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    Ceiling painting from the palace of Amenhotep III, New Kingdom ca. 1390–1353 B.C.   • US Will ‘Turn Over Every Rock’ Until Source Of Document Lea
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    Macron’s comments that Europe should resist pressure to become “America’s followers,”

    Become? Macron seems to think that the rest of us cannot see that he has his tongue in Biden’s ass (sorry if this conjures up unpleasant images in your brain). Macron is a spout of crap, the man is ridiculous, I was amazed when he was first elected, I am totally impressed that his owners have managed to keep him elected. When is someone going to appear who can take France to better places, rather than into the Macron toilet. A movement that will have to involve fixing France’s elections.


    Horowitz: Switzerland suspends COVID shot campaign while US continues to promote shots for all

    “As the U.S. continues to recommend booster doses for infants and track those who refuse to get the shots, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health now says that “no COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for spring/summer 2023.”




    Dr. D

    “Anthrax? Two Senate offices… The two Senators who were blocking the Patriot Act.”

    I guess he wants to be President. First truth spoken in 20 years. Yeah, we noticed.

    “Tony Fauci has nurtured a complex web of financial entanglements among pharmaceutical companies, universities, and scientists that have transformed NIAID into a seamless subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry.”

    Kennedy again. It may even be legal, but this is what happens when you live contrary to the spirit of all law. It doesn’t matter what you pass. Duuuuuuuuuuuh. Article this week “We should pass a new Magna Charta”. No, we shouldn’t. We already have one. It’s called the “Magna Charta.” And here we have a Constitution as well. If we’re not going to follow the first one, whyever would we follow the second one? A: The answer is always more government.

    Honestly you’re all vermin. You can’t control yourself. Without us, there would be anarchy and chaos, like the NE Blackout.
    Like this: People going to corner stores, walking home over the Brooklyn Bridge, like NY since 1800.

    Meanwhile, on the media, this:
    Never forget humans are evil hateful monsters who must all be killed. Especially the children. You can’t really love the planet unless you kill some children. Pure. Love.

    “Russia ‘risks becoming economic colony of China’ as isolation deepens, says CIA director Burns”

    These are the geniuses you need to run everything in your life. Like all these guys, he’s 1,000 years old and lives in an air-tight fart bubble. Yes, the textbooks wrote that China and Russia were at odds with each other. …In 1963. Jesus, read a book, that was 60 years ago, otherwise known as “Three Lifetimes”.

    Nope, they really believe this. Biden talked to the director when all this started and then said it on TV. We’d have no trouble with Russia because they had nowhere to go. Russia and China wasn’t a thing, 20 years after the Shanghai Cooperative. China got on TV and immediately issued a warm statement of alliance with Russia. Then they went to China, told them the same thing. This week, Burns makes an idiot of his fool self saying the same thing. China gets on TV and says they’re co-sharing weapons. Burns says it again, then The Guardian reports it again.

    They are psychotic. They are unreachable. And thus they lose. However, psychotic people can cause a lot of damage before the end. No one seems in a hurry to crush the US$ it all depends on. To my constant disappointment and dismay. Yeah, chemo may not be a lot of fun; but you’re just going to let the cancer grow instead?

    “Pentagon Leak Shows Western Special Forces on the Ground In Ukraine (BBC) “

    The purpose of the leak appears to be to stop a bad offensive that will not only lose, but perhaps move things out of control. And the one thing the spooks who leaked it can’t stand, it’s lack of control. Killing people? Perfectly fine. We can kill 100 Million for nothing, as long as it’s under control.

    “You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan”. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!” –The Joker.

    “You know the thing about chaos? It’s fear.” — The Joker. That’s why it doesn’t occur in 100M person power outages, or out on farms. Doesn’t matter what happens to humans: no fear. Because if something happens, there’s just more s—t to do, we start acting and fixing what broke. …Unless prevented by far higher forces, like preventing guns and self-defense in inner cities. Then there’s fear because people are denied taking appropriate action to save their valuable lives. Denied by GOVERNMENT. There isn’t anybody else who CAN prevent your self-defense.

    Also why panic cannot be a long-term event. I’ll just adjust and start making plans.

    ““George H. W. Bush should never be forgiven for enabling…”

    Forgiven? The New DNC party LOVES him. They lauded him on TV next to Hillary Clinton and defended his record as reasonable against the upstarts in the GOP.

    “[Bush] plunged America into a petty argument” Stockman, really? Stop doing these guys’ work for them. McCain clearly said we started a 100-year war. A world war, to control the oil and take over the planet. A world war of non-stop universal murder and aggression. Addendum, that means “Conquering and repressing all the PEOPLE on that planet.” YOU. Yes it starts in Iraq, or even Viet Nam, but they passed the Patriot Act as the very first order of business, to attack all patriots. What’s a “Patriot”? Anyone who opens their mouth for any reason. Anyone who doesn’t do exactly what they’re told. Instantly, and without question. YOU. We saw this already on Twitter, a joint-merger with the U.S., or rather World, government.

    Look at the positioning for Iraq. They knew exactly what they were doing. Remember Gen Clark’s “Five nations in alphabetical order”? Ending with who? Saudi Arabia, and don’t think MBS doesn’t know it. Guess we shouldn’t have tried to kill him in Vegas.

