle Eastern refugees’ are now collecting donations for the Ukrainians.
    Karolína Augustová
    Published On 25 Mar 2022
    25 Mar 2022
    white supremacy – the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society,
    ethnic cleansing – the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.



    The next few months will see if the privatized corrupt Russian Army can defeat an invaded nation that’s mobilized its people. I admit I am prejudiced. I was drafted into the U.S. Army

    Calling bs – Nam and Ukraine are entirely different. You were used like a rag doll by your own Imperial scum govt and military that did not give a flying fuck about you or the Viet ppl. They lied to you then and are still lying to you now. Raping torturing murdering and poisoning the Vietnamese ppl because they wanted their freedom and independence does not, and never did justify you following their orders to do so.

    There will never be a shred of dignity for those who followed orders from the scum US regime in Vietnam- war criminals all.

    If Vietnam Invaded the US it would be a whole different story. The US is solely responsible for all of the murder now happening in Ukraine, Not RF.

    I’m finally glad and proud of the RF for finally standing up to the scum bully of the planet- the US regime.
    Go have a nice vacation in Vietnam now, enjoy the clothing they make which you probably wear. If Americans don’t have the balls to stand up to their own immoral govt and military, particularly the US soldiers who took an oath to defend the Constitution- then they are hypocritical cowards with zero dignity.


    @Archie #105938


    Thanks – two great comments.

    RIM: wonderful Hopper painting today

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