    “Private Armies Are Making A Killing (Fazi)

    Private armies were the ruination of the 14th century. Non-stop killing machines, roaming all Europe, leveling Holland and Belgium over and over, burning whole cities of 100,000 to the ground. This is WHYYYYYY we created national armies, to stop this overwhelming and near-unstoppable problem. The only thing people like better than denial is being stupid, I guess. I thought private people weren’t supposed to have rockets, warships, nuclear materials? Blackwater does. Jeff Bezos can hire them for an afternoon. You can’t.

    “Manhattan Prosecutor Sues Trump’s Chief House Ally Jim Jordan (RT)”

    They’re both fair arguments. That’s why we discuss it openly and at length in court. I think we’ll find one side’s argument is more persuasive.

    “Europe Warming Up To Macron’s ‘Strategic Autonomy’ Push Away From US ( “

    Much as I detest Macron, as a middle manager, he has a POINT. None of the others do. He knows and feels things should go in this direction, and is willing to take fire to push in that direction. Everyone else is a simpering sycophant, moving in lockstep hive mind. Luckily, he’s transparent and not that smart, but from a middle manager position, promoting the actual success of the WEF and creating a tyrannical neo-Soviet EU, he’s not wrong. They –should– follow him. But they’re dumber than he is and don’t.

    ““..Putin is scheduled to visit South Africa in August for the 15th BRICS Summit..”

    Interesting. I’m not on inside baseball on whether most of the troubles in SA are all CIA-Socialist color revolution paid for stuff vs how much is organic. I do know that their Socialist Left – including mass-murderer Mandela – were arranged and backed by them back ‘when though. If it’s paid for and made up, SA can right themselves by expelling the CIA and NGOs. If not – which seems likely – they’ll remain an a heap of trouble for some time. Now WHYYYYY are all the BRICS constantly appealing, spending a lot of treasure, to gain what is merely a predictably broken SA? Not for the gold, Russia’s got plenty, and what else do they have? Street riots?

    “We note that there is no reporting of current geochemical or geophysical data on TAE”

    Well, we do note various weather monthly or so. Pleasant rains in California. Dams filling up. Snow in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the deserts of Libya. Rebuilding glaciers in Switzerland. Complete lack of hurricanes. That ocean temperature jumped when they made the conscious decision to measure from ship water intakes that added an instant 2°c*. It comes up.

    *Crooked numbers, paid-for science. They get exactly the results that they paid for and make the most profit to the fix-it-up chappie with the Stars Machine.

    As for cars, the two are not related. We could have cars, or not, if there is warming. We could have cars, or not, if there isn’t. I don’t prefer cars, I’d rather we had about as many as 1936. However that change took 100 years and it would take at least 50 to roll it back, even if it weren’t an intentional attack.

    We need to discuss what is actual, real, and proven, then afterwards the matrix of what happens if we address, delay, or don’t act at all. We’ve followed some of those already. Newsflash: there’s no scenario where our acting on it matters. Now there’s some small chance, if warming were a lot, lot slower, we might start here and get China to join, but AFKTT says it’s way too fast for that. I’m in favor! Saves me the trouble or worrying about it! Thanks pal! You had me at “There’s no point in doing anything.” I’m taking your advice!

    Dr. D

    Let’s pep this up and make it easier.


    There’s no point in doing anything. Jesus said – I believe – “do nothing and all things will be done”
    Good enough for me right now – the people have not had enough pain yet to change course.
    I have had enough to turn inward as my change of course.


    Skeptics? or realists?

    “Sometime during this century, it is highly likely that worldwide depletion of natural resources will force an entire reorganization of social and economic structures, perhaps violently.” — Walter Youngquist, ‘Our Plundered Planet’

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    We are going to have to dramatically downsize the dream of a future in which we replace 150-year-old fossil fuel infrastructure with “clean energy” by 2050.

    That’s the message in a number of recent important reports and books. They underscore a number of problems with the renewables illusion, including the complexity of the task, the toxicity of rare earth mining and the scarcity of critical minerals.

    These grounded realists, including the French journalist Guillaume Pitron and the Australian geologist Simon Michaux, all have three basic messages:

    There are dramatic limits to growth.

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    Join us and grow independent media in Canada
    Truth and reality are not linear.

    And the world needs a better plan to avoid collapse other than replacing one unsustainable fossil fuel system with another intensive mining system powered by even more extreme energies. In other words, electrifying the Titanic won’t melt the icebergs in its path.

    ‘Doubling down on the wrong thing’


    Oxy, you want something done ask a busy person.

    Mr. House

    “You know the thing about chaos? It’s fear.”

    misquote, should say “you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”


    Lethal non lethal. Escalation in real time, how long before they face return fire?

    The use of pepper ball rounds on anti-lockdown demonstrators by Victoria police in downtown Melbourne on several occasions over August 2021, marked an escalation in the law enforcement approach to public protest in this country.

    Released on 22 March, Lethal in Disguise 2 outlines that this use of nonlethal or crowd-control weapon (CCW), which isn’t supposed to result in death is becoming more prevalent globally, which is in line with a general uptick in civil unrest, and it poses health risks and undermines rights.

    “The unnecessary and disproportionate use of force often serves not to disperse crowds and quell dissent but rather leads to acrimony and further escalation of conflict,” reads the report produced by Physicians for Human Rights and the International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations.

    Lethal in Disguise 2 outlines that since 2015, 121,000 people have been injured or killed by CCWs worldwide. And since the release of the first Lethal in Disguise report in 2016, there’s been an increase in civilians harmed by kinetic impact projectiles, chemical irritants and acoustic weapons.

    But whilst it’s uncertain that the current spike in protests is here to stay, the rising use of CCWs by state actors just may be, and it’s being accompanied by increasing authoritarianism, the unregulated use of these weapons on the unarmed, political bias in application and a lack of accountability.


    Have a look at the northern hemisphere jet streams this morning, interesting mess. Click bottom left for menu.,61.22,321


    I echo Kultsommer: “ Earth is not yet, but on a way to become one large toxic garbage can.”

    When I learned about the ice cores and the increasing CO2, I realized two things for certain: (1) we humans are burning fossil fuels at a tremendous rate, one large enough to affect the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere today, and we do not fully understand the ramifications of this. (2) Fossil fuels are finite, yet we are burning them as if they will never run out: this is foolish.

    Creating copious amounts of plastic waste that does not decompose in our lifetimes is foolish. The same goes for all of the toxic byproducts to our manufacturing processes. We do not know the consequences. Monkeying around with viruses and gene therapy — unleashing them upon world populations — is rank stupidity.

    I am not pleased with capitalism. I do not believe that economics can be summed up with a binary relationship between capitalism and socialism. Capitalism needs to “grow up,” and take on more responsibility. Perhaps we would call this new economic system by another name. (It wouldn’t be “socialism.”) People act economically based upon what makes sense to them — Adam Smith understood this. Advertising subtly influences people to behave like children in a candy store, rather than in a calm, reasoned way. The WEFfers seem to believe that the answer to this conundrum is to use propaganda — weaponizing psychology against the masses — fear, and coercion to force the world’s population onto a more sane course of action. I disagree. The people of the earth do need education…but not the kind where students memorize facts or are wowed by technology or are cowed into submission with fear and cruelty. We need the type of education that fosters critical thinking, deep thinking, that inspires the spark of creativity, and that builds strength and agility in the body. People who do not know how to use their minds well make poorer decisions overall, and they are easier to control.

    This type of education isn’t done much now in the US because creative critical thinkers are more difficult to control.

    D Benton Smith

    The reason Dems keep saying Biden will run in 2024 is to block and/or avoid the conversation about who will actually run. Why would they do that, pray tell, and lose so may months of campaigning time?

    That’s a two part question and both answers are as easy as they are disgusting.

    The first reason is that the “candidate” is so bad that as soon as the name comes out blood and puke will run in the streets I can think of at least 3 (Harris, Newsom or Hillary would all fill the bill).
    And the second reason, of course, is that a totally rigged election doesn’t actually require any actual campaigning.


    Dr D
    We could have cars, or not, if there is warming.
    I did a 2 month study abroad in downtown London in 1995. The Tube system was marvelous. I took the stairs up and down…it was good exercise, but not for all. (If I’d had young children, I’d have taken the elevator.). With friends, I took the night bus to Edinburgh and back. (Could have been pleasant — if the “no smoking” signs had been observed — the second-hand smoke had me feeling nauseous.). To visit a former roommate, I took the train to Reading. And the train took me to/from Heathrow Airport. Where I live, in Phoenix, there is a grocery store about a quarter mile away. When I had three toddlers I often found it easier to load them up into the stroller and walk to the grocery store rather than getting them all in/out/in/out of three car seats. In the cooler months, I often bike to the grocery store, ATM, and even to a few close-by client locations. (But not when it is 110 degrees outside.)

    People make decisions that make sense to them. When our cities are designed with cars in mind, traversing them without a car does not make sense. (I own a car.) There is logic in “15 minute cities” — but not when we are coerced into them and not permitted to roam at will. I spend most of my days within a 6 mile radius of my home, (much of my employment permits this,) entirely by choice. One son is contemplating an internship program this summer. The program states that they will not attempt to place the young workers in sites close to where they live. I’m sure that this is convenient for those running the program — they don’t have to be bothered by it — but, logistically, for those doing the work, it is a potential problem, and belies social values that are dependent upon a car-driven attitude that distance is irrelevant — when, in actuality, distance is clearly relevant.

    John Day

    Thanks to Observer, Polemos and Alexander Carpenter for last night’s attempts at agnostic climate sanity.

    : You awake yet? Had those Cheerios yet? I hope you are feeling better.

    John Day

    Big volcanic eruption in Russia. Heading for Alaska, Why no news? Video here.

    John Day

    Another public service announcement (Thanks Christine):
    Finland Takes Another Look at Youth Gender Medicine
    A recent interview with the country’s top gender expert shows how out of step the American medical establishment is with its European counterparts

    Mr. House
    John Day

    “Cycles Collapse” is up

    Christine sent the latest article from Alastair Crooke about the question of where America’s Cultural Revolution might lead. We can see where the Bolshevik Revolution, the Nazi takeover and China’s Cultural Revolution led, and we can see the more hopeful recent history of the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a decade of western vulture-capitalist parasitism, and a 10% loss of population, especially retired people without pensions. Looking at the broad context, I have to consider the collapse of the USSR as being the more optimistic scenario.
    The British Empire did wind down in the best of economic times, and handed the baton of empire to the New-York/London/Amsterdam financial neo-colonial empire. The Petrobuck Empire which seems to be having its “Suez Crisis” in Ukraine now.
    Crooke looks at the destruction and nihilism of the leveling-process of a cultural revolution. We can see that in the Bolshevik and Chinese cultural revolutions, the focus was on destructive leveling, particularly of intellectuals. “Political Correctness” was everything, and facts could get you killed or sent to a re-education camp quickly.
    What I see, myself, and you may see differently, is that the left has been ascendant in the west since the US withdrew from Vietnam, but the anti-war left has been replaced by the limousine-left and “identity politics”. This coalition supports neoliberal globalism for the low cost of public-relations arrangements with the media/propaganda organs of business-as-usual. I see this coalition as being “a mile wide and an inch deep”. The propaganda is cheap enough, but there is the economic support cost. I will venture to presume that the majority of this coalition are not productive workers, but are more focused on compliance, bureaucracy and “services”.
    The BLM protests were illustrative of the efforts to weaponize this class of political activists. Most black people quickly distanced themselves from being weaponized, having seen this movie script before. There were some hoodlums and vandals among the “mostly peaceful protesters”. There appear to have been agents-provocateurs as well. The riots did not seem to reach critical mass for a cultural revolution, and the conservative and productive working classes kept their cools; did not much engage against this threatening group.
    Waves of foreign immigration, often from war zones, are another weaponization of different cultural groups against each other, when forced to live in the same places. The British Empire would move populations of workers from one part of the world to another, to disrupt social bonds which resisted the imperial will. Some of those stressful situations persist today. These flows seem more disruptive to European societies than to the US, where Hispanics have always been part of society, especially in the areas which were previously Mexican.
    I’m not sure that there is enough intolerance in the US to feed a cultural revolution, or right-fascism, though the potential for a swing to right-fascism has long concerned me. That came for Germany with the desperation of financial collapse, leading to economic collapse, which appears to have originated with forced-debt repayments by all of the nations which participated in WW-1. The US Federal Reserve arose just before WW-1, and pumped loans to the countries involved, all of which spent way more than they could afford. They expected loans to be written down, but the US did not write them down, so France tried to make Germany pay, but took away German industry and coal mines. The UK was similarly very tight, but global finance exacted repayment, leading to the Great Depression and WW-2. (“All wars are banker’s wars.”)
    Global neoliberal financial capitalism is not a productive financial system, but rather extracts value from the physical economy. The west is currently controlled by Global neoliberal financial capitalists, who need to cement their control or lose it completely to nationalist-industrialists.
    Powerful banking interests can profit from either form of capitalism, if they keep the privilege of creating money. Central Bank Digital Currency is a particular threat of global neoliberalism, but commercial banking has long controlled industrial capitalist economies by fractional reserve lending, especially during and after wars. Both Michael Hudson and Ellen Brown have long advocated a form of banking, exemplified by the Bank of North Dakota, which is owned by the state, and invests in projects that will improve the state economy, if they have good prospects to flourish. “Profits” go to the state, so the “tax” paid to financiers in most places funds the state instead, reducing state taxes.
    The two candidates with the most promise for the 2024 election seem to be Trump and Kennedy, similar to the Trump-Sanders desires of the electorate in 2016 (thwarted, we recall). Americans do not want business-as-usual, which is breaking, and is on track to be grossly broken before fall 2024. Both of these candidates are moderate populist nationalists, open to negotiation within the political process, not ideologues.

    ​ ​We are Closening to a Move Through the Cycle – But First Will Come Disorder​ , Alastair Crooke​
    ​The question posed at this point is: Is the collective West nearing the end of a cycle? Or are we still in mid-cycle? And is this a four-generational mini-cycle, or an epochal point of inflection?
    ​ ​Is Russo-Chinese Entente and the global tectonic discontent with the ‘Rules Order’ – on the heels of a long trajectory of catastrophes from Viet Nam, through Iraq to Ukraine – sufficient to move the West on to the next stage of cyclical change from apex to disillusionment, retrenchment and eventual stabilisation? Or not?
    ​ ​A major inflection point is typically a period in history when all the negative components from the outgoing era ‘come into play’ – all at once, and all together; and when an anxious ruling class resorts to widespread repression.
    ​ ​Elements of such crises of inflection are today everywhere present: Deep schism in the U.S.; mass protest in France, and across Europe. A crisis in Israel. Faltering economies; and the threat of some, as yet undefined, financial crisis chilling the air.​..
    ..The consequence to such a moment of epochal ‘in-betweeness’ has been characterised historically by the irruption of disorder, the breakdown of ethical norms, and the loss of a grip on what is real: Black becomes white; right becomes wrong; up becomes down.
    ​ ​That’s where we are – in the grip of western élite anxiety and a desperation to keep the ‘old machinery’s’ wheels spinning; its ratchets loudly opening and closing, and its levers clanging into, and out of place – all to give the impression of forward motion when, in truth, practically all of western energy is consumed in simply keeping the mechanism noisily aloft, and not crashing to an irreversible, dysfunctional stop.
    ​ ​So, this is the paradigm that governs western politics today: Doubling-down on the Rules Order with no strategic blueprint of what it is supposed to achieve – in fact no blueprint at all, except for ‘fingers crossed’ that something beneficial for the West will emerge, ex machina… ​..​They want absolute democratic levelling of every societal discrepancy – reaching even, back into history, to historic discrimination and inequalities; and to have history re-written to highlight such ancient practice so that they can be routed out through enforced reverse discrimination.
    ​ ​What has this to do with foreign policy? Well, pretty well everything (so long as ‘our’ liberalism) retains its capture of the western institutional framework.
    ​ ​Bear this background in mind when thinking of the western political class’s reaction to events, say, in the Middle East, or in Ukraine. Although the cognitive élite contends that they are tolerant, inclusive, and pluralistic, they will not accept the moral legitimacy of their opponents. That is why in the U.S. – where the Cultural War is most developed – the language deployed by its foreign policy practitioners is so intemperate and inflammatory towards non-compliant states.
    ​ ​The point here is that, as Professor Frank Furedi has emphasised, the contemporary ‘timbre’ is one no longer merely adversarial, but unremittingly hegemonic. It is not a ‘turn’. It is a rupture: The determination to displace other sets of values by a western inspired ‘Rules-Based Order’.​..
    ​..​The levelling project being essentially nihilistic becomes captured by the destructive side of the revolution – its authors so absorbed with dismantling structures that they do not attend to the need to think policies through, before launching into them. The latter are not adept at doing politics: at making politics ‘work’.
    ​ ​Thus, discontent at the welling string of western foreign policy flops grows. Crises multiply, both in number and across different societal dimensions. Perhaps, we are closening to a point of beginning to move through the cycle – toward disillusionment, retrenchment, and stabilization; the prerequisite step to catharsis and ultimate renewal. Yet, it would be a mistake to underestimate the longevity and tenacity of the western revolutionary impulse.
    ​ ​“The revolution does not operate as an explicit political movement. It operates laterally through the bureaucracy and it filters its revolutionary language through the language of the therapeutic, the language of the pedagogical, or the language of the corporate HR department”, Professor Furedi writes. “And then, it establishes power anti-democratically, bypassing the democratic structure: using this manipulative and soft language – to continue the revolution from within the institutions.”

    We are Closening to a Move Through the Cycle – But First Will Come Disorder

    ​ Also from Christine is more of Gilbert Doctorow’s assessment of Macron’s trip to China, what was revealed and what remains hidden.​
    (Is Macron not only doing non-dollar deals in Yuan/Renminbi and deserting the NATO “faithful”, but moving French factories to China?)
    ​ ​Diplomats and lawmakers in the US and in central and eastern Europe slammed Macron for being soft on Beijing and worryingly critical of the US, especially given that Washington has been a staunch backer of Europe as it deals with the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Analysts found the comments particularly ill-timed with China carrying out large-scale military drills in the straits of Taiwan in response to the Taiwanese president’s visit to the US last week….
    …the trip also provoked malaise in some quarters for the way the French president was accompanied by a big delegation of business leaders and the announcement of a lucrative deal in China by French jet manufacturer Airbus.
    ​ ​All of this goes to show that with or without the cover of having the EU Commission President at his side, even without public disclosure of the results achieved by the business delegation, Emmanuel Macron was no more successful in avoiding brickbats from other EU Member States, led of course by the Baltics and East Europeans, over his state visit to China than Chancellor Scholz was last November when he took no such precautions to protect Germany’s business interests when meeting with Xi. I note that the deal by Airbus had been announced a week before the trip, presumably to avoid embarrassment during the visit itself. That deal centered on an agreement to set up a second Airbus production line in China, doubling the existing output. It presumably also had a letter of intent to buy a certain number of Airbus aircraft from Toulouse.
    The ‘dry residue’ from Macron’s visit to China

    ​ Ruh-roh! ​Macron Makes ‘No Apology’ For China Trip Comments As EU Leadership Warms To ‘Anti-US’ Message

    ​ C’mon Bobby! Be the first POTUS candidate to pledge to Free Assange!
    ​ ​Australian And UK Politicians Call On The US To Drop Julian Assange’s Extradition


    ‘Special’ service: Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents
    What does the ‘intelligence agency’ have to do with a suicide terrorist attack?

    Well, well, well, what have we here?
    Can you say extended Operation Gladio la la la…?

    What could a 1979 Pakistan airlines ad have to do with 9/11?
    It’s not like the CIA were heavily active training, funding, arming and inciting Islamic ‘extremists’ like Bin L, pre-al quesedea in Pakistan in 1979? Right?

    It’s not like a deep state US group would feed a plan to cave dwelling revenge seeking opportunists and then clear and sweep a path for the cave dwellers to commit said fed plan? Nah

    Not our ‘Intelligence community’ , we never saw it coming even though RF and multiple other real intelligence groups warned the retards in Langley? Increase the budget, Patriot act NOW ! Protect us harder scum Regime Govt ass clowns intent on murdering your own fellow citizens…

    Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
    Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo’ face
    You big disgrace
    Kickin’ your can all over the place

    Buddy you’re a young man hard man
    Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day
    You got blood on yo’ face
    You big disgrace
    Wavin’ your banner all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    Sing it
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you’re an old man poor man
    Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make
    You some peace some day
    You got mud on your face
    Big disgrace
    Somebody betta put you back into your place

    Two of the hijackers were being closely monitored by the CIA and may, wittingly or not, have been recruited by Langley long before they flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings.

    Why was it hidden?
    Those bombshell facts remained hidden from public view until March 2022, when a trove of FBI documents was declassified at the request of the White House. The newly released Guantanamo Military Commission filing sheds even further light on Bayoumi’s contact with Hazmi and Midhar – and in turn, the CIA’s keen interest in them, their activities throughout their stay in the US, and refusal to disclose their presence to the FBI until late August 2001.

    The filing is an account by the Commission’s lead investigator, DEA veteran Don Canestraro, of his personal probe of potential Saudi government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, conducted at the request of the defendants’ lawyers. Based on a review of classified information held by, and interviews with representatives of, the FBI and Pentagon, the content strongly suggests that the CIA obstructed official investigations to conceal its penetration of Al Qaeda.

    Who blew Nordstream? Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

    Where did the ‘official story’ of B.Laden hiding in plain sight locate him? Oh Pakistan.
    Sloppy c eye eh retards.


    Dr D

    The only thing people like better than denial is being stupid, I guess. I thought private people weren’t supposed to have rockets, warships, nuclear materials?

    If I am not mistaken arm industry, or better yet – the entire MIC, is in the private hands – all the way to the last maker of non-combat military supply, be it cereal and of olive-green shoe laces.
    The system where all natural resources, even of a strategic importance, are also in the hands of a private citizens, is also “defined”, as I do recall your rumblings, as enabling the two people to shake hands in mutual exchange agreement and walk away in win-win sound of dog bark and laughter.


    Fun with Trudeau

    ‘Politicization’ blamed as Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation CEO, board step down amid Chinese donation scandal


    Film masterpiece, bit long so is divided into four parts and may be too slow at the moments for the Western sensibilities. Chasing Russian names and figuring out as who is who could be a problem too, so knowing the Tolstoy’s book may me a big help.
    I have to admit that when it comes to scenes of large cavalry clashes Hollywood is at the top.


    John Day
    Hi. I slept in for an extra 2 hours.
    My taste buds find food too salty, or doesn’t taste right.
    I’m having a call with my doc to see what could be done for my sore troath.


    Pfizer just lost in the UK Court case over misleading info about Covid vaccine safety

    First I’ve learned of this. Germ have you caught any of this ?

    Implications going forward?

    Pfizer lost their court case in the UK. They failed to provide the truth as what the ‘side affects’ might be from taking their experimental mRNA vaccine therapy. Not sure if Pfizer has UK government immunity, if not, maybe class action and individual law suits will follow.


    Ha ha ha, this aged well, kinda like fjb has aged well.

    Pfizer, BioNTech say their coronavirus vaccine is more than 90 percent effective
    The better-than-expected result is the first Phase III data from any of the four candidates now in the final stage of testing in the U.S.

    An analysis of 94 trial participants who contracted Covid-19 showed that the vaccine was 94 percent effective, the companies said in a press release Monday.

    “I can’t imagine better news on the vaccine front,” said Walid Gellad, director for the Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing at the University of Pittsburgh. “Not only is it highly effective based on the press release, but there were 90 cases so we don’t have to deal with the skeptics about interim analyses, and there appeared to be no safety signals.”

    Catch that? ‘Highly effective’ based on the press release. Walid, can you think of ONE good reason why a Pharma Co that has been convicted of multiple felonies for fraud, lying, killing and injuring product users, may require more scrutiny than- “their press release sez so?”

    Walid. are you a f’n retard? I can imagine better news on the ‘vac front’ (clever likening vac development to a War front, you know like the Eastern Front WW2) – yeah better news would be you suddenly dropping dead from your precious product lies.

    More on the math: The data and safety monitoring board overseeing the Pfizer trial was able to calculate the vaccine’s effectiveness by comparing the number of Covid-19 cases among people who received the vaccine to those who got a placebo.

    So they knew that the Vac DID NOT STOP TRANSMISSION, yet they called it 94% effective? What the actual fuck? Then they slimily walked it back with “breakthrough cases”?

    But: Pfizer is still collecting safety data to prove to the FDA that the vaccine is safe as well as effective. The agency wants vaccine developers to follow at least half of trial participants for two months after their final dose of vaccine or placebo, and track any side effects.

    Two months? Follow at least half, two months. Can we put these adults back in daycare? They are unfit to be loose in society.

    Supply and logistics challenges: Pfizer has said it can make up to 100 million doses by the end of the year — enough to vaccinate 50 million people — and possibly more than 1 billion by the end of 2021.

    The U.S. government has already placed an initial order for 100 million doses of the vaccine at a cost of $1.95 billion and has an option to acquire another 500 million if the vaccine proves successful in Phase III trials.

    Billions of Doses, Billions of Dollars, Billions of Deaths. America Fuck Yeah.

    President Donald Trump, who pushed unsuccessfully for a vaccine by Election Day, cheered the Pfizer result. “STOCK MARKET UP BIG, VACCINE COMING SOON. REPORT 90% EFFECTIVE. SUCH GREAT NEWS!” he wrote on Twitter.

    Retards, retards everywhere. Fuck you Trump, and FJB.

    Dr D Rich


    Great post at 5:17 pm today

    “…pre-al quesedea…”

    Ha ha ha ha!


    from polemos:

    are you sure you are assuming what he is assuming in order for your own argument to work as you intended?

    I appreciate you

    There’s little to assume after 3+ months of trying to coax it out of him.

    Not only “It’s the CO2! It’s the CO2!” is as far as one gets….

    It ISN’T the CO2, it’s his Jensenite manifesto, current year marxism ported over to environment. A mystery religion where only the initiates on the margins can see reality. It’s in his NAME. He posted it himself. Bit by bit, he SHOWED it, rather than me TELLING it. That’s why I went through that laborious process.

    He isn’t even a good faith arguer, but taking him at his word, he’s toast.
    —-He thinks CO2 will lead to catastrophic warming, but CO2 trails heat in hundreds of millions of years of scientific data
    —-He thinks CO2 creates greater extremes, but hundreds of millions of years of scientific data show that greater heat and CO2 left the climate more stable
    —-He thinks CO2 will cause wholesale extinction, but massively greater CO2 and heat than his predictions of doom led to massive, thriving life, doing BETTER than now

    Saying I haven’t accounted for everything when I respond to “It’s the CO2” with hundreds of millions of years of massive quantities of CO2 and higher temperatures is kind of weird. maybe it IS the CO2 ….based on it NOT being the CO2 …or something.

    Like if I want to argue against Santa, I have to prove every cubic inch of the earth’s atmosphere doesn’t contain Santa on christmas eve?

    This is like when I would disprove Christianity from its own internal tenets in my teens and the pastor would “defeat” this argument by saying “it’s a mystery” I concede every premise, out of courtesy amongst other reasons, and then disprove – THEN it must be “Something Else” that isn’t up for debate

    Like, saying “you haven’t accounted for everything, it must be something else” = let’s throw out Science. Climate Meltdown is supposed to be science, specifically the science on CO2, but let’s throw out science FOR Climate Meltdown. I’m citing what science shows in the light of heat and CO2 in the climate.

    I’m going to take the established discipline of Geology as the status quo and wait for the burden of proof to be met. ESPECIALLY because I observe that wild claims of catastrophe are continually accompanied by bad faith argument concealing whacko quasi religious beliefs, lies, and censorship. For decades.

    One can say it more simply this way “OK. It isn’t and cannot be the CO2 and perhaps we can look for something else to cause Climate Meltdown” which sounds like a fishing expedition, but at least it is concise.


    and polemos, I’ve been thinking about your observations on generational values – like, I’ll be gone, it’s your problem. That’s important and interesting.

    I’m thinking I’m not as old as you might think I am. I’m from the devil child, latch-key, doomed mcjob, Killing Zoe, Reservoir Dogs generation. In my less-objective 20’s I already saw us as being like Gandalf on the bridge, one day, when it counted most, dragging the boomers down with us for the other generations. Pragmatic solutions even if it kills US. For you.

    I’ve assumed most of my life there will be no retirement and my burial will probably consist of throwing me in a ditch, uncovered, unlabeled. I’ve long assumed that downward slope to society AND the kind of sacrifice that would be necessary from my generation to pull out of a terminal dive. Now, I realize a lot of boomers are great, care the same way I care.

    The main concern with Climate Extinction – a question I’ve asked AFKTT – is if we presume Climate Meltdown is real, then how can you not do ANYTHING, force people to do or not do, give up ANYTHING, how does a Climate Meltdowner not rule over everyone else in total despotic fashion? We’re talking about not just Humanity here, the fate of the planet here.

    ANYTHING they can think of that just MIGHT help… anyone who objects – just as AFKTT has said, is wholly degenerate, not human, super evil, deserves whatever they get. How do you NOT create a hell on earth? He already imagines the solution is 7-8 billion less people – like, if that is the STARTING place for Climate Meltdown, where do you go FROM THERE?

    And who suffers most from that? Anyone with the longest time available to do so.

    Or with all the marxist stuff. Demonstrably, it can easily take 70 years for these things to play out. Who has the longest time to suffer through it? People terrified, fleeing, miserable, dying. For nothing.

    There’s a park nearby I love. It has huge, huge 150-200 year trees all along the perimeter. Every time I see it, I am reminded that someone planted those trees knowing they would NEVER enjoy them but that someone like me would enjoy them immensely.

    I went the whole atheist marxist postmodernist route. The upshot, as far as I’m concerned, is that the gift history is trying to give you is to stop you from spinning your wheels. Stop you from having to REINVENT the wheel. Save you from wasting a whole lot of time. ie do everything possible to clear away distractions, obstructions, so you can move FORWARD in life.

    As far as my own pet axe to grind, I get angry not so much because it took up my own time and energy as that I can see it being broadly distributed to ALL people with their life ahead of them. ALL young people being stuffed into a parasitic ideology, worldview that was never intended for their benefit. Quite the opposite.

    Like that bit in Deepness in the Sky. Nuwen sees what a mess 1000’s of years of programming leave him as a archeologist-programmer. He says, why don’t we start over from scratch and make a clean os? They explain – by the time you were partway done, you’d have all the same junk as before. It’s called a Mature Programming Environment. THAT’s why we will be extremely happy if you simply get really good at grabbing existing code and making it run properly.

    TAE Summary

    * Macron is a tongue sucking fountain of excrement

    * Switzerland blocks the vaxx because:
    – Les vaccinés sont tellement foutus (LVSTF)
    – Die Geimpften sind so geschraubt (DGSSG)
    – I vaccinati sono così fregati (IVSCF)

    * Nothingness
    – A foolish man tries to be good, And is therefore not good. A truly good man does nothing, Yet nothing is left undone – Lao Tzu
    – Without me ye can do nothing – Jesus
    – I know that I know nothing – Plato
    – I know nothing – Sgt. Schultz
    – To do nothing is to be nothing – Nathaniel Hawthorne
    – Always ask yourself: “What will happen if I say nothing? – Kamand Kojouri

    * The State of the World
    – Sometime during this century, it is highly likely that worldwide depletion of natural resources will force an entire reorganization of social and economic structures, perhaps violently – Walter Youngquist
    – The jet streams are a mess
    – Earth is becoming one large, toxic garbage can
    – Burning oil and turning it into plastics is a grand experiment with unknown consequences
    – Capitalism is the bull in the candy store
    – The world needs a better plan
    – How long before they face return fire? – Red
    – Just tell me who I need to go shoot – My Friend Dean

    * Democrats will use their legislative strategy in the upcoming presidential election and won’t announce their candidate until 2025. You’ll have to elect their candidate to find out who it is and what their plans are

    * The Russian Volcano Cloud is coming for us all:
    Russian Volcano Man


    Wes…I Get the comment regarding sustainable coal…i have a book on my Kindle called “Cyclical Deluges” written in 1871…it posits that the earths carboniferous deposit were not grown and laid down in situ ,rather they were swept there by a great body of water and the cause of the deluge is the planets changing axis and that this is cyclical….Suspicious observers website publishes evidence that these events happen every 6000 years or so and cite Gothenburg/ younger dryas…Hilina Pali..Lake Mungo….Heinrich event…Mono Lake etc…this line of thought explains the story of Noah and somewhat explains how these wooly Mammoths in Siberia came to be snap frozen with green grass in their rumen… for CO2 there are satelite images somewhere on the net of nth Africa 20 years apart showing the greening and i can remember our science teacher telling class it was one of lifes building blocks…..


    citizenx said

    ‘Special’ service: Declassified Guantanamo court filing suggests some 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents

    I always believed that the tribe was behind 9/11 as they were the ones who received the most benefit: converting Israel’s sworn enemies into the USA’s sworn enemies, ensuring that those enemies are even more targetted by the US government hawkes. However they have so much influence in the USA that they could use the CIA to do the dirty deed. After all, the CIA was definitely one of the beneficiaries, the US intelligence departments exploded with cash after 9/11.


    Ryan Cole, MD.


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    Well that didn’t work

    It’s the Quarter Finals for the Darwin Awards

    Woman Is Cleaning Car With Gasoline


    She should make it to the Semi Finals easy



    Macron whispers,

    “Wanna suck my tongue?”


    Yes Please Mster


    Since you touched generational divide.
    I have not experienced “American dream” personally (far from it), but pretty close in this way:
    When we bought our house in 2003, previous owners left, among old tools, a box with the house paperwork that included their mortgage application in 1975. Three sheets of paper revealed that they were born 1918 and 1923, respectively. Could not guess as what happened during the great depression and WWII. Back to the papers, he was a hi-ranking manager in the Co. making actual products – building material. She was a housewife. They had a saving account of $145,000. His monthly income was about $3,000 (I think) in addition to $2,000+ on bonds and dividends. House was purchased for $51,000, with @25,000 down + (realtors fee?) of $500 and $26,000 was mortgaged. It was the life of world travels and house was overflowing with native sculptures and artifact from exotic places like So Pacific and Africa. Most of it they donated to the local museum before living CA .
    In Florida, they purchased two corner units in luxury senior complex where their cat had a better medical care than most of Americans. They were staunch Republicans so their Christmas cards were photo-ops with Bush and Laura and later were in the form of, then popular, Family Journal with the photos of many happy faces.
    They departed the Earth, him 2009 and her at 2015, just in time before all the mess that we’re in while, in general, their all lives were without “troubles” in a sense as what we think the troubles are.
    I am mentioning this story because they were, in many ways, still an “ordinary Americans” – aka not filthy multi-multi-million dollar rich but rich enough that they had life that many kings and queens of the past would have envied.

    Well, that kind of opportunity and life is forever closed for many.
    Blame the Marx if that makes you feel better.

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